Friday, May 1, 2009


i don't know... weird... holiday is coming near to its end. still got 1 week plus to go. =_= i hate to say this -well actually no- but i really wanna get back to Sabah after I finish my study in college. then, maybe i'll continue study? Im just not ready yet to let go of my school life haha. but let's just see what'll happen later on.

the fact that I got a new piano -YEAH BABY!!!! 8D- makes me feel more jumpy than usual xD thanks to my parents. Cost them RM9800 for that piece of beauty. TwT I swear to god I'll try my best to repay them when i have my own income! they gave me too much already! i love them!! ;3; even the fact that my sister got herself a new pink colored VAIO laptop didn't surpass the joy of having a new piano 8D (well actually my dad bought it for her...) cost him RM3000+ for it. Not that i deny them for buying... but i just don't see the point of her getting a new laptop JUST YET. so far, i don't see her doing anything useful with it cept for some songs and the webcam that can transform my face into a viking... and elvis...and marilyn monroe... and got laughed at by them over it... I'm serious.... =_= neat gadget... but nothing else... well.. i hope she'll make good use of it. (I'm satisfied with my mac 8D)

watched Spiderman 3 today. something must be wrong with me for never watching this movie in the 1st place!!!! O_O and Harry died???!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!???? I LOVE THAT GUY!!!!!!!!! he makes me laugh everytime he did his evil thing... well actually i laughed on every evil scenes... yeah... something is TOTALLY wrong with my head. _-_ ;

well..... i better go take a nap. just wanna do some update here on what's going on and all. will update more on stuff later.... ciao

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