Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me dear dear friend Saku-saku. TwT i hope the present was ok. XD and i hope that woman really took of the price tag. if not... ¬_¬ i'll curse her. cis.

so we went to this karaoke place in Mont Kiara there. My 1st time!! seriously! as in 1st time karaoke-ing. can't rmmbr what song i sang. I do rmmbr some High School Musical ones tho. *rub chin* OH!! can't believe saku got herself a boyfriend!!! HAAHAHAHA!! i thought any guys who went close enough to her will get kicked off by reryu or something XD bwahahaha!!! lucky guy.


I'm still single ¬_¬ bedebah.

ANYWAYS!!! I wanted to draw something T___T but couldn't find a time for it. ah. so I guess it's ok to upload some... hidden works/scraps... etc. for my own documentation!! since there's no karaoke session pictures yet. (i'll wait for my friends' mom to put on fb 1st. then just grab from there *grin*)

-ugh...a work that didn't turn out how i want it to be. no wonder it's inside my scraps folder-

-typical drawing of a girl. was trying to draw hair in the most convenient way fer me. but yeah..-

-seems a bit out of place XD but... that is my lecturer LOL!!! he really look like that!!-

ah~ i wish i can do several new pieces. still yet to have done this collab thing with a friend of mine. T_T where did all my time went to?!! *pulls hair off*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

yesterday and today

huh, had fun yesterday, sorta. went for this Gamefest competition thing in MMU, Cyberjaya. joined the flash game competition but didn't win anything hahaha! i can see that all the games that we chosen are quite dark and have earth in em and ours don't even get any close toward earth and humankind destruction. oh the theme was Doomsday btw. so oh well. thanks to Aurelia and Yiwei too ;D

afterwards, went to the cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland. I ENJOYED IT! I probably went crazy inside whenever the White Queen appeared. I love how Anne Hathaway brought the character. She's awesome!! *bend fingers delicately* if I was given a choice to watch it again, i would say a definite yes to it. ;D


so i woke up at 1.30 today. sigh. have to prepare for the degree university interview tomorrow. but yet to have started anything!! 8D so I went youtubing instead. went to see some of the anime openings and endings by Gonzo that i've watched before. It really does bring back memories *wipe tears* lol so gonna put on some here, for sharing AND my future indulgence... thing. just incase I forgot all about this anime and songs, I can just dig it back from my blog ;D

awww, bakuretsu tenshi, the song still is nice to listen to! ... reminds me of the sad ending to the anime. demmit.

anything with gate or keeper interest me. LOL! those times i think i was glued to axn channel like... glue? =_= ;

VANDREAD IS JUST AWESOME. nuff said. the songs for their op's and ed's are perfect!!

I wish I can change body too ¬_¬

YEAH! COME ON!!!! *head bang*

last but not least. speed grapher. XD i remembered i was blown away when I saw this opening in Anime Tech I think. Don't rmmbr. but the anime was so so.

can't help wanting to laugh everytime the word "uninstall" came in. LOL!

there's a lot more, but this would do for now.
suddenly got the urge to play Suikoden =_= aaahhh~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

not so fast

=_= seriously, what is suppose to be a quick work end up finished 1 day after =A= ; did a lot of experimenting on this piece. T_T still can't master the right way of coloring liquid man. ARGH! so frustrating!!!!! guy's skin color can be better but love how the girl's color turned out.

most importantly... I HAD FUN DOING THE BUILDINGS IN THE BOWL!!! but i suck at doing background!! @_@

tools: photoshopCS4
time: I have no idea =A= more than 10..? maybe

and oh!! it's Rui and Yui from Kamcao's mascot ;D a super duper ultra late piece, see how irresponsible member i am? ORZ!!! =_= decided to redo everything since the initial plan kinda suck when i look back at it. *rubs chin*

before~ homg so lame =A= ; and that's not even the full picture!

p/s Rui is LOVE

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

w.i.p for the day 2

8D la dum dum~

wanna make a simple piece. no thick eyelashes this time. yessss!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bloody dip


I was imagining it to be more... dark. but oh well!!! I'm scared I'll ruin it if I add more stuff. hmm. had fun doing this!!! spent SO LONG on the skin. I just suck at coloring skin =_= ;;;

...AH!! SO REFRESHING!!!!! *grin*

tool: photoshopCS4
time: .....6-9 hours on and off... don't remember actually.

NEXT!!! ... wanna try do something different. but dunno wat yet *shrugs*

p/s work in progress on the previous post ;D

Monday, March 22, 2010

w.i.p for the day

hmm. i wish this will turn out how i want it to be. It's a very dark piece. I HOPE I CAN PULL IT THROUGH!!! *fingers cross*

practice more!

cropped version

uncrop version

=A= my anatomy got issues. my hand is not steady enough to draw a perfect leg shape LOL! i will work harder!!!! OOOOO!!!!

tool: photoshopCS4
time: don't remember

p/s owe some people artworks 8D dang

Healthy Sunday

Went cycling with a bunch of human beings. (justin, lock, orilia, jacob, ying siew, szu jin) i felt healthy that day. Just that day orz.

so yeah.

pictures will do I think. Let's start with the haunted looking signboard...

The bicycle rope looking thingy (orz) kept falling. =A= thank god justin was there to repair it! 8D HEBAT! *tepuk tangan*

I had fun. I wish that I took a picture of the kelapa jelly drink. ish. then after all that fat burning exercise, we go add more fat u_u

everyone was dead beat

SQUARE ENIX!!... i mean RICE!!!!!! *kena tampar*

*tag* tom yam fried rice :9 mmm

YEAH!! had a very short healthy sunday!!!!! √√√√√√

Sunday, March 21, 2010

w.i.p yet again

ah~ did this in between doing photo editing and t shirt designing. graduation campaign stuff ar~

wish i could finish it soon T_T SO MANY UNFINISHED PIECE!!!! ORZ!!!

also did some practice digital sketch. I have to say, my anatomy is still as bad as ever 8D ehe~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Neonite! Party nite!

well, I paid for the ticket, which is crumpled up somewhere on the floor already, RM30. Its a very cool event actually. what with all the people dancing, chatting, feasting, drinking, also some performances by PROFESSIONAL POLE DANCERS!! which i found extremely COOL!!!! O____O pole dancing is awesome seriously!!!!

there is also a Limbo competition. CONGRATZ Jo for winning it!!! (she's was our lecturer) xD and more drinking, and food. chatting with friends and lecturers. then there's a singing going on by our own batch people and also a special guess, I forgot what's her name...Tiffany? Britney?... sorry! but she got a GORGEOUS voice!! 8D

then there's dancing performance!! it was SUPERB! 8D eventhough the PA system was overheated, but the dancers remained professional till the end! BRAVO!

then DJs!! with turntables and awesome remixes! it was CRAAAAAZY!!! all the pretty girls moving their body to the music. wow! they can MOVE!!!! *rubs eyes* I'm glad i'm good at the evading technique! 8D whenever they wanna pull me onto the dance floor, I would be gone LOL! xD i ...can't dance orz.

8D YUP!!! kinda enjoyed it! hope there will be more? AHAHAHA! some low quality pictures u_u camera phone sorry u_u

good job people!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

wow factor for today 8D



finally mark appears~ instead of playing him, I can now marry him! 8D

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was hoping I could save this post for finally finishing my finals (not including graduation campaign) and having our freedom!! (don't count in graduation campaign lol) but as I logged into MSN today, saw a friend's status saying that Nujabes had passed away.

my heart and creative soul cries for him.

photo by yosuke moriya. kamakura, summer 2009
taken from here

Nujabes, or real name Seba Jun (Nujabes was his real name spelled backward actually for those who doesn't know) died in a car accident in Tokyo, somewhere around February and was just announced yesterday, 18th March 2010. He was only 36 years old when the tragedy happened. He was a really private person person, so nobody really know he has died.
this Japanese hip-hop producer was the founder of Hydeout Productions, as well as the owner of two Tokyo record stores, Guinness Records and T Records. He also contributed songs for the anime Samurai Champloo, which is one of my all time favourite, which has a mixture of old samurai days plus hip hop.

Nujabes was (and still is) one of my favorite artist. I could listen to his songs for HOURS non stop. I honestly feel very sad. There will be no more songs composed by him in the future.

Rest in peace Nujabes. You will always be remembered by your fans, especially me, for your contribution to the music industry, and amazing songs. Eventhough I know that nobody can continue what you did like the way you do it, but lets just hope somebody will continue your legacy. Your music will always have a place in my heart and my iTunes playlist, and it sure will continue to live on. R.I.P.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I knew at an instance when i watched the movie "Hachiko:A dog's story", it will leave a very deep impression on me.

No, I am not gonna talk about the movie in this post (maybe just a bit), but the real life story of Hachiko.

A story about loyalty between a dog to it's owner. Hachiko a pure Akita breed, believed to have some connections with royalties (based on the movie), was brought to Tokyo by it's owner, a professor of some university. His daily routine was went out to work every morning, and came back in the evening by train. Hachiko will send him off every morning from home, and will wait eagerly for his master to return each day at the Shibuya train station itself. The routine continues until one day, the professor was attacked by stroke in the university. He died and never returned to the train station where his loyal companion waited patiently each day.

Hachiko was eventually given out to a new owner, but often escapes to get back to the train station, and wait for his master's return. Each day Hachiko waited for the professor. Each day, he did not see even a glimpse of his friend among the other passengers and commuters.

People who often saw Hachiko and the professor together, never stops nourishing Hachiko by providing food.

The wait lasted for 9 years and Hachiko only appeared precisely during the arrival time for the evening train. A bronze statue was build to remember his loyalty and devotion to his master.

Hachiko died on a street in Shibuya.

I am not even a dog lover but I was really touched and awed by Hachiko's loyalty towards his master. His master must've been one heck of a guy! It's just impossible to not cry when you watch the movie itself.

I learned a great deal about loyalty today, and all thanks to a dog. Makes me really wonder about humans' level of loyalties. hmmpph.

for those who never watch the movie, i super duper highly recommend it to you.

gnite everybody. gnite Hachiko.

not in the mood

to draw =A= i just don't know why. i can't seem to make even 1 decent artwork today. maybe i should take a bath, then sleep. sleep like there's no tomorrow!!!!

sigh. was actually imagining the kid drawing to be more... nice. but it just turned out like crap =A= i think i'll leave it for a rest. continue tomorrow, or sometime later. yeah. duwanna force myself.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

making of Young Warren Buffett

and he himself was not even there!!!!!!

ok, this post is seriously filled with rants and complaints xD I'm sorry if I offense anybody u_u

pronounce as Ba-phet (like pro-phet), seriously. I can never think of any other worst form of torture other than this!!! TRAUMA!! OAO I can't imagine how those people do it!! talk about investment, forex, portfolio... and other things!! I thought I am gonna die!!!!! it's like, a HUGE veil was put in front of my eyes! I can't see anything creative!!! OMG!!! i really thought I was gonna die!!!!!

we arrived there a bit late since we slept late 8D took taxi... arrived... feeling underdressed.. =_= REALLY underdressed. a lot of people wearing black colored suits. and we were wearing like wat, jeans, t-shirt, and for my part, bright blue colored shirt ;D and lovin' it! WE ARE DESIGNERS!! we don't do boring funeral clothes!! (no offense xD) so we pick seats that are quite near to the stage. sat down for awhile... feeling sleepy. then Doreen went out to get some coffee xD so we (me n orilia) were stuck in there, and they showed this corporate video with TRANSFORMERS soundtrack + clips from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL =_= right then, i just knew this talk is going to kill me. if only my jaw can drop, it'll fall to the ground and roll down the stairs. but I am a patient dude ;D so i stayed (and suffered) then....I went out. eat some hard sandwiches + tea. *sigh* then went back in again. wrote down some notes... then started to drift off.

the proof is a drawing of me, walking... and a bird. I found it more enjoyable than listening to the speakers talking about things that i can't understand, and cold life threatening jokes from the emcee. When it reached the part where she asked those people who wants to answer questions after each talks (and receive presents when ever they got it right), to say "I'm a young buffett..." before each answers, I started to block my brain from anything related to the event. I became a rebel. seriously. proof?

i drew portraits of my companions instead. (dun worry orilia, i didn't put in your awesome drawing here ;D cept for that one *points*) me. a rebel. can't believe it. then I fell asleep and not even feeling guilty. seriously. there's a part where they were talking about portfolios, but i really can't understand a sh*t. =_= their definition of portfolios are just different from us designers i guess.

don't get me started about lunch time! BAD MANAGEMENT!!! totally not organized!! and so much for putting ethics 1st to be in their kind of field, but cutting lines!! which part of that is ethical? fine!! whatever. so we took our food, no doubt la the food is kinda nice, but they don't even have enough spoons!! OAO SERIOUSLY!!! NO SPOONS!! i have to eat using fork. FORK!! imagine eating prawns with just a fork! (eventho i usually eat prawns wholly (?) calcium xD) argh!!! then we went back in the torture chamber again. I almost snap when the emcee asked us to stand up and put our hands in the air and yell "I'm a young Buffett!!!!!" *curse* which i happily DIDN'T oblige! i went 4 on my hands and feet on the ground instead (because my pen dropped actually xD) but yes... like hell I'm gonna put my hands in the air and shout that...that... DAMN!!! OAO living in the shadow of some old rich dude. omg. =_= i know la maybe they are just doing it for some, i dunno, motivational purposes, but when its been used frequently, i just can't stand it.

even worst when the emcee asked us to clap hands in order to measure the "awesome-ness" of the speaker. I'm like, OMG *facepalm* and the constant advertising for their company by the speakers (insurance, financial advice, etc) in each talk. very clever lo.

well, there are a few good points that i get... very few, and I can barely remember it, but still...

ah!! I am EXTREMELY GLAD to be where I am now!!!! can't imagine any place other than this! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


got my very 1st aesthetics magazine today. it's the latest issue!! 8D yay for me! been wanting to have the magazine for so long T_T it's impressive how the magazine is free of charge! O_O seriously!! you can just take it if you see it lying around somewhere!!! (I don't recommend you to take people's one tho haha!) I want the previous volume seriously!! T_T

so I went to their website. kinda nice web. I think the only way to get their previous volumes are either depend on your luck, who knows maybe it'll drop from the sky or smthin' which is not possible. OR, go to their office =A= darnnit!!!!

so i kept surfing, and saw this section for readers to submit artworks. 8D *huge grin* so I want to try!! this is the piece that i decided to use.

tool: as usual, photoshopCS4
time: 4-5 hours

quite a random idea really. wanted to draw a girl + water yet again. (previously Phenomena piece had a girl + water too) yeah. nothing much i can say about this piece haha. had fun drawing this tho.

some w.i.p

yerr yerr~~!! xD

today marks the end of the official graduation campaign class!!!! YAY!!! but we will still have class. cis. xD but i don't mind.

more worried about FPS for now =A= sigh.


and I am poor 8D