Tuesday, July 22, 2008


THE EVENT IS TOMORROW!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!! OAO i still haven't prepare myself!! HOW?!! ...well...i think i just have to..*exhale*.. do it.. TwT 10 minutes of presentation is not short.. i wonder what i should talk about. i don't even remember i got any proper concept for it.. should i tell them that i used other software beside of adobe photoshop? izzit.."legal"? *sigh* of all time.. why do i have to feel nervous now?!!!!! OAO HOMG!!!! ...rite.. calm down..calm down *breathe* I CAN DO IT!!! V(OAO)V <-- somehow reminds me of mr tatsun xD he did this gesture during the talk xD he was funny..and got very very high achievement.. i so envy him TwT well.. have to work harder from now on!!

kinda hard to do tho..with lotsa minor stuff (cept for reading twilight! 8D) keep distracting me.. a bit hard to concentrate lately. losing focus. and currently...sleepy. i think it's because of the holiday mood? CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAY!!! 8D


Featuring Public Exhibitions, Talks by Multimedia Industry Professionals & Starlites Creators’ Presentations

Head down to this event and open your eyes to the boundless possibilities of multimedia design. Get to know about Website Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Interactive CD-ROMs, Game Design, New Media Design, Motion Graphics, Independent Short Films, and many more creative artworks that will be featured at this "Starlites’ 08 The (Next) Big Idea, Multimedia Exhibition & Events” at The One Academy.

Besides the exhibition, there will also be thought-provoking talks by multimedia industry professionals and special presentations by Starlites creators in the "Starlites’ 08 Open House" event that will be held on 16 & 23 July at The One Gallery. For seat reservations and more information, feel free to contact Yik Jian (Multimedia Department). Hurry! Only limited seats available.

Starlites’ 08 Open House - Talk and Creators’ Presentation

Date :
23 July 2008 (Webnesday)

Time :
9:00am – 4:45pm

Session 1 - Talk by Multimedia Industry Professional

Speaker: Lina Tan (Red Communications Sdn Bhd)

Session 2 - Stalites Creators’ Presentation (TOA Alumni)

Session 3 - Starlites Creators’ Presentation

Venue :
THE ONE ACADEMY 34, Jalan PJS 11/28A, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Room A1 & A2)

for more info... go here~



so i finished reading TWILIGHT already!! ...1 word.. AWESOME!!! it's one of the greatest book i have ever read!!! love the ending.. love the "Edward and Bella" scene.. love EVERYTHING!! it's a must read book!!!

seriously i feel like heading to sunway pyramid now and break into popular bookstore and get me a copy of New Moon!! (the 2nd novel) but oh well.. maybe i'll get it tomorrow! can't stop myself from having stuff that i really wanted!! IT IS WORTH TO BE COLLECT!! THAT'S WHY!

hahahaha xD

and the 2nd teaser trailer was out recently!! yay!! edward looks more and more..well.. good looking! xD robert pattison was made for this role! I SALUTE HIM!! he look so sexy! *fainted*

the 2nd trailer

HOMG!!! OAO i don't think i can take it any longer!!! I WANNA WATCH THE MOVIE!! *died-ed*

Monday, July 21, 2008


HOMG!!! so the other day.. i was searching for something interesting to watch.. so i went to my fav box office movie list website and search. then i stumbled across "Hauru no ugoku shiro" then think.. where have i heard this before... *think* OH!!!! HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE!!! come to think of it..i never really watch any Studio Ghibli animation!! like..HOMG!!! OAO HOW CAN I NOT WATCH?!!!!! so i downloaded it..until it reached 33%, i preview..nice graphic..but the language i mean the dub was english, so it ruined the feel for the anime a bit..but then..i keep watching the preview...and Hauru is just sooooooo HOT!! 8D HOMG!! i immediately change my clothes, and went out to buy the dvd! LOL! well i bought the whole box of studio ghibli's animation. bought it in popular...not a very good quality..well...have to put up with it for now i guess...

so i payed..then on my way out..i saw the TWILIGHT novel by Stephenie Meyer..didn't even think twice..i took it and immediately pay. IT'S WORTH IT!!! HOMG!!!! I HAVEN'T FELT THIS SORT OF FEELING WHEN I'M READING A NOVEL FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!! the last one was Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix.......ANYWAY!!! THE BOOK IS AWESOME!!!!!!! SEE!!

the NOVEL!!!!

the cover itself attracts me..

actually i saw this novel long time ago.. but never had the chance to lay my hands on it.. until Tofu bought the book 1st.

the book is about a 17-year-old girl,Bella, who moved to a small town called Forks where she meet the mysterious Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy..good looking, nice voice...and a supernatural gift. Bella is determined to uncover his secret but he managed to keep his true identity hidden up until now.

8D u guys just HAVE TO READ THE BOOK!!!!!!! the 1st time i read it...i got too excited to sleep!! i can't stop imagining Edward's face..and personality..his characteristic.. like HOMG!! just what a mysterious character should be!!!!! I LOVE THE BOOK!!! I LOVE EDWARD!!!

there are 4 series for this novel..the other 3 are

I can't wait to get my hands on em!!!!! YAY!! if only i'm not THIS busy..i probably had finished the Twilight book in lass than 2 days.. darnnit. so give it a shot guys!!!!!!! it suits every age of readers~ and...and....AGGHH!! HOMG!!! I FEEL LIKE READING IT AGAIN!!!! go to the author's web for more info~

and whadya noe!!!!!! THE MOVIE ADAPTATION FOR THIS NOVEL IS PROBABLY COMING OUT IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!! 12/12/2008!!! HOMG HOMG HOMG!!! now i'm even more thrilled!! will certainly be lookin' forward to it!!

for those Harry Potter fan..u guys should have noticed the actor that took the Edward Cullen role rite? 8D uuhuhuhuhuhu somehow i've been expecting Ashton Kutcher..but then.. i think they made the right decision in choosing Robert Pattison as the main character.. and the heroin Kristen Stewart!!

the TRAILER!!!!!

HOMG!!!!! did u guys see how Edward sort of.. did the crooked-seductive-wicked smile of his at the end of the trailer??!?!!!!!!! *FAINT..REVIVE..FAINT!!!* CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

rite..back to assignment...


"About three things I was absolutely positive

First, Edward was a vampire.

Second, there was part of him - and I didn't know how dominant that part might be - that thirsted for my blood

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him - Bella"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

and so it falls

*wipe tears* after.. almost 5 years of service... it finally...falls.. *sobs*

...ok well actually still can be used LOL! just need to put the clicking part in.. *sigh* look at how.. sad my tablet pen looks like xD hahahahaha! lost count of how many time it drops on the floor..n look at the..err..paint? doesn't even look like a tablet pen *COUGH* oh well~ i'll still use it! until it can't serve me anymore..i love my graphire 3~

somehow..we're lacking the value of modesty in this world..OH! i'm totally talking bout something different in whatever job we do.. we musn't expect anything!! that's 1 of the value that i learn long time ago.. we do it...because we chose to do it.. so no complains eh? 8D if you don't wanna do it.. then don't~ wat's the use of doing work without the sincerity? it's like when you asked your friend to buy you some candies..then when the friend gave it to us.. the friend will be like.. "are you forgetting something?" (well not in the term of money xD if u get what i mean..)

my point is.. won't you feel happier if the person, ANYBODY, says any gratitude or respect or whatever sincerely without you asking or wanting them to give it to you? you will feel more well.. "senang hati"?

so yeaa... TwT

n i better get back to my assignment!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

i love vampires

8D YES!! of all the legendary creatures out there..vampire would be the most interesting ones! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE VAMPIRES!!! (i hate zombies..)

so..I went out the other day to buy a new Ouran Koukou Hosutobu dvd because my previous one was ..err.. corrupted? SO DARN PISSED!! *A* so i bought a new one u__u  but then! my eyes saw this anime dvd called Vampire Knight! ..i was like..HEY!! I'VE HEARD OF THIS BEFORE!!! 8D so i ditched the Ouran and bought it instead.. 

some synopsis~
Yuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, when she was attacked by a vampire, she was saved by another vampire, Kaname Kuran. 10 years later, Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, has grown up and become a guardian for the school, Cross Academy, with 2 purposes. That is to protect the Day class (humans) from the Night class (vampires)'s fang and protect the true identity of the Night class students from being discovered by the Day class students. Kaname Kuran, Yuki's saviour, leads the group of night class, with the help of Takuma Ichijo. But also at her side is Zero Kiryu, a childhood friend whose hatred for the vampires that destroyed everything he held dear, is now determined to kill them all and never trust them. This coexisting arrangement seems all well and good, but the question remains, have the vampires truly renounced their murderous ways, or is there a darker truth behind their actions? Is Kaname's infatuation with Yuki the beginning of a forbidden romance, or is it something in her forgotten past that draws him to her? Because in this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems. And the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death

;w; oh i love it!!!!!!!! just the anime for me!! vampire..human..mysteries..forgotten memories..romance~ OH~!! ;w; i bet the manga is better than the anime!!!! U GO HINO MATSURI! (the creator) i love her style!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ;w; lemme share some pics!! YAY!

black uniform are the day class students..while the white ones are night class..VAMPIRES!! they're pretty!!!!! and handsome!!!! ;w;

homg..i just love this picture! OAO

yuki and zero 8D

ZERO AND KANAME!!!!!!! *nosebleed*

HOMG!! the main characters are GORGEOUS!! ;w; was created just the way i like!! it suits the whole thing!! WELL DONE!! *salute the mangaka* the girl; Yuki Cross/Kurosu , the silver haired guy; Zero Kiriyuu, the hot brown haired guy; Kuran's a very pretty story ;w; dark and mysterious~~ I LOVE IT!!! ;w; i wanna be a vampire too~~! tho the anime's ending is a bit..hanging.. maybe bacause the series are still on going...? darn..gets a lil bit disappointed.. but heck.. VAMPIRES!!! HOT CHARACTERS!!! NICE STORY LINE!! i can die a happy fangirl~ *collapse*

;w; the ending song for this anime is GORGEOUS!!! ;w; it's..beutifully dark! i love it! Didn't know that cello sounds beautiful!! ;w; the singer + cello player is KANON WAKESHIMA can say she's a newcomer..but she's just...awesome ;w; song created by Mana from Malice Mizer and lyrics by her. sparks up my interest in Jrock once again~ used to be in jrock n vkei once upon a time.. but somehow died after laptop got reformatted (lost all my pv's n songs) well no bother -_- the laptop i gv to my family in hometown d neways.. oh well~ ANYWAY!!! KANON WAKESHIMA ~ 

isn't it beautiful? ;w;V the opening song is quite nice too.. by the On/Off group. so yeaa~~ *fangirl scream* ZERO & KANAME IS HOT!!!!!! *nosebleed* I...NEED...TO...BUY...THE...MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s ...i bought Ouran also after that..*COUGH* can't resist! ;x; HIKARU!!! KAORU!!! AISHITERU!!! hey~! it rhymes! 8D  

watched batman also.. the actions are superb!!! but doesn't leave any impact on me.. somehow i got a little bit bored in the middle.. TwT but yeaa.. worth to see Heath Ledger's last act.. and Joker was an AWESOME CHARACTER!!! nicely done!! ;w; really can feel the madness of Joker.. he is a great actor.. ;w; it's a great lost.

p/s2 i heard that Twilight the novel, is in the process of making it into a live action movie!!! OoO HOMG!! 1 more human + vampire love story!!! a taboo!!! OwO I will be looking forward to it!! need to buy the book!!!! xD

RITE!!! ASSIGNMENTS!!! TxT procrastinated a lot man... ;A; sheeet!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

minato + ifa + random = err

8D I love Minato 8D lalalala

medium : opencanvas3.0+ , photoshop
time taken : ... i lost count
inspiration : .. i just wanna draw him _3_ so there's no concept too~

i think i butchered him 8D oh well~

i have been harassed by empress chung! *vomit blood* for her character design story while i was doing this.. lalalala xD tho it was fun to laugh at the cheesy + a bit gay storyline (l'abre de noel >w> ufufufu)


orchestra de nodame

8D ok..i think i'll save the best part later after i told this story 1st..

today..i had my islamic studies test. well.. i think i did ooook.. not GOOD..but oook ..serves me right for not attending class the week before. OF ALL TIMES TO BE ABSENT!! WHY MUST IT BE THE WEEK BEFORE AN EXAM!??! i missed the notes! so that means i didn't study it! it was like VERY THICK man!!! all about islamic civilisation! and like.. when i was in class..well here's how the conversation goes :

me : ... i haven't study..

lec : ..oh yeaa..u were absent right? well..u still got time to study now~

me : ... i don't have the notes..

lec : OH YES! the notes.. let me go take for you.. 

*15 minutes later*

lec : here's your notes~

me : *stare at the SUPER THICK notes* wow..

lec : OK class! i give you 15 minutes to study!

me : u mean..i have to study THIS *hold up notes* in 15 minutes?!

lec : well it's easy laa!

me : *holds up notes + a WHAT-THE-HECK face* OAO

so i have to study in 15 minutes TwT well thank god most of the questions based on that note didn't came out!! if not.... *shudder at the thought of it* ....OH WELL! what's pass... let it fly away~~ lalalala~

SO ANYWAY!! after that.. i went to sunway pyramid alone.. pay internet bill.. then walk around 8D i went to all the cd shop in sunway pyramid! IT WAS FUN! xD then i went to tower record OwO so i roam around.. looking at anime stuff mostly.. then soundtracks.. but then i heard people screaming outside! like..HOMG! RIOT!! ...yea my dream xD some guys were quarreling outside.. and they made quite a show.. screaming at each other.. everybody was looking at them.. and i saw the guy was pulling this woman's hair.. it was creepy i tell you!!! HOMG! but then i get back to my soundtrack hunting and i saw..... 

ORCHESTRA de NODAME STORY soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!

the price on the thing stated RM14.90 but when i pay for's 11.90!!!! WHATTAHAWL! xD wheeee!!!!!! LOOK!! LOOK!! xD

RM11.90 ;w; soooo worth it!!!

2 cds inside ;w; very simple design..well..  it's all words.. BUT STILL!! 

that's the song list on your left 8D THERE's A LOT OF SONGS!!

there's 47 songs inside!! OMG!

I'm really glad i bought it! 8D all the piano pieces by Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Debussy ooo~~ heaven! and the Beethoven violin sonata is just G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! 8D i can die as a happy human~

THEN!! after that..i went home.. sleep.. ;w; finally a very good sleep!!!! *w* feel so....refreshed! so.. i surf the net.. and do....nothing.. OTL

surfed youtube.. and i found... 8D 1 more thing i can 'HOMG!' on..

it's the velvet room song! ON PIANO!! 8D transcribe by Delldongo.i like his piano playing vids. not THAT great or anything..but he sure put emotions in it ..well obviously better than me *COUGH* that's why i like him 8D was looking high and low for this song's piano score.. FINALLY! eventhough i don't have piano here *ahem* but i still collect all those interesting piano scores for later 8D i got quite a collection.. $__$ ; (everybody : SO WHAAAAT?!! OAO ; eh?) random..

i'm feeling sleepy already =x= ; i should continue sleepi..I MEAN!! relaxing lalala~ so yeaa~ or shud i watch some movies... 8D yeaaaaaaa......

Friday, July 11, 2008

new work, old me

omg...i've been procrastinating a lot lately man! eventhough  there's like a lot of work to do.. oh gosh ;x; what is happening to me??!!!! (maybe just pure lazy xD) hahahahahahahahahaha! so anyway.. i did this yesterday and finished it today..

character : Anak-su-namun 
medium : OpenCanvas3.0+ , photoshopcs3
reference(s) : my face 8D ..YEAH RIGHT! *slapself* actually no references were used.. lalala
inspiration? : The Mummy movie 8D OAO still got time to do this???!!! HOMGWTHBBQCHICKEN!...but actually i started to draw after i finished my design method ; postcard design i guess it's..err...ok..? *cough* my hand's getting a bit rusty..*sigh*...shud i share my postcards with you guys? ... hmm... maybe i should!! YEAH! gimme some oppinion na!! >=D client is Gary Teo =D yes..THE gary .. so my whole theme is "RANDOMNESS" because he's random that sometimes took me sometimes to understand what he's trying to say hahaha xD sorry gary~ so sometimes...when i talk bout something..something else will came out from him.. so Expect The Unexpected xD it's all done in photoshop + illustrator for the wordings. it's a bit messy... TwT need to change here and there.. so the lecturer said la~ i agree tho *cough* can't really see my collage xD ; overloaded with textures... ahahahaha... im so not good in this man! ;x; SWT HELP ME!! ;w; ...(i used sometimes a lot 8D)

I WANNA WATCH HELLBOY!! OAO DARNIT! nobody wanna accompany me.. ish.. so sad! 

n my flash!!! OMG!!!! dun wanna talk bout this! xD can't stop laughing everytime i preview it man! hahahaha! xD but yeaa...i had a great time finding sounds!!! thank god i love to collect all those soundtracks and all! i know it'll come handy someday!! xD

so anyway...i totally forgot what to write already... i shud jot down some points before i blog!!! ISH! well..i better go... EXAM TMRW!! AND I'M UPDATING BLOG!!! HOMG! xD 
will update properly when i am 110% free!!!!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

chi's sweet home

UCHI KAERU!!! ;w; nyaa! LOL!! found new anime to drool n scream on!!! YAY!!!!! CHI'S SWEET HOME! a story about a cat that was separated from its mother and was picked by other people. but actually, the only thing that it wants is to go back home.

IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! ;w; (chopper too) but OMG!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING KRYN!!! ;w; u knew i love love love love love love love love love love cat so much!!!!!!!!! ;w; CHI IS SHOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! i can't stop my "awwww" and "AAAWWWWW" everytime! AWWWW I WAN A CAT!!!! OLALA!!! KARO!!! ;3; CAT CAT!!!!

this anime is better than any anime i've ever watch!!!! ;w; (cept one piece xD ...n samurai champloo..ahem!)


KRYYYNN!!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!! and thanks for the wonderful gift!!!!!! ;w; ur so baik hati!! i feel so guilty ;A; ouu... belanja u makan when we meet someday!!!! xD see wat i got...

JANG JANG!!!!! xD Persona 3 FES! ;A; it is soooo hard to find here!! b00! i envy u kryn!! xD THANKS NA!!!

so many things to talk about..but so lazy to type TAT laterlah~! me and karo round the whole shopping mall today O.o wow xD destress...? yet again............ANYWAY!!! i better go TwT LATER! *sleepsleep*

**to do list**

4-buy game for mom =A=