Monday, March 7, 2011

seeing rainbows

:E yes~ i've been seeing a lot of wonderful things lately. mainly focusing on dragon ball & one piece manga 8,D I am a very happy fangirl with heart fluttering like butterflies. OLOLOLOL!! if there's 1 thing i'd spent my money on without feeling any regret, it'll be spending them on good mangas. 8,D ahhh akira toriyama & oda eiichiro!!! how I wish I could meet you guys and shake your hand!!!!!!!!! 8,D SOOOBBBSSSSS

and here are some drawings that i did recently

somehow, been drawing lotsa girls lately. I also did some pencil sketches, buuuuutttttttt too lazy to scan. that's the thing with traditional drawing pfffftttt. if only it could scan itself into the computer LOL

and some random picture that i took with my phone LOOOLLLL!!!

piles of manga i've been reading today OTL there's a lot more in the box haven't unpack yet since I've got no place to stack em. I need bookcase _-_

8D son goku! trololololol!!! will take a proper picture of him someday. TwT i really love this figurine auuuggghhhh!!!!!!!!

and now, i shall sleep 8,D maybe read a few pages of manga... maybe... ahaaaa~~~