Monday, March 8, 2010

cliche-ness with ZERO hint of creativity

WATCH THIS!!!! and tell me what you can see.

it's like, a combination of "sugar, spice and everything nice" PLUS "chemical X", but instead it goes like "Ali, ah chong, and muthu!!" PLUS "cliche and no hints of creativity video". KABOOM!!!!!!!! 1 MALAYSIA!!!!!!

Seriously, I know 1 Malaysia is all about emphasizing national unity, ethnic tolerance, and government efficiency (wiki pfft) but this is just too much!!!! what do they want to convey by putting the syok sendiri singers who flashes their teeth (and tongue!!!)? and a whole bunch of different race people swaying left and right? YOU TELL ME?!!!! if there is another word that is even more strong than cliche, i'd use it in this kind of disastrous situation!

The fact that this video was made by a quite popular creative uni/college, really makes me smirk. I REALLY SMIRK!!!! i mean, which part of the video shows their creative quality??!!!! the green screen part?! oh woooowwww *roll eyes* if that is their standard for creativity, then forget it. I know they put A LOT of stuff related to Malaysia's ethnicity n traditions also history in there (YES!!!! THEY ACTUALLY DID!!!!!), but what with all the act cool singers, I was focusing more on their teeth (mostly TONGUE) rather than those images at the back. the dude is even wearing hip hop-ish shirts for gods sake!!!!! =_= and look at the SLIDESHOW of KL!!!!! I lost count on how many times KLCC flash and pan in front of my eyes!!!! i think i may have gone blind. All I get from this video is, well, actually nothing! the message does NOT get through. not even close!!!

WHO'S THE DIRECTOR FOR THIS?!!!! no...WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS IN THE 1st PLACE???!!!!!!!!!! if they ever ask me to give an evaluation for this, i'd say it's a no good. NG!!! SUPER NG!!!!!! SUPER DUPER NG!!!!!!!!!!! if this is the quality of work they can do, well, there's no difference wether you went to a creative uni/college or not.

I can talk about A LOT of stuff, analyzing all the mistakes and, you have to admit, quite lame composition and camera movement. and don't get me started on the editing part!! (fade in fade out? slideshow?!) UUGGHHH!!!!

what happened to quality work?!!! *kneels on the ground* even if this is the clients request, but you can always suggest something new!! (minus the unchangeable, can't be saved 1 Malaysia concept) YOUR ARE HIRED FOR YOUR CREATIVE MIND!!!!!! MAKE IT INTO USE!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! such a waste!!!

no offense!!!!

but if this is what 1 Malaysia is all about, and they want to use this video as Malaysian image, I am sorry, but i won't be rooting for it u_u

yeap. that's it.

p/s I tried my best to filter out words.
p/ss : the dude with the cap piss me off =_= x *throws shoes at him*
p/sss : after watching it yet again, DID I JUST SAW THE COLLEGE BUILDING AT THE BACK?!!!!!! eventho just for a seconds flash. OMG!!!! ADVERTISING SOMEMORE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. taraf budak skolah la. some random gay dudes + gadis rambut perang goyang2 untuk tarikan? slideshow murahan rofl. as they say 1 malaysia = big fail

  2. yeap! i saw the college too! and the name of the college damn big at the back also. ==

  3. renz : yalah!!! T_T omg~ sungguh memalukan...

    rou: he is wearing the uni/college hat the whole time oso man =_= gaogao promoting