Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pour it all

I recently bought a new note/sketchpad. it measures 10.5x10.5 cm. It's a very cute book if i dare say so myself. The cover had my initial on it. well initial to my 1st name. a big, rainbow-colored, letter "i". Friend persuaded on me getting this since it was a close call between another different design (though i am pretty sure he said that just so he can get my arse away from the stationery section) I swear, every time i went to the stationery section, it's like hunting for treasure. ok more like finding treasures but have limited space in your knapsack or something -Or in my case, a downside on my economic state- so you'd have to make a life altering decision in which treasure to bring back with you. Le sigh.

I was thinking of filling this baby with things that i have hard time saying out loud, but seeing how i always leave my stuff laying around, so that plan was a no go. Maybe someday, when i have my own place, i'll start keeping diaries. For now, i'll settle with writing down parts of song lyrics that gave me that pang, some interesting facts & quotes, random drawings & facts about myself. You can say this is a part of my effort in discovering myself. i suppose.

Holiday is not ending anytime soon. I'm getting tired of it. 3 month holiday is just too much. So far, the things that i have done during my free time;

  • draw
  • sleep
  • more sleep
  • watch videos
  • eat
  • went out with friends (seldom)
  • clean room (3 days, and not even close to finishing)
  • with phone (breaking personal record in tap sonic)
  • tv
  • more tv
  • read books on my mobile phone (books that will probably not improve my vocabulary range whatsoever)

Finding part-time job is one of the option, but i don't have the transport. so that would be a bit of a problem. Some friends suggested opening commissions, but lately my drive in drawing went a little bit downhill. 

what the hell happened?!

p/s craving for a good cinnamon roll

Thursday, July 19, 2012

galaxies :)

as you can see, i am very much addicted to galaxy related stuff lately. :)