Thursday, March 31, 2011

what lie suits me today?

it's april fool~ so 1 of the ppl that I followed on twitter posted this link where i can actually analyze what lie suits me for april fool. and guess what was the result...

" 彼氏できた " (got myself a boyfriend)

Q A Q HOW CRUEL WAS THAT!!!!??? -hugs pillar & weep- pretty sure ppl would go "oh yeah she's definitely lying pffff" the second they saw that!!!!!!!!!! that analyzing thingy is good. ou yeah.. it's good -punch wall- not gonna lie today LOL

neways!! did some whisper of the heart fanart!! 8,D

made it big enough to be a wallpaper as requested by a dear friend of mine Q v O Whisper of the Heart is my most fav movie by studio Ghibli and making a fanart of this made me really happy!! I feel like i've completed my mission or smthng lk that hahahaha XD the violin was pain but fun to do! -thumb- now I'm thinking of drawing Ponyo, but i've got commissions to finish 8,D i guess it'll have to wait!

my friend suggested me to print out all my studio Ghibli fanart on pretty paper & send it to studio Ghibli Q v O this is like, 1 of the most brilliant idea i've heard of recently!! ololol if I can send it in a form of postcards, it'll be nice~ since i really do ADORE studio Ghibli works! I will try and draw ponyo, another howl & maybe the cat returns. I wonder if it'll reach them~~ -sigh- now i need to research on their address hahaha GO IFA GO!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

kiki & sophie

:9~ more ghibli fanart!!!

next on the list will be whisper of the heart & ponyo!!!!!! 8,D PONYO!!! SUKI!!!!!!! -hugs pillar-

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spirited Away

i went out yesterday with my dad n lil brother, they wanted to go to some education expo, but i'm not. So my dad dropped me off at some shopping mall & the 1st place i went to was 8,D shop that sells cd! OLOLOL!!! I bought myself Studio Ghibli dvd box set since the one that I bought before SUCK =_= NEVER EVER buy dvds from bookstore PFFFTT!!! quality is sooo low!! dvd my arse. I also bought Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva 8,D I am a very very VERY happy fangirl SOOOBBBSSSS

So i woke up early today (somewhere arnd 6-7 am) and watched Howl's Moving Castle for the 3456784567 times 8,D and then proceed to professor layton. but due to a lot of "distractions" (since ppl are already up & about pfffttt) i stopped watching & it wasn't even half way, not even quarter way LOLOLOL!!

then i went up to my room & decided to continue watching studio ghibli instead. so finally, for the 1st time, i watched Spirited Away!!! 8,D OH IT WAS UNDOUBTEDLY GOOD!!!!!! and of course i feel seriously motivated afterwards and did a fanart for it

THIS WAS SERIOUSLY FUN TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!! i enjoyed it!!! didn't even procrastinate!!!!!! Q v O yeap!!!

tool: usual~

Friday, March 25, 2011

karigurashi no arrietty

uwah, i tend to procrastinate a lot recently OTL i need to do something abt this bad habit of mine seriously LOL

once again forced myself to finish this piece!!!! Q _ O despite all that procrastination & sighs, i enjoyed the whole process LOL was repeating Arrietty's song throughout the entire process! i'm not even kidding! really puts me in the mood.

for those who followed me on twitter, I'm pretty sure you guys saw some of the progress shot XD but gonna put em here nonetheless~

so yeaaaaaa......... now i don't feel like doing anything yet again OTL i need money. COMMISSION ME PLZ!!!!!!!!! Q A Q AAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

I know i am outdated on recommending this (which pains me greatly) but hey, it's never too late when it comes to sharing great stuff now is there?


haven't been doing any manga recommendation for awhile now. Last night while i was drawing, I decided to take a break & just randomly download some shoujo mangas. IT SUCK. =_= ;; i mean like seriously. I downloaded a few of em and only 1 is worth keeping (even if I only understand like...75% of the story LOOLLL!!! will try & read it again someday I guess) pffft quite disappointed.

then I figured, maybe it's better for me to know what I wanna read & download rather than downloading crappy mangas. so i opted to search for 1 of my favorite genre, GENDER BENDER! 8D~ ahaann~

then I found Tokyo Crazy Paradise. the drawing looked very old fashion (published in 1996 if i'm not mistaken), but i know sometimes, a manga with this kind of style must be a good manga! so decided to download it.

AND IT WAS GOOD! well at least it was up to my standard. good enough to make me read the whole 19 volumes in less than 12 hours.

well it is good! i am not really good at giving reviews on stuff, but good stuff, is good! OTL good amount of humor, action, romance, & other stuff.


Monday, March 21, 2011

lazy monster on my shoulder

OTL i tried to make it my habit drawing at least 1 thing per day, but recently, my body feels very very heavy! i would spend my time on my bed, reading novels or playing ps2 (replaying okami!) sigh. so last week, I didn't touch photoshop for at least 2...3 days!!! imagine that! OAO was kinda guilty & worried (that i'd forget how to draw LOL!) so decided I just HAVE to DRAW something!! OAQ

so here's all the stuff that i managed to force myself into doing OTL

was super lazy but I managed to force myself into drawing something, and those 2 up there was created. OTL hence the bad quality n all haha

and also an abandoned artwork which I couldn't find it in me to abandon it any longer LOL! forced myself to finish this too. though i had fun doing it in the end hahahaha!!! w.i.p here

and simple drawing for project HOPE for japan T____T I really wanna lend a hand anyway I can to Japan. seriously Q ______ Q

so yeah~ that is it. now i have to urge to draw spamano..... & watch disney's hercules........ i thnk i'll go with hercules 1st hahaha

Friday, March 11, 2011

please be safe

T___T as you guys have known abt the tragedy that have fallen on japan. Was quite worried when there was rumors stating that the tsunami will reach borneo too!! and since I was living somewhere in the borneo, and particularly Sabah, that news kinda made me worried you know. to think that i live near the coastal area too!!! OTL OTL OTL i don't even dare look out my window at the sea OTL OTL OTL

so after we heard the news, my dad quickly asked us to save all them important documents 1st. so we brought em all up to the 2nd floor. they said the sea level will increase starting from 6pm till midnight, and it was almost 5 when we were saving all them files n all.

so when i was abt to get out of the house, i looked around at the neighborhood... guess what I saw?

feel like head desk-ing for 1 straight hour believe me OTL OTL THAT UNCLE WAS BURNING HIS RUBBISH CASUALLY!!!!!! I was like...... excuse me~ tsunami? earthquake? japan? stay away from coastal area? hello???????!!!

OTL i don't even. I realized it was not only HIM... basically the whole neighborhood was acting as if nothing happened!!! OTL some was lounging on their balcony, some kids playing football in the park AND EVEN SOME FOREIGNERS PLAYING AT THE BEACH!!!!! WHAT THE FFFF!!!!!!!


at least nothing bad happened... but seriously, if something really big happened here, i dread the death rates OTL seeing by how ignorant they are towards what happened OTL or was it just us, who took things too seriously? OTL OTL i don't even...

but then amidst all the worries & stuff TwT I am happy to received a lot of tweets from my friend asking me to be safe & take cover. SOBS thank you guys!!! Q A Q twitter really really ought to win some award for this. it really is convenient when it comes to incident such as this.

I am grateful to be safe T___T also thankful for having good people all around me SOBS!!!! I wish everything in japan will be fine.

p/s and to those who spreads false rumors concerning people's death....... well, go jump off a building plz =_= ;;;;; wtf

p/ss was REALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY MANGAS!! OTL & computer Q A Q what if things really do happen & I couldn't save em???!!! OMG!!!! life comes 1st i guess SOBS


on other note,

8D an artist said that my drawings reminds her or give her this feeling of Pallas' rosefinch. OLOLOLOL!! interesting!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

some pictures & what's in my head

did some photography session yesterday...albeit a very poorly done photoshoot 8,D i suck at it so much i don't even... and no, i am not trying to fish for words of comfort either. LOL!! SO HERE!!!!

buruma ish shooo cute 8,D still can't help wondering how she ended up with vegeta. OTL

suno!! she's a cute little girl that helped goku once. rmmbr that snow village & red ribbon? yeah

oolong _-_ no comment. tho kinda looked cute here LOL!!

uuhhh should have use the other angle photo, but kinda deleted it ahaa~ oh well...

my fandom for dragon ball OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL it's just too awesome i can't help it!! OTL I also snapped a picture of cloud dissidia version. bought the box thing. you know~ the one which you won't know what you'll get till you open it? ahahaha was hoping I could get either zidane or squall tho PFFFF SAD. well at least it's not tidus.

kinda like his pants. the foldings n all. the details are quite good for a cheap thing... well it's not really cheap OTL affordable once in awhile. i guess...


some of my friends were having this "what was your ambition when you were a little kid?" talk on twitter, and it struck me how I was indecisive now as I was back then T__T ;; i mean... come on!!! i wanted to be a policeman, a doctor, radio host & even anchor woman!! i mean like... SERIOUSLY?!! i can talk loads of crap no doubt PFFFTTT & now... I am still unsure about what I wanna be T_T and I can't even put "when I grow up" at the back of that sentence PFFTT actually, i thnk i have decided on what I wanna do (so not convincing OTL). what I wish I could do & become! but i just.... don't know how to take that 1st step towards my dream!

It's like... I wanna become this but will this bring me to the right path? & by that i meant education wise. i'm getting myself a degree, but, I don't know... I'm really scared of choosing the wrong choice for my major. somebody told me it doesn't matter what degree you wanna get, which university you are enrolling into, the most important thing is the degree cert! and while you are doing that, you can always do some side business like drawing, sell books do something you like etc etc etc etc etc. but i don't want to just get a degree!! I want to learn what i really want to learn!! i wanna make the most out of it! not just for the sake of getting the qualification in the end but during the whole years in uni, i hated everything and wasted my time there without having "fun" and gaining anything out of it. I wanna learn what I am interested in & do side stuff too! life is too short to be wasted on things i don't even wanna do!

so for now, even if i am actually neeting *COUGH* I'm gonna try my best to improve on what I really wanna improve on. learn a lot of things from stuff that i read or have seen. I really really really wanna improve more!!!!! even if it's just for a tiny bit, I really really really wanna get closer to my dream.

so what is my ambition now? I wanna be a happy person, doing things that makes me feel happy & fulfilled. I know some would say "oh keep on dreaming, life is not that simple/easy" then for you who think like this, i really do pity you. ;D


PEACE & OUT!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dancing in the rain

8,D it is doooonnnneeee. my still nameless character PFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT

IT WAS HELLA FUN DOING THIS!!! 8,D and thanks to one piece soundtrack that kept me company throughout the whole process!

some w.i.p shot & close ups~ (so you all can see the messy lineart PFFFFTTTT)

ah~ quality degrade a lil bit. 8,D but oh well~


Monday, March 7, 2011

seeing rainbows

:E yes~ i've been seeing a lot of wonderful things lately. mainly focusing on dragon ball & one piece manga 8,D I am a very happy fangirl with heart fluttering like butterflies. OLOLOLOL!! if there's 1 thing i'd spent my money on without feeling any regret, it'll be spending them on good mangas. 8,D ahhh akira toriyama & oda eiichiro!!! how I wish I could meet you guys and shake your hand!!!!!!!!! 8,D SOOOBBBSSSSS

and here are some drawings that i did recently

somehow, been drawing lotsa girls lately. I also did some pencil sketches, buuuuutttttttt too lazy to scan. that's the thing with traditional drawing pfffftttt. if only it could scan itself into the computer LOL

and some random picture that i took with my phone LOOOLLLL!!!

piles of manga i've been reading today OTL there's a lot more in the box haven't unpack yet since I've got no place to stack em. I need bookcase _-_

8D son goku! trololololol!!! will take a proper picture of him someday. TwT i really love this figurine auuuggghhhh!!!!!!!!

and now, i shall sleep 8,D maybe read a few pages of manga... maybe... ahaaaa~~~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

box of goodness

finally all my boxes during college years arrived _-_ ;;;;; so basically, I have all my manga collections back in my hand Q v Q currently re-reading dragon ball HAHAHAAHH!!!! and enjoying it to the max!

but due to all that reading, T_________T somehow, i can't come out with anything decent to draw wtf. it's been 2 days already. so guilty, but what else can I do? i keep on trying to draw something in photoshop, but seriously. OTL. I really tried OTL OTL OTL OTL

so today, I tried to continue my Tsukino Kousagi drawing, but i just can't anymore OTL so decided to drop it OTL OTL

Q ____ Q I don't think i'll ever finish this OTL!!!!!

after staring at this failure (-head desk for 5 min-) I've decided to doodle other things...

was thingking of doing bnw at 1st, so i doodled in black..... then decided to add some colors.... then this happen _-_ ;; i don't even.

so have some random character + a lot of dragon ball characters. yeaaaa. I hope i'll be able to draw something complete next time OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL

now...i shall get back to my... *cough* dragon ball manga *cough*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March sketch request

:9 IT IS DOOONNNEEE!!! now my hand feels like its gonna fall out of the socket ...or something like that HAHAHAHAHA!!! 8D

did everything in 6-7 hours hahaha. non stop drawing since i felt guilty for not drawing anything yesterday Q v Q so here it is~

it was a good practice. wanted to practice drawing proportion. OTL still need lotsa work i see hahahaha oh well~~~~~~~8,D now i shall go...err.... i don't know.

back pain!