Thursday, March 27, 2008

tears in my eye

actually no >.> ;; lol!
was watching I Liter of Tears ;w; SAD!!! ;w; very touching actually...>.> just that SOMEBODY distracted me...with perspective... WHICH i already done mine!! (ok..not really xD) >.> itulah...buat kerja last minit xD wahahaahah


1 liter of tears ;w; I won't spoil u guys with the either you watch it online...xD or~~ borrow from me ROFL!!! but i haven't finish watching yet ;3; kenot concentrate!! even sad-sad scene oso I became... expression-less =w= will watch other time lah~ =D

based on a true story.. whereas the real person herself wrote this diary for her...well...journey before...she...she... *tears* can read here..been translated in several languages by fans ;w; oh...i'm so touched~~!

tomorrow..>.> Melaka trip..cis.. i'm so poor!!!! OAO ;; rofl!!! well...i'll try and have fun.. hope got halal food there... ;w; if not... i'll just havta starve =A= ; so yeaa~ will be back with updates~ =D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 more birthday day~

in d'sayang lol well..there's no other place...wat can i say~

the cake =w=

i got the strawberry!!! YAY!

well.. that's about it.. =w= birthdays~ haa........

I'M HUNGRY!!!! OAO ;;;; 
i feel like eating daifuku again ;w; orilia!! but for me!!! red bean punya!! xD

daifuku daifuku~~~

OH!!! orilia passed me a cool video of this Russian artist.. OAO HE IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! (in singing..and looks xD) he can sing a very high pitch tone!!! OAO like those soprano singer! but in a very manly way LOL!! xD (sound a bit girly la.. JUST A BIT!!)

i recommend you to listen to Opera #2 song.. very nice!! i tried sooo hard to find his songs!!! and i found em!! pretty good! for a language that ican't even understand.. swt so yeaa~~ check him out!! <3

Monday, March 24, 2008

another fun day

went to Muzium Negara with friends~ it was a very fun....funny...trip swt xD then we went to this park.. i forgot the name =w= got lotsa mosquitoes =A= ; i can feel my blood draining away~~ *faint* lol! xD

but we had fun~ 

had lunch at Chicken Rice Shop~ SAVE THE CHICKENS!!!! *eat* then me and olala had dinner at Kenny Roger Roaster...SAVE THE CHICKENS!!! AGAIN!!! *eateat* slap =A= ;
i bought 2 stuff today =D a shirt at KL Sentral and a hat at Sunway Pyramid =D look look!!

some top with those feathery neck xD can't wait to show off to my sister back home~
price : RM29

a hat~~ from Warehouse, Sunway Pyramid. =D KARO!! lets go to Warehouse again!!
price : RM36.90 ..?

...*choked* AHEM!!! AHEM!!!

sorry bout the messy background =p
i didn't buy the book that i mentioned on my previous post!! *cries + slap orilia*

OK!!! lets talk bout fashion!! ..ok..i noe i suck at it.. >.> but yeaa... =D you guys know VIVIENNE WESTWOOD?! one of the most extraordinary fashion designer out there!! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!! *faint* well.. for those who doesn't know her.. remember the armor ring that Nana always wear on her middle finger? =3 yup.. the one that looked UBER cool!!! here..lemme show you..
=D isn't this just awesome or what?!

i shud've buy it when i saw it last last term!! DARN!!! well.. i guess i just have to order this thing..maybe? ^A^ ;
there's other awesome stuff by vivienne =D u guys shud check her out~ u won't regret it~ trust me >=D

a bit of her biography ;

she looks like a playful person xD

Dame Vivienne Westwood, born 8 April 1941, is an English fashion designer largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.
She is linked with the Sex Pistols via Malcolm McLaren and their SEX / Seditionaries boutique on Sunset Boulevard,in London during the 1970s.

for more urself =p
i just love her ring!! OAO

not only that, she also design clothes, shoes, accesories and perfumes.

well.. i better get some shut eye~ later~~

Sunday, March 23, 2008


my DDMM (digital design for multimedia) was...umm.. yeaa.. the main theme was Folklore, Myth, and Legend. The story that i pick was about The Boys with the Golden Stars from Romania. We need to do some sort of interactive page for websites except that it can't really move. Just some of the pages for the web. So yea.. some of my stuff 
the 2 fish will be swimming around chasing the star. when the loading has ended, the star will shine and the main page will appear.
The main page. whenever the cursor touches any active link, a polaroid film will appear.
read the story~ navigate using the arrows near the logo or get back to the main page OR quit using the buttons
yeaa~ a bit rush on this..hence the a bit *coughlamecough* yeaa..

catch the fish! YAY!
haven't got time to do the user test xD so yeaa.. if you guys still wanna give comment, i'll be more than happy! >O

went for sleepover at orilia's place =w= with kahrou~ had a trip to Sg Wang and Times Square~ was thinking of buying shoes.. but i guess it's impossibe now.. sigh .. found the shoe that i wanted, but no size.. am i LUCKY or wat? >.> so.. after WHOLE day of walking around and all that.. the only thing that i bought was.. a... i don't know what it's called LOL
it's the thing for necklace =w= mine is the key, snowflake is orilia's and treble clef, kah rou.

SO WHAT!!! I JUST BOUGHT A NECKLACE OK!! >3> WHAT?!! and the thing is cheap.. (and it's the only thing that i bought >A>)
so this is moi~ necklace =D i LOVE IT! since the 1st time i saw it hanging in this hidden shop xD so i took it! RM29.90~

my 2nd jewellery that i bought myself!! >.<>
we went to HOT MAMA's restaurant after the whole "adventure" in the shopping mall >.>
as usual, i ordered a cold chinese tea xD i wonder why i don't like this drink at all last time~ i like it now~ because it's nice! (and cheap *cough*)


i kinda like the atmosphere in this restaurant! very lively and vibrant! >O<
me and the guys spent LOTSA time taking picture of this sunflower surrounded by...err..round hanging thingy LOL

because it's nice!!

tho there was this guy at the other table looking at us taking picture..and looking at the thing that we took picture of with this "is there anything special on this thing?!!" look xD well we were kinda looking strange.. ogling at that thing swt .. ogling..? =_= ;
OH!!! then we went to this shop selling MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!!!! most of it piano tho!! like OMG!!! OAO i saw a white Roland!!
RM4000++ very reasonable~
Yamaha grand, RM55 k *dies*

just have to wait for my 3rd term result.. i hope i will get an A for any subject!! ;A; if not.. then i will not have a piano nor a piano class!!!! my mom promised me!

mom : i will only allow u to continue music lesson if only u get an A..JUST ONE is enough.. if not.. *grin evilly* 

and OMG! was browsing thru some random sungei wang shop site.. and i saw this!! THAT IS THE SHOE THAT I WANT!!!! the most right one!! (ur right) I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THAT!!! OAO ORILIA!!! KARO!!! OAO LOOK AT THAT!!!! LOOK LOOK!!!

OMG!! OMG!!! OAO ground floor sungei wang, BEST 99 shop what?! >.> i'm normal ok! just that i love guy's stuff more than girls one >.> cis! oh and we stumble upon this SUPER GREAT BOOKSTORE!! OAO Basheer bookstore or something.. and i accidently saw this..

CAPCOM; Breath of Fire, Official Complete Work

some of the stuff inside~

starting with BoF 1 , BoF 2, BoF 3, BoF 4 and Bof : Dragon Quarter

some character design stuff :

isn't it just gorgeous?!!!
for only RM110 >.<

 it's ok to invest something like this once in awhile now right?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


xD been thinking whether i should write about this one or not... hmm.. heck..maybe i should~ xD haven't update for a very long time o.o ||| swt. so, here goes~
before the last presentation for Digital Design for multimedia~ we had the batik presentation LOL.. my group; me, kah rou and the leader becher~ did a theme related to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE u__u yes.. we know it sounds cheesy but heck it was a very fun (and depressing) experienced. not only do we have to do 1 x 1 meter of batik, but also 3 items which we're gonna put our design on. SO! our item was~ lamp, scarf and doll. we were so depressed when we looked at other groups' work..their set-up for the final pre
sentation was like..WOW and ours were like.. uh-huh... =w= well we weren't expecting any SET
TING UP for the final! OAO so yeaa~ but.. we did our best (i think) and some of our classmates KINDA like our product and the concept >A<>

BUDDY!! (our doll) 

we took florence nightingale's characteristic for her~
i love my group so much!! some of the group went a lil bit out of good term with each other because of this assignment (only for awhile xD) but somehow this batik makes our group more close with each other! >w<>


so..after presentation, we went to pizza hut for tho most of the time i can't get what they're talking about =A= ; so i just sat quietly MOST of the time..oh well

fanny, szu jin, patrick and kevin

lock yi with fork lol

szu jin is cute xD

blurry yet shiny empty pizza pan! xD

the whole thing cost me RM10 =D the more ppl the cheaper it gets YAY xD

so..3 days before my final presentation for Digital Design, my auntie brought me to this business networking thing. =A= well.. it was fun but i sorta got lost in the middle of the thing when they started to talk about $ swt

but they sure are noisy and active xD and the food was great! OwO

PICC (putrajaya international convention centre)

see how lively they were

took some shots on my way home.. this kind of time makes me wish that i have a better quality camera instead of my blurry phone camera swt

putrajaya is a very interesting place. (boring tho =p)

so yeah,this business networking thing is called SYN.. Steven "something" Networking =w= can really make ppl rich? i wonder where di all the money came from.. i got a headache when i was in the hall because of this thing that they burn (some sort of oil that gives out fragrance that can cure i heard. it was part of their product) it makes me hard to breathe =A= so i had to close my nose in a polite way *cough* so that they won't get offended =3=

met lotsa rich ppl there.. even got some local artist! meet her outside the toilet.. i'm not her fan or anything but her face just seems familiar. till 2 of her guy friends came and they talk something bout 

guy A : hey~ this is the girl~ she came from a very high reputation family bla bla..
guy B : oh yes yes~! nice to meet you!
girl : eh no la~ u also came from a great family rite?
guy B : well~~

then i decided i couldn't stand their "drama" anymore~and walk away
so what?! =_= high status, high reputation yaadaa yaadaa~ =A= it's crap~ oh well, not my problem anyway~ typical malaysian sheesh~

so..went back home after that and sleep~ interesting day~