Friday, May 8, 2009

fairly odd parents

well...if KaRo is with her SpongeBob obsession~ I'm with the 2nd best animation that comes after SpongeBob. FAIRLY ODD PARENTS!! 8D

I've always knew that Fairly Odd Parents is one of the GREATEST animation out there xD great storyline, fantastic character design, awesome soundtracks, and boy... the humors!! it's to die for! xD

so I'm gonna dedicate this post to this animation itself 8D


The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman about the adventures of Timmy Turner, who is granted fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda. 

Timmy Turner is a short, buck-toothed 10-year old boy who lives in Dimmsdale, a small suburban town with his dim-witted parents. His life is constantly miserable, due to the fact that his parents are never home, he's babysat by an incredibly mean and nasty teenager, Vicky, and that generally, no one understands him (As indicated by the show's theme song). But everything changes when he receives two fairy godparentsCosmo and his wife, Wanda, and eventually a godbrother named Poof, Cosmo and Wanda's son. Timmy learns that his fairy godparents are capable of granting him any wish he wants within certain limits. However, Timmy's immature nature causes him to sometimes ask for wishes that unintentionally result in disaster and he and his godparents must find a way to "unwish" the wish. Over the course of the series, Timmy also makes many enemies. For example, his teacher, Mr. Crocker, in contrast with other adults in the series, firmly believes in fairy godparents and has been searching for them for a very long time. He is dangerous to Timmy because according to "Da Rules", a large rulebook that defines what children can and cannot wish for and how fairy godparents must behave, if the child reveals that he has fairies, or if someone discovers their fairies, they will lose the fairies forever. Jorgen Von Strangle, a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an enormous and tough fairy, personally dislikes Timmy and his fairies, although, in "Teeth for Two" he claims Cosmo and Wanda are his closest friends claiming he punches many others. Crocker is also mean because he gives all the students in his class an F in their tests, except for the very smart kid, AJ, who is one of Timmy's best friends. In many ways, his 10-year old life with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof is filled with joy, misery and hilarious adventures. At his school, he is often bullied by Francis, a miserable grey teenager who claims to be the strongest guy in the school. - (taken from wiki)

well... look at all those words =_= (but i don't really get bored when i read it...not really... xD) 

everytime i watch tv, i will check Nickelodeon 1st for any signs of this cartoon xD hah!

no animation will come as alive without voice actors~ (taken from wiki coz i dont have enuff time!!! yet i still insist on doing this post xD)

here's Tara Strong, Timmy Turner's voice actor 8D

I really do respect good voice actors!! 8D they can really make the whole thing came to life!!! i would love to post more vids on voice actors (i sometimes collect em lol) but it's hard to find this animation's voice actors videos online _-_ i'll keep searching!!!!

well!! 8D i wonder what else.... SONGS!! OwO OH MY GOD!! don't let me start on the songs!!! they are all AWESOME!! xD would love to share it with all you guys~ I will try and update my playlist later on 8D for now... I think i'll hit the sack _-_ morning flight...pfft =A= ; will add on more later~ I just love this type of animations~ TwT wish I could design my own character someday~ *sigh*....

FAIRLY ODD PARENTS RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D zzzzz

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