Sunday, September 28, 2008

random work

haaa... so i finished my figures..._-_ then procrastinate again LOL.. i did this CG piece after that.

medium : open canvas3.0+ , and photoshop for the textures (cant really see the textures xD)
time : ... err... 1hour++ ?
inspiration : .... i was thirsty so yeaa....and still am..
songs : random anime song...

gosh..i have't draw using computer for a long time already!! O_O i'm getting even sucky-er now. lalalala~ she's siting on a roof top btw. actually i draw that part randomly then "HEY!! it looks like a rofftop!!" so yeaa u__u ;

i went to ACGC yesterday in mid valley... it's quite small OTL i thought it'll be like...very happening and all that..but nope, not really... so yea. drop by my group's booth, and Kidchan and Toonikun's booth xD bought some stuff there.

their work so nice~ i hate u guys xDDD

i also bought some anime soundtracks! xD rm10/cd wei! so i took 2~

Gatekeeper soundtrack lol ...ol' anime...

and cowboy bebop : BLUE

i have yet to listen to both of em properly ~ i will later on~ then i bought a new shoe!! at sunway pyramid tho. 50% discount so yeaa ~ i need some shoe oso~

rm32.40 ..i think

so yeaa...i also bought a book X-FUN i think, at borders. got typography stuff inside. kinda interesting. have yet to read properly oso xD hahaha. Actually i wanna buy the Neo japanese design book, but out of my budget. well maybe next time! 8D i got a free 20% discount coupon too!!

so yeaa...basically that's it for my saturday.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Alice in wonderland~!

well more like carrot land pfft xD so i almost finish constructing the graphic on the same day i posted my recent post (really sook chiung!! OAO) so here's how..err... well... here's how basically it'll look like xD ;


well..the background i still haven't figure out what to put.. hmm so i put that ugghh color there xD i think i need to enhance alice a bit. can't really see her hand. i wanna make her hand to sway as if she's flying xD and err... the 2 cards up there looks like it's overlapping... actually 1 of the card was falling down (LOOPING!! OwO) so i guess i snapshot it when it was passing thru the other card~ oh well~

still have't put a floating cheshire cat in there xD oh yea and i'm thinking of putting mad hatter's hat only xD LOL!! but 'fraid it'll be a tad crouded..? i'll see what i can do today...ok maybe tonight xD



do i have to make a new function for every stuff? (ex: carrot, clouds, watch...) ....i shud try and but hey~ sometimes instant answer is good xD lalala


design method2 presentation was over!! 8D happy desu~ so i finally bind my storybook....or storycard whatever OTL got a bit of mistakes during binding. (i forgive you vision art kakak xD) here's how it look like!!!

look at the small size for the cover & the typo OTL i edit it & printed it out once money... ish!! but hey... xD so far... 2 people wanna buy it from me LOL! i duwan!! xDD it's all original watercolour work in there...almost die doing it... but i had fun~ TTwTT at least i need not looking at pc screen for this one 'cept fer the cover xD whee~~

got some other works that i like oso!! ex.. i like zakh's video~ fun to watch~ and zermi's video "PIBANG!!PIBANG!!PIBANG!!" wth! if really got fart sound like that... nobody will dare to fart man xD i like ee wen's material for the bag with the egg inside. i oso like lock yi's packaging! omg!! u guys are soooo creative!!!! i feel depressed suddenly..... OTL

duwanna blog d!! *slapself* xDD

ANYWAY!! so my dad called.. asked me bout my raya preparation. yeah rite... raya preparation *sigh* tho he asked me to buy some baju raya... well.. what's the point in that if i'm not goin to wear it anywhere? TAT guess i'll just stay at home... do nothing...or maybe do assignments~ boo!!! what a raya!! pfft. well...i think i'm gonna get myself a pair of new shoe. yeap... talking of shoes.... i think i better go!! wanna drop a visit at basheer & borders today... IF the plan is still on xD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alice or Mr.Rabbit?

*COUGHCOUGHCOUGH!!* i post this late xD lalalalala~~ >A> sorry lecturers~ ;A; was rushing my 20 pages of watercolour storybook for design method2 class ;A; lll SORRY!!!!!! tmrw presentation somemore... ;A; ll need to come to school early somemore... need to present infront of juniors somemore!!! HOMGWTHORZBBQAYAMRENDANG!!!!! feel like jumping of a building =A= ll

ANYWAY!! back to the main topic here.. so i've been thinking of making Alice in Wonderland theme. but instead of alice, it'll be the rabbit...flying towards the moon xD (oh! we're doing this based on "fly me to the moon" song..) so the "moon" will be the rabbits pocket watch~ .... but somehow i feel like drawing a girl with rabbit ears _-_ lalala~ .... basic sketches.. (i don't have scanner by this i used pc camera rofl! xD)

Mechanical looking Alice..or Rabbit in wonderland OTL ...i think i shud do Alice instead lah!! ish!! RITE!! =_= ;

my design method2!! rush this like hell man!!

some pictures of the inside story..OH!! i'm doing a storybook by the way!! i won't talk much bout it until the presentation is over~ so yeaa~

page err... 9-13 ... read it from left to sequence~ top 1st, then bottom 8D

RIGHT!! i better do work!! drat!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

of sumo and....

SO!!! i did a mind map on my web design topic to get a more clear idea on what i wanna do for my 1st project. here goes...

my concept probably will be like... stuff on japanese decorated table. so it's like the audience will be looking at d top view of MY table~ (a sumo wrestler's i wonder how it'll look like xD)

so there will be 4..maybe 5 buttons...i mean... links.

1 - about me
2 - history (how it all happen...hey...the 1st female sumo wrestler pfft.. shud be in history man!)
3 - of sumo and... all those normal stuff that i do. food, fashion, friends, hobbies all in MY point-of-view~
4 - tips and tricks LOL! or maybe all the awards i've won *cough*
5- paper sumo origami!! xD

so my idea is that the ..err.. ornaments? i mean the thing on the table will change according to the link that we clicked. i'll be like.. fer example; about me table there will be a simple flower, or bonsai, some calligraphy pen and all that. then if u click the paper sumo origami link, all the stuff on the table will change into origami papers, glue and all that. xD izzit too...typical? lol! i feel like doing all the stuff by hand...draw it!! yeah!! xD and i've been thinking of making it move horizontally, make it look like it's a long table see... but then Chong or was it Joanne... well they said the idea was very... "famous" with the seniors last time ORZ!! so i dunno... have to ask fer their oppinion then huh?

so basically that's my idea...


so i've heard there's this nice french movie about a girl who appreciates stuff not like how we do it xD she enjoys putting her hand in grains sack, looking at the dark faces of people in theatre, and all those little details~

Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain is a great movie!! well i'm sorry for being such an outdated person *cough* but what can i say xD thanks fer my classmate wee seng (sorry if i spelled wrongly!!!) for introducing this movie to me!! xD it is an awesome movie!!!!! and Audrey Tautou ish cute~~~ awww!!!!!!! it is a must see movie!!! i'll give it 5/5!! x3 creatively done!! sweetly told!! THUMBS UP! x3

well sorry for all the Amelie pic xD she's just too cute!!!! ~ for those who haven't watch it... well... WATCH IT!!! xD

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

small yet strong

so the 1st day of class started d~ (WEB DESIGN LECTURER AND TUTOR! SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU GUYS IMMEDIATELY WANNA SKIP TO THE PROJECT PART xD hahaha!! i wanna rant a bit :D) so anyway!! TwT i checked my result on monday .. and i'm very happy with it!!! *cries* i got 4As and 2Bs... it's the best result i've ever got so far!!! *wipe tears* been thinking of telling my dad at night, but he caught me immediately xD so i have to tell him that morning LOL!! i know my mom is happy with my result and that makes me even happier! i hope i'll do better this term!!! GANBARE!!!!



so!! our project one is all about building a website...using the most HI-TEC tool like what our lecturer told us... NOTEPAD!!!! ROFL!! hahaahahaha!!! but hey!! i think it's cool to type all the html stuff!! so far, i understand all the stuff he teaches~ yay! but it's only the 1st can't really say anything yet~!

so for my project 1, i have to build a website for myself, where i will be a SUMO WRESTLER!!! HOMG!! xD DOOMED!!!! it's a very interesting thing i got here!!! so far... no really clear ideas yet.. but the 1st few things that i think about was the japanese paper sumo game and food...LOL! i also think about grounds shaking. Maybe my website can be in neutral colours!! those soft soil colours...with a hint of sakura petals?

lol!! l'arc en~ciel kamizumo xD that's the name in japanese. paper sumo 8D maybe i can make something like... a story of a sumo wrestler~ but in a paper sumo form? hmm... well i'm not sure yet!! more research!! 8D


so tmrw's class... digital design 2 (EDIT's DIGITAL MEDIA 2 *cough*). 5pm-9pm....WHY?!!!!! OAO why is the class at night?!!! how to berbuka puasa!!!!?? OAO HOW??!!! bring food to class izzit? OAO OMG! and dun have transport to go home at night!! TAT omg... didn't they consider this 1st before making the timetable? not all the students in toa is SUPER DUPER RICH!! OAO I DON'T EVEN HAVE A FRIGGIN' BICYCLE WEI!!!!! OMG!!!! *rolls away*

2nd year, 2nd term

wow... i'm in this year already??!!! OAO my mom keep asking me.. but i answered wrongly xD (ok..actually i answered i dunno) *cough*

so anyway... i went to my sister-in-law's place during holiday~ it's in Kuala Penyu. it is a very pretty place!! my parent went there to discuss some stuff with the in-laws x3 they're so nice!! they even invite us to go there anytime we want so we can catch some...seafood near the beach~! THEY LIVE NEAR THE BEACH!!! xD well our house here in kk is also near the beach...but it is totally different man!!! their beach is where all the delicious living creature lives!!! and ours is like...ugghh...pretty...but...yeaa...modern beach OTL anyway!! so my sister-in-law fetch us some fresh coconut juice!!! OMG!! she opened it by herself man!!! OAO SHE'S STRONG!!!! village girl i guess TwT i envy her...

i like my sis in law..but my good for nothing brother doesn't know how to appreciate her.. t(_ _t) him... so, back to the story here... my dad came and help her after that xD can say the way the do it are soooo different!! my dad's coconut was so... tidy and clean looking xD but my sis ones.. a bit...*cough* so i laugh at her xD but still she's strong!! that's what amazes me more...

so during holiday...i almost died out of boredom. kept pestering my mom and dad whether they got any novels that i can read or something. i rmmbred my mom used to have lots of romance novel xD hahahaha! but she lost it. so i asked my dad... and he started giving me all those...religious books SWT! Dx "you better read these books than those fictions" ahem.. of course i only hold it for awhile...i'm not a very pious human being!! xD omg... i feel guilty suddenly...ughh...skip skip!!

KKIA (kota kinabalu international airport) have a new look!!! OwO still not many people over there man!! so it was a smooth procedure traveling from there back to sunway xD hahaha!!

it almost look like KLIA _-_ why can't they design it differently? boo~ tho the building looks cuter than KLIA xD hahaha! so yeaa~ i'm back in sunway~ TxT doesn't really feel... bersemangat sigh.. well...BERUSAHA!!!!

my niece ROFL!! can't resist putting her picture here!! xD she's a brat... she only wants my dad. darn her. if she cry...there's no stopping it till my dad carry her... sheesh... she even call my dad "abah" fer god sakes! xD she's like my dad's daughter already xD hahaha!! (dad : " were like that when u were young also...") OAO WHERE GOT!!!!

can't wait for the next term break!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

true blood

"friends don't let friends drink friends blood"
hahahhahaha xD i found this highly amusing the 1st time xD it's a new series by HBO.

-"True Blood" is based on a world created by novelist Charlaine Harris centered on Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) a girl with one hell of an awful name and an awful accent, but a body worth staring at for 60 minutes so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Sookie is a waitress at a bar in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and instead of focusing the story on a bunch of hillbilly love trials and tribulations, vampires enter the picture.-

xD like WTH!!! I almost scream saying that this series is a rip-off from TWILIGHT!! but then... the book came out 1st... so... maybe it insired Stephenie Meyer or something. but then again, if Twilight is a sweet-innocent-romantic love story between a teenage girl and a 100++ yr old vamp... True Blood will be something like that...cept that it's... not innocent. "Toss in vampires, a ton of sex, violence, nudity and the promise of werewolves and I am sold... at least for now" - 'ropeofsilicon'

OAO should be rated 18sx if it was me!!! LOL!!! and hey!!! the main girl protagonist can read minds!!! bother... well... since holiday almost ends... which means, i won't be watching tv for... a long time~ will be opening my eyes for the series on youtube or something xD hahaha . vampires~ what can i say~

and the difference between true blood and twilight is... hey~ the vamp in true blood is all about publisity xD ahahahaha!! talk shows~ CONGRESS!! OoO like wth!!! xD interesting~ AND!! they don't hunt animals xD their own drinks sold at shops. LOL!! and it's called "TRU-BLOOD" hahahahahahaha!! xD to make it more was invented by the japs~ xD HOMG! i seriously wanna watch it!! xD

well... edward will always be in my heart~~~ *melts* xD hahahaha!!
i love red colour 8D have i mention this b4? 8DDD hehehe


Thursday, September 4, 2008

my piano

since i was 5.. we've had it since i was 5 years old and it's a yamaha. and now it is no longer ours. my mom told me "just now... u didn't say goodbye to your piano." (because they were moving stuff from our previous house to the current house) and i was...i don't know... somehow i wasn't surprised. so i asked her back "why?", "it was sold" she said, smirking. (darn her! xD) so i asked again "who bought it? fer how much?" she said the guy is a teacher. he told her that he only have a keyboard, so with buying the piano, he felt complete xD somewhat like that xD and he bought it for RM7500.
well.. i'm happy with the news. why? 1st i'm happy with the price because the piano had been a great instrument since we had it and i know the new owner won't be dissappointed with it!! it's just that we don't appreciate it much. which brings us to reason no2. it got itself a new owner, i hope it'll serve the new guy better and the guy will take care of it more than we did. the piano deserves it!! 3rdly.. i'm glad the teacher love the piano. my mom told me so. she said, the teacher played it and he said "oh! it still sounds nice!!" i'm glad and happy with it!! i'm sure he will love it as much as i do and maybe more!! 4th, well...WE'RE GOING TO GET A NEW PIANO!!!! xDD WHEEE!!!!!

i'll certainly miss that piano... i will really miss it.

...i will really miss it ;A;

here i come

lately it has been raining x3 i love the weather!! i always sit on the sofa, facing the door and look at the trees swaying left right...and the wind~ carrying the smell of the rain with em... mmm... i love this house... TwT i love to sit facing the balcony with the big door open... looking at the gray clouds... smelling the rain.... *slapself* ANYWAY!!!!

TAT sigh... so more college for me this coming week... NOOOoooOOOooOO!! somehow this college life is FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR different from what we watch in tv. far far far different... LOL. college life suppose to be fun!!! OAO ain't it suppose to??!! DANG!! it's not like i find my college life... gray~~ or something like that... but it's just... i dunno... something is missing!! i can't really seem to.. you know.. face the whole idea wholeheartedly!! ... lack of ethusiasm!!!!!!!! OxO

....well maybe because i'm packing my stuff tonight xD so feeling a bit...ugh~ xD hah!! going back on saturday TwT *sigh* .... sighing all the way... i hope i pass last term... and i hope i pass this coming term too!!!! can't wait to finish the whole diploma course!! OAO

TOA shud have a campus man!! it'll be better.. A LOT better!!! compound, cafeteria, .... compound *cough* with trees~~ ... and trees... and more trees....well... i guess i just have to...BERUSAHA!!! i have to make my room homey!!! (which is now...far from that...) hmm... feel like buying extra pillow... those fluffy ones~~ xD hahaha!! and i still haven't buy bed sheets!! OAO well..proper bed sheets.. don't get the wrong idea here now! xD and still need to buy curtains... yes... curtains.. and shampoo... and food!! and it's fasting season!!! OAO HOMG!!! as you guys have known~ i moved... and the distance between school and my house is a tad bit further away than it used to be, so yeaa.. i hope i can BERTAHAN!!!! i'm more worried of getting thirsty than hungry.. dang!! ..... ok.. i'm beginning to talk crap here xDD hahahaha!! well.. happy new term guys!!!

p/s i hope i pass!!! OAO SERIOUSLY!!!!

pp/ss (lol) my dad made the best spaghetti EVER!! OAO i didn't noe!! (will get up late night and scoop couple of spoon of spaghetti sauce xD addicting!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

puppet potter

xD ok... i'm not sure how many of you people out there knows about this, regardless it has been on youtube for a very long time already... but i stumbled upon these series of videos just recently xD all about harry potter xD it's gay~ LOL not... THAT kind of gay... well... maybe just a bit *cough* but nothing explicit ROFL and i just HAVE to share it with u guys!! xD

it's like..spoof.. just in a cartooney puppet way... kept me laughing for quite some time xD makes my day better for once *roll eyes*





recommendation rates are based on the amount of stars infront of the video title~ xD

LOL at voldemort xD LOLOL at snape!! LOLOLOL at dumbledore!! xD hahahahahahahah!gosh!! they need to do more of this wicked stuff man!!! xD especially those animation! credit to the creator!

TwT holiday almost at an end... *sigh* ..... *SIGH*!!!

nothing else to say...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Selamat berpuasa!!

8D well it's fasting season again!! selamat berpuasa guys!! let's try and do more good deed during this holy month! xD

so today i went out with my sister.. everywhere i go there will be this lagu hari raya playing. kinda gets on my nerves. why? well... the fasting season just started!!!! like wth!!! they're just eager for the celebration part!! when actually, this Ramadhan is more important than raya eve! (Syawal month) omg... i just can't stop saying "har?! lagu raya already?!! puasa baru saja mula!!!" near the shop that's playing raya songs..hahaha...feel guilty.. but it's the i dun care *roll eyes* xD

been listening some classical piano songs lately... mostly those simple and famous songs like 'chopstick' , 'canon in d', 'heart and soul' and some Frederic Chopin's nocturnes~ (so calming)... which inspired me so so so much!! so i tried asking my mom bout the piano class and piano that she promised me IF i ever get an A in my exam..WHICH i got more than 1 A (hey i never get any before ok~ Dx) so she said "well..go and find over there la! (sunway) maybe can get cheaper one~" OwO so yeaaa.... i think i better get some digital piano or something... cheaper and more convinient well at least for 'beginner' like me. I haven't touch the instrument for a very very very very very long time already!! so i decided to start from the beginning. again. but i dunno... see 1st la~ got the feeling i won't have enough time. *sigh* GANBARE!! xD