Thursday, June 30, 2011



gonna post up some of my mushishi fanart here T v T see how much i love Mushishi?? hahaha

and a rather failed doodle of young ginko _-_ tsk oh well!!!

YEAP!!! 8,D i'm gonna draw more mushishi related work. SOBS


I AM HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH MUSHISHI!!! & URUSHIBARA YUKI'S WORK!!!! AAAHHH!!!!! i am so in love that i am even blogging about it now!!! OTL and i seldom blog about manga/anime related stuff unless i really really think it is really really worth it. and mushishi.. is WAAAYYY more worth it. i have to say it's a MUST to blog abt it LOL!!

I know it's a rather old anime/manga. but seriously.... it is just.... ARGH!! BEAUTIFUL!!! TAT ALL TIME FAVORITE DEFINITELY!! i mean.. COME ON!!! it won several award for both the animation & manga!!! "Mushishi won an Excellence Prize at the 2003 Japanese Media Arts Festival and the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award." - mangaupdates


I first heard about the series online i think. 3 or 4 years ago. upon watching the 1st episode. i was immediately hooked! why? great great concept!! interesting plot! just-right pace. incredible music. it's mind blowing in my opinion hahaha!

"The story features ubiquitous creatures called Mushi that often display supernatural powers. Mushi are described as beings in touch with the essence of life, far more basic and pure than normal living things. Due to their ethereal nature most humans are incapable of perceiving Mushi and are oblivious to their existence, but there are a few who possess the ability to see and interact with Mushi.

One such person is Ginko (ギンコ), the main character of the series. He employs himself as a Mushi master (蟲師 mushi-shi), traveling from place to place to research Mushi and aid people suffering from problems caused by them. The series is an episodic anthology in which the only common elements among episodes are Ginko and the various types of Mushi. There is no over-arching plotline." - WIKIPEDIA

it has 10 volumes for manga (1st released 1999) and 26 episodes for anime.

the overall art for Mushishi is breathtakingly beautiful. 8,D it's to die for if you ask me LOL just look at this manga cover! it has that ethereal serene feel to it which really gave a bit of a hint/feel on the Mushishi world and it's pulling you into it.

the animation for Mushishi is astounding! i really salute the director & production house. they really did justice in bringing the manga to life. i've compared the 1st chapter from volume 1 of the manga with the 1st episode of the anime, it feels like the manga itself came to life!! the overall mood are portrayed perfectly. all the mushi looked amazing & mysterious. the voice acting are very very well done too!! the soundtracks are beautiful. extremely beautiful. enough said.

if you are still unsure about this animation even after looking at those screen caps... i don't even =_= COME ON!!

i love it how each episode has a different and rather deep message that you will understand even better if you really put yourself in the characters shoes. it somehow really made me think more about life itself. that is how good it is.

i really love the moderate, almost slow paced of the overall animation/story. instead of making me feel bored, it did the exact opposite. i can feel myself being drawn into the beautiful story and wished to be part of it myself.

i really love the fact that Ginko, has a rather... normal, laidback-ish personality. XD i think i'll love him less if he had those cool or cold type of personality. he's calm, friendly & easy to like XD i anticipate the moment where he goes "yo" at strangers or people he knew. i love the way he handle things. i really am hopelessly in love with him T v T

SERIOUSLY? i'll rate it INFINITY out of 10 LOL it's one of the best anime/manga/story i have ever laid my eyes upon & i am a very picky human being when it comes to good animation. IT IS A MUST TO WATCH!!!!!!!

for a better/proper review, go [here] XD mine is all over the place LOL!

did you know that Mushishi has a DS game?!! i just discovered it last night and i was ecstatic!!!!! XD even if it was out centuries ago! LOOOLL ALAS! there is no English version for this T_T imagine my frustration playing. i could understand easy parts, but when it comes to the kanji ... OTL i gv up. but i am still giving it a go tho. -sigh- 1 more great game i won't be able to enjoy fully. WHY??!!!! somebody need to do english patch for this. like seriously.

regarding the OST n stuff, visit this post. i've did a journal about the OST before haha.

i also discovered abt the existence of the artbook!!! 8,D i couldn't be happier OTL LOOK AT THIS!!!!! OTL OTL

I WANT THIS SO BAADDD!!!!!! 8,D asked my friend to help me order this from kino. i hope they have it. T v T lk seriously. I WANT THIS SO SO SO SO BAD!!!!! i don't even. for more info and preview, go [here] took that image from there too.

so yes. that is it. this is forever gonna stay on my list of favorite anime T v T breathtakingly beautiful. seriously!

MUST WATCH!!! for those who haven't watch it yet... PLEASE!! GO. AND. WATCH. IT. NOW!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

dumping recent work here!!

need to get back to *yawn* work.......

did more persona crossovers 8D hahahaha ideas courtesy of a few friends of mine~

of course more takano & ritsu from sekaiichi hatsukoi too!! it's a must to draw them 8D

have some detective conan/ shinichi/ kaito kid (albeit just his hand LOL)

last night i just couldn't sleep!!!! @___@ so i just HAD to draw something... but it probably wasn't the best idea since the only thing in my head was kaito x shinichi OTL!! and look what turned out..


*burns drawing* this will never see the light... NEVER!!! -facepalm-

also some rakugaki i did for tiger & bunny 8D

yeahhhh.... OK BACK TO WORK!!! WORK WORK WORK!!!!! OTL

Thursday, June 16, 2011

8,D wish for nothing

other than today to pass as quickly as it can

thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!!! 8,D got at least.. 10 wishes. not that i count it, there's not much number to count anyway. did i just sound extremely bitter? HAHAHAHAHA XD i purposely turned off the birthday notification on fb just to see whether anybody could rmmbr my birthday or not without fb's help. i guess only few of my friends does. and I am truly grateful for it 8,D

I also got a gift art from a friend/dA watcher 8,D i can cry now. SOBS thank you very much Twilibird

she drew me minato & souji!!!! 8,D BAAAWWWW!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! BAWWWWW


received another one from a friend of mine!!! FFFF!!!!! this drawing really hits the spot!! AUUGGHHH suddenly my birthday seems a lot more brighter LOLOLOL!! THANK YOU MICHIIKA!! ILU!!!

i really like the way her strokes flow 8D and the fact that she made you (i just spelled Yu, YOU wtf!) holds something with my name on it. WITH A HEART SHAPE MIND YOU!! AUUUGGHH MY EYES!


AND ANOTHER ONE!! this time it's my OC Amaya!! OMG!!!! i can die happy now!!!! 8,D CAN YOU SEE MY TEARS??! CAN YOU??!! thank you Kurimuson!!!!!!!


received another one. i mean.. like seriously.. KELSEY! couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this LOL!! been wishing to color it myself but seems lk i got no time for it smhow. T v T so this is just... perfect!! 8,D i could see it in complete color SOBS!!

thank you kelseeeeeyyyyy!!! *heart heart heart*

yeap.. so that pretty much it. i guess. :T this must've been the least interesting birthday i've had so far. LOL oh well -shrug- NOT ANYMORE LOL!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


8,D after contemplating with myself whether I should get it or not, finally i did!! -SOBS-

so how did it happen? ok you probably wouldn't wanna read this crap, but 8,D i guess i'm typing it out anyway. sentimental value you know. can reminisce when i'm like already 80 yrs old or smthng.

so yesterday i decided to went out with my mom n sister. i need to deposit some money for my nendo sada.. i mean sawako & might as well check the price for ps3 in sony center. so yeaaahhh went to sony center... and somehow ended up buying it instead OTL

so the damage has been done 8,D is officially BROKE. B.R.O.K.E OTL OTL

decided to pick up the white one instead of black. which resulted it to not match the home theater system at all LOL!!! 8,D somehow i got the HDMI cable for free and i have to say, after connecting it to the 40" SONY BRAVIA tv, my eyes could bleed due to the sheer ossumness & sharpness of the image SOBS but it was just a test. wanted to test out the console on that tv. my mom suggested me to get my own tv instead to avoid any... arguments with the guys at home (sports channels... football... you noe, those stuff pfffttt) maybe someday. i have faaar exceeded my budget 8,D i swear to god i'm not gonna purchase anything anymore for the upcoming months SOBS

some pictures...

man i've always hated those wires hanging from the tv =A= why can't my mom just let the tv be on the table instead?! pffttt

tried going online with it 8,D HEY LOOK~~~ it's my blog LOLOLOLOL it looked so sharp on the tv!! even the color for the header looked better on tv OTL

and of course, i tried connecting my sony mp3 player to the console 8,D and listened to this song SOOOOBBBSSSSS (and some others of course)

i'm trying to figure out how to make the sound came out from all the speakers instead of just the tv -sigh- i suck. maybe i should re-check the wiring later on. u.u i wanna listen to songs with all them speakers T_T not just the tv hahaha

I have yet to register the warranty stuff for my ps3, and I am not sure about registering to PSN either 8,D is it safe already? SOBS T___T I don't even have a proper name created yet (still USER1 lol) tempted to put mooncake OTL or anything related to the moon OTL yes i suck... or maybe.. nah. will think properly later on. so yes! so far i don't really have any game yet, cept for some demo stuff (little big planet, that..err..fat princess game and others still haven't try em out yet) i need something awesome. will hunt for games later on 8,D not now HAH!!

anyway, continuing with the journey. after we went to sony center, did some grocery shopping & went to this steamboat place for dinner. 8,D it was ok~~ located SUPER close to the beach i tell you!! can actually enjoy the sunset SOBS the best thing about living near the coast 8,D beach + sunset aaahh~~

it was a certainly happy day yesterday 8,D tho have to rush my work like hell after i get back home PFFFTTT slept at 2..3 am -facepalm- so i refuse to do any work today! IT'S SUNDAY FOR GOD'S SAKE D,8 i'm gonna do some personal work instead!! (like finishing up the next persona artwork i'm doing HAH!)

p/s still getting the hang of the ps3 :9 looking forward to awesome gaming experience in the future. not now... the future... 8,D