Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taare Zameen Par

OK. please. I am gonna talk about this one Hindustani movie. so please please please people, take away your typical and shallow thinking where Indian films are all about dancing behind trees, singing and rolling down the hills. IT. IS. NOT. so throw that mind set away. please.


It's a story of how a boy of 8 years old, Ishaan, who faced great difficulties in his studies. How his parents never really understands him and thought that he is naughty and lazy. How the father always compare him to his big brother, a high achiever both academically and in sport. He repeated his 3rd grade for the 2nd time to no avail. Nothing improves. Teachers called him stupid, lazy and he always got punished. His friends got high score during test, and him, 2 out of 100, 3 out of 100. But he is very talented in drawings, and all those creative stuff.

but because of his grades, and so the father thought, the son's attitude which need a change, his father sent him to a boarding school, which affected him mentally and emotionally. He don't even paint anymore. Only after a temporary art teacher came, the problem were spotted and he tried his best to bring the back the the old Ishaan.

The film tells the story of eight year old Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) who suffers greatly until a teacher (Aamir Khan) identifies him as dyslexic. Both commercially and critically acclaimed,[9] Taare Zameen Par is the winner of the 2008 Filmfare Best Movie Award and the 2008 National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare.[10]It was declared tax free by the Government of Delhi. - WIKI

It is a WONDERFUL MOVIE. Directed by Aamir Khan himself (with Amol Gupte) who is well known for his "perfectionist" side. He also took the role as Nikumbh, the art teacher. It is a very good movie!! mind blowing and touching. All the actors and actresses did an AWESOME job in this movie!! the soundtrack are superb and fits into the movie perfectly! It was recommended by my dad, who was recommended by a Doctor (who watched this movie like 7 times!!) my dad told me, if i watch it for the 1st time, i will get a message from it. And if i watch it for the 2nd time, I will get another different message from it. That is how great this movie is.

I give it 5 out of 5. IT. IS. A. MUST. WATCH.

Holiday yet again

ok... so after i broke my phone, now it's my simcard's turn.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! it does not break into half!!! it sort of... I don't know how to say it!! slides into half??? @_@ I have never seen such things happen before! never even cross my mind that it is possible to happen. OMG. now nobody can contact me unless i get myself a new simcard, of course along with a new phone *winks* ... DARN!! this means i have to remember a new number!!! DARNNIT!!!

ON OTHER NOTE!!!! 8D I am currently reading Richard Montanari's PLAY DEAD novel. so far so good. I know it'll be a great book!!! i've read the BROKEN ANGELS by him and it was very captivating. he is soooo on my list of wanted authors.

huh. well there's not much going on for my holiday. so far. T_T will be going back to Perak soon and there's no internet connection there for pete's sake!!! OMG!!! how to do my FPS like that?! HOW!!!!? well i'm sure i can figure it out. talk about being optimistic xD HAH! i was fed properly since my parents took me. of course i'd be happy! HAHAHA!! PROPER BREAKFAST OMG!!! *wipe tears* yeap~~

the muscle pain from the Broga Hill trip was gone too. quick. don't even realize when it disappeared. hmmppphh. well!! i'm gonna continue reading my book, after i finish tending my pet in pet society!! HAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whats up?!

8D ok, the second update in one go.

I just wanna say I'm thrilled to hear that Persona 3 is going Portable!!! (P3P) WATAFISH!! It was just released in Japan yesterday, and i really want the game soooo bad, i can feel my brain bubbling inside my skull. i just know about this P3P like, yesterday!! can you believe it!!! OAO *head bang*

I'm really excited to see the female version for the main character! 8D she is absolutely GORGEOUS! i totally love her eyes! where Minato have blue and her eyes are red. it's PERFECT! I really wanna play as her!! and did i mention that when you play as the female character, Elizabeth will be replaced with her hot good looking brother Theodore?!! OMG!! *screams*

but too bad... i don't have PSP. darnnit. have to save my allowance i guess T_T. they even made a new opening theme for P3P but i still prefer the original one ;D I found he P3P's opening a bit sad for me T_T

I mean seriously, game industries never cease to come out with new stuff!! did you guys heard about the new Nintendo DSi LL ??!! I mean HELLO!!! nintendo DSi is not even out THAT long! and there's already a new version?! (of course with bigger screen, and more mature color, and of course bigger size u_u ) huh amazing. I still prefer my DSlite. the size is just perfect for my hand. Who wants a big size portable game console anyway? cih. thats the whole point of being portable! right size and easy to keep. If i wan a big screen console, i'd just buy those not portable ones. haha!!

here's a wine colored DSi LL. I kinda like the color tho. xD

yeap. been playing with my ds like crazy!!! between doing my assignments of course! *coughcough* addicted to Taiko no Tatsujin u_u all i can see in my head now is Gold crown. Gold, full combo... goooollllldddd.... xD SO YEAH!! THAT'S IT!!!! better get back to assignments T_T life... ugh

Tokyo Plastic

gosh haven't update in a very long time!! 8D

helloooo people!! finals are getting closer every second and i am procrastinating wholeheartedly YAY! anyways!! things that has been going on lately :

Sharing by the TokyoPlastic! I tell you people, the talk was AWESOME! I like it when Sam (the speaker) not only talk about their greatest work, but also shared some not so great work to us all. How he humbly told us how they started from bottom up without being the least bit arrogant and with loads of humor. How they work before and how in the end, it's still better to get back in doing what you love to do. I agree on that. It's amazing to see him standing in front talking proudly and can see his satisfaction in what he is doing now. I envy him. I wish someday i'd be like him. Did i mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE their character design? their vinyl figurines are superb!! would love to have one. =_= but yeah, my economic state is not currently in their best advantage now xD hahaha. ANYWAY!! lemme share you their video which made em who they are today.

this next video is my 2nd favorite. I saw it on TV before, and i don't even know who created it. i still can't believe the creator for this ad came and gv a talk!! O_O

i remembered i used to wait for this ad on tv xD and i don't even remember what it was advertising LOL! but they really can portray the handphone (yeah, they were advertising nokia n78) musical ability. I just got this thing for headphone, and those headphones are AWESOME! would love to have em! darnnit! xD

so there ya go. Tokyo Plastic

p/s i wish one day my characters will be made into vinyl ;D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lost in void

After presenting my work for the "Promote Yourself" project in Digital Portfolio class, I felt so empty. Maybe it's because the tension has finally tuned down a bit, but it gets even worst when I saw amazing works from my fellow classmates. It makes me ponder about my work, my style, the quality the outcome and how the market will look upon it someday. Will they even glance at my work? Do i even have a chance out there? What can I really do??? What is my strength in this Multimedia Design ...WORLD?!!

Now i keep asking myself this. I am very very scared. But in a way, there are good things that comes during that period of presentation and the mentally torturous moment. At least it gives me the time to think more about improvement, self confidence, and making MORE MORE MORE effort in my work. Do more research and references!!! I realized i don't really do any referencing. It all just sort of pop up from my head just like that. It is a good thing at 1 point but I don't really think I improve much.

huh. I'm in dilemma. T_T maybe should go and see counselor.
I will do what I can to be better.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nintendo DSLite IceBlue


so it finally arrived~ and finally it's in my hand!!!! can you imagine how happy i am?!!! imagine a 5 year old girl, getting a set of cooking play set for christmas.. or a hard core harry potter fan getting the final book on the day of it's release... *scream* I am freakin' happy!!!!! 8D eheh eheh haven't really play with it much... it's just there, on my table for now. a bit scared to touch it, because i don't want it to get dirty TwT i need to get a plastic casing for it man.

a ds lite ice blue bundle for rm600 is just... fantastic!!! 8D i'm glad i bought it. I've been contemplating on buying any gaming console for myself, since i don't have one. and decided to pick ds lite. I know i know... probably some of you will think that its better to get dsi instead, but im just scared i will not use the new functions fully... and basically waste extra cash on it... i mean, camera function on ds? even the mega pixels are not that high... so yeah... ;D

so here's some pictures...

*shiny eyes* omg~~ look at this baby

i got an r4i gold card together with it too!!! talk about being lucky!

*points at the color* ice blue *raise eyebrows* 8D

my crappy photo taking skill doesn't do it justice u_u

oh! it came with a casing too!! 8D i was hoping for a lite blue color tho...oh well.. will get a diff casing if i got enough money Dx WARNING WARNING!!!

so far...

it feels good in my hand
the r4 card is practically awesome!! (i promise to get originals as well!!)
the buttons are nice to press
TOTALLY dig the color!!


cooking mama is wicked!! LOL!!! xD


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Digital Portfolio - name card&resume design

TwT I know the fact that i really suck when it comes to designing something that relates to me... or creating titles for any projects, or blog post.... *cough* but I've finally designed something for this subject T___T I am... speechless.... so anyway... here it is...


I wonder if this is good enough T_T what if it got rejected?!! does this look like my style? does it??

*for the 2nd n 3rd card, there's suppose to be some "slogan"(?) from me on the blue paper on the wall... but i haven't yet think of a really good one...

-RESUME design

OMG... I only got 1 design!! what if it got rejected???!!! =A= will think of 1 more later on... i really should start on the After Effect already!!!


2 designs!!! WOO!!!

* the "awards" part are empty still... because i couldn't remember all the stuff that I got... =A= ; my goodness... I wonder where did i put all the certificates....

so yeah... this is just for my documentation... u_u ;; but opinions and suggestions are extremely welcome!!!

now i'm going to go and sleep for awhile!!! @_@

Sunday, October 11, 2009

You know you are a TOA-lians when...

amazingly true.....

1) You’re bad at math, but that seems to be the norm.

2) You have at least 3 kinds of tape. They are all completely different, and they all serve completely different functions. But you know what they're for.

3) The naked picture on the screen for figures class does not arouse or disgust you because you’re too busy trying to get an ‘A’ in the class.

4) Your lecturers almost never give A’s in figures because (and they repeat it often) it's not 3D enough, or your strokes are wrong.

5) You're not as surprised by crazy fashion senses anymore.

6) Black is your worst enemy when the results are out.

7) You're surrounded by restaurants that serve all kinds of food.

8) Yet you don't know where and what to eat after class. Everyday.

9) You know the difference between violet and purple. And you blast people who don't know the difference.

10) You tried cleaning your pallette used for acrylic paint the first few times.

11) But you got lazy after a while and now its now hardened with acrylic paint all over it.

12) Your friends don't know what the hell putty rubber is when they first see it.

13) You’ve pulled an all-nighter on a project and still could not see any progress in the morning.

14) You’ve exploded at your friends for belittling the amount of work you receive.

15) The girl that you thought was a guy at the beginning of the year isn’t so bad.

16) Your friends not from your school do not understand #14 in the slightest.

17) Everybody fits in. Period.

18) You know everyone in Vision Art.

19) The people you go to school with do not ask you to draw anything for them (excluding doing their assignments for them).

20) People are always shooting films or taking pictures.

21) Despite your best efforts, you still manage to get paint, pencil or charcoal on some part of your body, somehow.

22) Vision Art has run out of supplies at least once, and it was a long wait for the restocking.

23) Your lecturer is a moron, but he is excused because he's an industry professional.

24) You know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use art gum.

25) The clock you built out of sticks and paper is still in use.

26) Ming Tien's food sucks but makes a hell lot more money than you'll ever have.

27) You know how to pronounce gouache.

28) Your pencils and erasers beside you go missing but other stuff you leave in the open are still there.

29) Sleep is a privilege, a rarity.

30) You get tired climbing up 3 flights of stairs, even though you do that almost everyday.

31) You are not the only person (anymore) who has reads manga like a bible.

32) You're given 4 weeks for a project, and everyone starts a few days before the due date.

33) You have sat in a classroom and discussed, in great detail, the significance of an ad in which a woman with soap is considered romantic and sexy.

34) You shouldn't show your figures2 sketchbook to anyone under 16 or over 60.

35) Alcohol is easily obtainable around your campus.

36) Your main topics outside of school are still about the school (assignments and all).

37) Out of the 30 people in your class, at least 27 of them are Chinese, and at least one of them wears the same clothes all the time.

38) You are verbally assualted for not paying attention while watching Byzantium, or Incognito. Or that flick about a transexual.

39) Waiting in line to print things is second-nature.

40) Lousy English is extremely common.

41) You have free entry to Sunway Lagoon. Well, till a few months ago.

42) You are told to "invest" in books and media, even when you're broke.

43) You can easily point out one point, two point and three point perspectives to anyone who cares to listen.

44) You notice that the circles under your eyes are a near permanent fixture. (special gift to TOA's student)

45) It's impossible for you not to have problems with your student tag.

46) You get demoralized from seeing a drawing god do his work beside you.

47) Everyone has a laptop. If not, you're (almost) dead.

48) Guys wearing nail polish aren't a big deal anymore.

49) Your textbooks are full of pictures. Even the typography ones.

50) Your total school fees is enough to buy a small house.

51) Sunway Pyramid is now boring for you.

52) A world class school has third-world parking spaces.

53) You take smoke-breaks every chance you get.

54) Wikipedia is actually allowed as a source.

55) You actually start recognising different fonts, and remember their names too.

56) You know that the initials TOA stand for "Thousands of Assignments"

funny... I always thought "TOA" stands for "Torture Our Ass" ... "or Tons Of Assignments" well it does sound better than "thousands..." xD ah..i reverted my blog skin back to the previous one =A= ;; since i don't hv time to create a new skin, and I HATE TO SEE THE CHOPPED OF YOUTUBE VIDS THAT I LINKED HERE!!!!! OAO so i change back to the previous one... for now...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog skin...

=_= i really don't like my previous blog skin =A= ugghh... too gloomy if u ask me... so... I think I'm gonna stick with some default ones instead HAHAHAHA!! .. YEAP!


Friday, October 2, 2009

procrastination ;D

I'm currently reading Girl Got Game manga again..and I just can't stop laughing at this...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I had a good laugh today xD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

I can't express how awed, overwhelmed and.... omg all those feelings merge into 1 when I saw the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. It is absolutely incredible!! I don't think i can do it justice if i express it with my words!!! you guys just have to watch it yourself!!! trust me people... it is totally worth several minutes of your life.

Final Fantasy characters design are just phenomenal! I've never felt so... so... so... GOD!! I think my heart just stop again just now... amazing! the more reason to get a ps3! ;D *winks* mama~~ ps3~~ heh heh heh!! i know you want to buy it too~~~ hehehehehehehehehehe!!! xD

when i really look at it deeply, i realized, i really do love drawing and creating characters. I love playing games, i LOVE to look at the game designs, the characters and the choice of good music in the game... is this a sign for me? some sort of direction for me in which area I will pursue in the future? hmm... who knows~ but so far, I love where I am heading ;D

Playstation 1 RPGs

OK... seriously people, I was really hyped up when I saw this video on youtube regarding a gamer sharing the collection of playstation 1 RPG games that he got... here's the video...

DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!!!! I mean HELLO?!!!! Legend of Legaia?! Chrono Cross??! Breath of Fire4?!! Wild Arms??!! Final Fantasy??! Suikoden?!!!! OMG!!! HOW EPIC CAN IT BE?!!! It's just too shocking!!.... wow... I still am in a daze... I mean... like... omg... it's just too phenomenal. I missed those days where I used to sit infront of the tv, barely sleeping, not even resting just to proceed to the next level in the rpg. hahaha! those were the days... (actually I did this during term break oso, just that it's on ps2 *cough*)

after watching that video up there, i get all nostalgic and all "awwwww" mode, and decided to go and search all those opening scene for those classic RPG... honestly, i had TONS of fun doing it~ awwww....

Breath of Fire 4 (somemore got the PS1 punya thingy appear b4 the intro LOL!! aaah memory...)

Thousand Arms (ayumi hamasaki wtf)

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy 9

YEAH!!! got some others, but I like the ones that I posted up there the most ;D haha! haa.. i really feel like playing game =_= darnnit...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update again!!

;D well... seeing that i still haven't use the money that my mom gave me to buy clothes and handphone *cough* I decided to ditch the idea of getting a new phone, but instead, I'm gonna get myself a Nintendo DSlite!!! OwO/ YES! of course I know I should be aiming for Nintendo DSi instead of lite... but hey!! ;D I don't really mind. since I'm scared that i won't be using most of the function in DSi u_u i mean... camera function? music? etc? ... I don't think i would ever use it. which will be a total waste.

SO ANYWAY!!! i just paid RM600 for the Nintendo DSlite today. I bought it in bundle, so there's like extra stuff that comes together with it. ;D really lookin' forward to it since I ordered the Icy Blue color

ehehehehehehehehehehehehehe i heard it's the special edition one. ehehehehehehehe!! I don't care that I'm a bit outdated on this stuff (I mean..hello?!! DSi??!!!) the color killed me...

why the sudden nintendo ds addiction you ask? ;D it's all because of Okamiden!!

"Okamiden follows the events of the original Okami by a few months, in a world now restored to peace. Issun, Amaterasu’ guide from the original, accompanies Chibiterasu to Sakuya, the girl who called Okami to the world in the original. Sakuya asks Chibiterasu for some form of help. You take control of Chibiterasu in a game whose fundamentals appear rooted in the original Okami. Just as you did in the original, you’ll be exploring the game’s brilliantly colored (well, for the DS) world while combatting monsters and solving puzzles. Much of the gameplay is being kept under wraps at present, but the combat system does appear to resemble that of the original." -

seriously..I wanna die watching the 2nd youtube video!! can't help it!! Okami is one of the greatest game ever!!! so I just have to get it! Dx but of course there are other games too xD YAY! can't wait. I hope they do this game justice. It deserves a very very very good.....well very good everything!!! O_O i mean its OKAMI!!! hello!!!???

Most probably I will get the console by 13-14 october. which is a hell long way to go T_T uuuh uuuh... BERUSAHA!!!! *bite blanket*

yeap~~ that's it!!! ;D

on other notes... got myself a t-shirt designed by Jimmy Tan which got funded by Threadless ;D FOR FREE!! yes people... ;D he came to give some talk in college, and I manage to answer a question by him. This is the tshirt!! (since my camera no battery, well... I just paste some pic i found online xD heh)

YEAP!! i think that's it for now u_u i better start my assignments T_T toodles~

Updates for 2 weeks!! O_O

wao... I haven't update for sooo long O_o now is the time!!! here goes!!!

btw... all photos are not by me. It was taken from various resources because i just suck at taking pictures ;D here are all respective owners to the photos ;3

Reuben (wish I could take pictures as nice as him =_=)
Aurelia (biasalah tu...)
Patrick (=_= how the hell did u guys take nice nice pic?!!)
Travin (*winks*)
Hani (tralala)

1 - Celebrate Raya at Hani's house

only one word... FUN. xD LOL!! it's like, celebrating raya + History of Arts group gathering... yeap... totally fun ;D

2 - Malaysia Lantern Fest.

=_= darn boring... there was almost NOTHING interesting going on during the event. I was hoping there would be a lot.. and i mean A LOT of lanterns floating around or something, but turns out to be quite a disappointment. A little bit confused to see A LOT of lions (for the lion dance) walking around. makes me wonder whether they were celebrating lantern festival or chinese new year. I also got the chance to loiter around and read those riddles that was dangling underneath the lanterns and of course failed at answering all of em. hahaha but hey!! ;D a bit surprised to see the prime minister and his wife themselves to 'turun padang' and 'merasmikan' the lantern event. I remembered there was a HUGE mooncake which the prime minister and everybody else cut... but the thing is, none of the citizens had even a tiny bite of that cake >_> disappointing... i would say yes.

3 - Multimedia Team Building Activity

apart from the incident where i forgot to bring my whole class's entrance/food fees (or whatever) ... I have to say this event was the most AWESOME event like... for this year!!! O_O we pushed off from TOA by... 10am? ironically we end up to be the last class to board the bus xD haha! then we head to Taman Tasik Perdana!! OH!! and did I mention that this activity combines ALL Multimedia major, so that means, juniors and seniors are all inside ;D awesome? i think so!! So they divided us into groups. I got into Jo and May Yin's group together with some of my classmates Szujin, Sheng Yu and Dickson. I get to know a lot of new friends that day!!! so happy!! ;D

the 1st activity was finding names for our group and create a flag and create a chant. xD eventually our group was named SCREAMING PAPAYA which i think was totally AWESOME! xD Our flag has a big Papaya with the word SCREAM on it. Very artistic LOL! even creating the flag was not easy. 2 of your group members have to run and compete with other members in order to get either crayons or glue and not to forget manilla card ;D well sad enough our group got the glue (which is a pain to work with) BUT we had a lot of manilla cards which, smartly, we made sort of like system barter with other group. Paper for crayons ;D heh heh~ awesome!

2nd activity was... i think it was the trust your team members. Your members have to align and make some sort of bridge with their hands and you have to let your body fall and trust them to catch you. Honestly, i'm not really fond of this kind of activity because it's scary T_T... but everybody looks like their having fun... but rain stopped us from doing the activity smoothly. it was raining very heavily!! which is really a bugger T_T all those time wasted under the shade. sigh. but after that we continue the activity... and it rained again afterwards... LOL so unlucky T_T but quite fun because can actually talk to other students and also lecturers ;D i really had fun!

3rd activity was... tying our legs together and try to think of a strategy on how to move in the most less troublesome way xD haha!! it was fun, but can feel my ankle a bit sore after that.

last but not least, catching balloon with clothes and toss it between 2 groups.... LOL! does that make sense? oh well...

but yeah!!! it was a great day. I hope there will be more of this in the future!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tarik dan Beruang

can't resist to put my post title like that xD

so anyway, =A= i know it is a bit late for me to say this (and positively outdated for sure *cough*) but i just knew that there's 2 outlet for Pull and Bear in Malaysia!! can you believe that?!!! imagine my shocked face. haha!!

Pull and Bear is a very famous apparel brand... so for sure most of you guys know about it already, but for those who don't...

1st started in 1991, The Pull and Bear concept is taking the latest streetwise fashions and turns them into a more casual, comfortable and easy to wear clothes in touch of their surroundings. They take their inspiration from new technologies, alternative sports and even the latest musical and artistic tends. Suitable for the latest generation of young urbanites. The garments are also easy to combine to create different atmospheres throughout the season.

well basically, this brand of apparel are very basic and quite hip. Suitable for those trendy youngsters. haha... yeah... SO ANYWAY!!! 8D go visit their website. They got like AWESOME video on their web to promote the launch of a new branch somewhere in UK.

Pull and Bear outlets available in Malaysia:

Pull and Bear Bandar Utama
F313, 1st Floor, High Street
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama Phase 2(A)
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel.: +6 03 7726 5028
Fax: +6 03 7726 5728

Pull and Bear Pavilion
Lot 4.13, 4th Floor
The Pavilion
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel.: +6 03 2142 4484
Fax: +6 03 2142 4854

Pictures etc...

for more pic.. go find yourself LOL!

the video... very nice song, and love the color and also the models~ ;D

so yeap~ that's it~!! gonna hunt for more fashionable stuff now~~ toodles~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

8D selamat hari raya people!!! this year's raya gonna celebrate here (sunway) again... hmmpphh kind of used to it already.

anyways~ i'll just post more on how'd my raya go.

wanna share some stuff here :

keep me laughing even though i've seen this page like, years ago xD Ichigo Mashimaro by Barasui~ totally LOVE the style and simple..pointless (?) story... LOL! xD

and 1 more : they're playing with dolls btw... SO FUNNY!!!

1 more...LAST ONE I SWEAR!!!! (i just can't help it!! xD)

chika : too surreal (LOLWTF!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utsurowazarumono - Breath of Fire 4

MANGA!!!! YES!!! THERE'S ACTUALLY A MANGA FOR IT BLARDY HELL!!!!!!!! imagine how shocked and overwhelmed I am when I accidently saw the manga name on 1 of the online manga site that i always visit!!! aaaaa~~ bliss~~~ *shine shine eyes*

it's still a new one. released in 2008 =∇= i'm so happy i can die~ Breath of Fire 4 has been (and still is) 1 of my favourite RPG game of all time. nice character designs, nice environment design, amazing storyline and of course nice gameplay and soundtrack to boot!! 8D

thanks to CAPCOM artist who created the characters and script for this game himself- Ichimura Hitoshi- who's also responsible for the manga! He did a manga for Tales of Symphonia too =∇= this guy is awesome~~

ANYWAY!! here's some info and pages from the manga ;w;

a perfect 1st volume cover for the perfect game turned manga *shiny eyes yet again* OH! white hair - Fou-Lu, blue hair - Ryu.

Fou - Lu is just effing HOT!!! Ryu is too adorable!! *shiny eyes again*

Love it how there's always this extra scene behind each chapters xD and it's ALWAYS humorous!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

scene during the Marlok part (if u guys play the game before, you know which part this is)


YEAP!!! ;w; make me feel like drawing manga pula ISH! ;w; I also finished reading the Tales of Symphonia. Interesting, but not as good as Breath of Fire 4 punya manga

I'll rate it 4.5/5 (somehow the pace of the story should slow down just a tad bit~~ i think)