Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Digital Portfolio - name card&resume design

TwT I know the fact that i really suck when it comes to designing something that relates to me... or creating titles for any projects, or blog post.... *cough* but I've finally designed something for this subject T___T I am... speechless.... so anyway... here it is...


I wonder if this is good enough T_T what if it got rejected?!! does this look like my style? does it??

*for the 2nd n 3rd card, there's suppose to be some "slogan"(?) from me on the blue paper on the wall... but i haven't yet think of a really good one...

-RESUME design

OMG... I only got 1 design!! what if it got rejected???!!! =A= will think of 1 more later on... i really should start on the After Effect already!!!


2 designs!!! WOO!!!

* the "awards" part are empty still... because i couldn't remember all the stuff that I got... =A= ; my goodness... I wonder where did i put all the certificates....

so yeah... this is just for my documentation... u_u ;; but opinions and suggestions are extremely welcome!!!

now i'm going to go and sleep for awhile!!! @_@


  1. colorful~ I like <3


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