Tuesday, August 30, 2011


currently stuffing myself up with a LOT of foods!! (눈ㅂ눈) i don't even XD hhahaha... ok i shall stop eating now. *AHEM* lemme start again...

currently sitting in front of my computer (duh) gray sky, light rain and soft cold breeze blowing on my face & listening to relaxing song. life can't get any better than this T v T

went out shopping the other day, didn't really get anything much OTL cept for 3 pair of jeans & 1 cute bag. and i spent whole day walking around too OTL life is hard when you are picky OTL tho i really love that bag i bought hahaha XD

yeaahh. there goes my money OTL also bought Red Cliff 1 & 2 collectors set (눈ㅂ눈) and also Zee Avi's new album Ghost Bird. twas a close call between Zee Avi & the king's speech (or something) but yeah, that shop suddenly went & play Zee Avi's album, couldn't help myself trolololol XD damage done = 160+ (including the bag)

8D AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD my friend (niku-niku) finally passed me my books!!!!! HHHGGGFFFFHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i was smiling from ear to ear all the way home!!!!! 8D~

MY LOOTS!!!!!!

DOUKYUSEI & SOTSUGYOSEI MANGA!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY I CAN CRY!!!!!! AAAUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! FINALLY!! i owned something by Nakamura Asumiko sensei!!! AAAHHH!! SO HAPPY!!!! (ノ ´ヮ` )ノ *:・゚✧ now i can proudly say i owned something by her and not only read it online! AAAHHH SO HAPPY!!!!

I am friggin GLAD there are only 3 books for this series!!! my collection is complete! 8,D tho i heard there is a special chapter released in Opera volume i can't remember LOL BAW T v T


NEXT!!!! MUSHISHI MANGA!!!! OH GOD OTL i am like 234567890987654345678 years too late for this!! but i just GOT to blog it! ...... for future purposes LOL my FOREVER favorite series! finally i owned something by Yuki Urushibara!! friggin ecstatic!!! i don't often buy mangas, and my manga-i-have-to-buy-even-if-i-die list is very very short (so far only 3 titles on the list LOLOL) i always saw this book on the bookshelf in Kinokuniya, but really had a hard time thinking whether i should seriously own it or not! AND I FINALLY GOT IT hahahha OTL i don't even...

even though Mushishi was out like centuries ago, it is still one of the best out there. IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO COLLECT!!!!

few more copies to go!!!!!!!!! (º◊º)/

my favorite cover EVER hahahaha XD


i promised myself to make a proper review of this artbook once i got it, AND I FRIGGIN WILL!!! T____T so hard to find review for this book online OTL

i wanna thank niku-niku & michiika for this!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE FRIGGIN OSSUM T_____T for coping up with my selfish request OTL paiseh!!!! and not only that, MICHIIKA EVEN WRAPPED ALL MY MUSHISHI STUFF FOR ME!!!!!! TAT I DON'T EVEN!!!!! thank you michiikaaaaa!!! ILU!!! (;▽;)

if you guys ever need anything, just holler!!!! T v T i owe you guys a lot!! SOBS so happy!

so there you have it!!!! a money killer post OTL the next post shall be about Mushishi artbook review. I might not make a super awesome professional review like other blogs out there, but i shall try my best T v T with my own way... somehow... hahahha SEE YA!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011



AAAUUUGGGHHH AUSTRIA & SPAIN FROM HETALIA!!! AAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!! spain was a definite choice no doubt about that. but i was torn between austria & prussia & hre & chibitalia 8,D but i guess Austria caught my heart. LOLOL he is sexy demmit! LOOK AT HIS AHOGE!!!! *swoons*

SPAAAIINN AAHH SPPPAAAIIINNN 8,D~~~ it has been one of my dream to own you... well basically to own any Hetalia OCF AAUUGGHHH!!! now if only i can get my hands on Romano 8,D i'd be happy as hell

and to get Austria too... i can't believe my luck OTL *sense of impending doom looming* but yeah. this is the last time i'm buying anything 8,D i still have to pay some stuff off. oh god OTL
BUT NONETHELESS!!!!!! I AM STILL EXTREMELY HAPPY 8,D got myself a hole in my wallet, but a happy smile n my face -weeps + smile forever-

mumyo jinpu ryu!!!

i was staring at the piles of comic books that i have on my shelf and i happen to come across Samurai Deeper Kyo. so i read it. and got hooked yet again! LOL OTL OTL & i've finally finished reading samurai deeper kyo!!!!!!!!!!! never read it till the end. so i am glad i did!!!! 8,D SO EPIC!! my blood was boiling the whole time!!! and even though i prefer hot guys over chicks, i am satisfied with the amount of fan service in this manga!!! LOLOLOL

ever since i 1st read this series few year ago (it was such a long time ago!!! O__O i feel old OTL) i have fallen in love with Kamijyo Akimine's style!! the way he draw men *swoons forever* even the way he draw female figures are pretty!!! 8,D need more manga like this T v T

yeah... i just wanna say that. hahaha ....... *sigh* i felt very empty & lost now that i've read the whole series till the end OTL SO!!! i shall give another work from Kamijyo Akimine a try!!! 8D BRB! OFF TO READ CODE:BREAKER!! 8D

p/s this warrants for a fanart of samurai deeper kyo!!!! lol AAUUGGHH HOTARU!!! KYO!!!! AKIRA!!! SASUKE!!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~The Sky of the Longing for Memories~

8,D MY BOOK ARRIVED TODAY!!! what a pleasant surprise!! totally didn't expect it to come today! Kinokuniya really weren't kidding with that "2 working days" statement LOL

everything arrived in 90-95% good shape. my outer jacket is a bit wrinkled and my mom's vampire diaries box set cover has a slight tear at the bottom. but all is well. if only the shipping price is not so friggin expensive 8,D i'd be ordering books from kino everytime pfftttt

I remember during college years, everytime, everytime i see this book on the shelf in the library, i was tempted to snuck it out of the library tsk. so finally i owned it. twas a close call (ok maybe not) between shigenori soejima's artwork and this, but i decided i need more landscape sort of books than characters. so yes. i am satisfied! just 1 thing tho, if only the size of this book is as big as kazuaki's artwork T v T it'll be even more ossum. oh well!!! managed to flip through the book (*swoons*) so a bit of pictures! i know there are TONS of websites featuring this lovely artbook with fantastic reviews, but for my own record, i'm still gonna post some pictures up 8D but not gonna do any reviews since a lot of other web has done it before. so google it! LOL

( ´` ) *:・゚excuse my major inconsistency in picture editing teeheeeee the colors are like so different for each picture i don't even OTL

personal favorite piece so far. fell in love with this classroom hallway in late afternoon picture. feel so, melancholy for some reason 8,D i wanna be in this scene.

even though he uses reference from real pictures to create his work, he added his own godly touch that makes the entire book even more... nnggghhh... GODLY LOL his color sense is really good 8,D wish i could have a good color sense as him too!!!!!! i shall work harder!! -THUMB-

size is abt the same with tekkon kinkreet artbook O v Q aahh to have 2 godly talented masters' books, i hope their talent will rub on me just a little bit LOL

( ´` ) *:・゚ i am a very happy person right now

shall look at each pages thoroughly tonight -wipe tears- 8,D how long will it take me to be this good??!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

this and that 4~

i am so original when it comes to naming my blog post PFFTTT

just wanna update blog with pointless stuff

ritsuka from Loveless. suggested by someone during my livestream session :9 it's very amusing to color on 1 layer. i just don't know why D8

he is listening to Electric light Moon light by capsule on repeat :9 that song suits this picture a lot imho. was the main reason why i decided to put headphones on him XD


D8 i'm waiting for a lot of stuff to be delivered to my house!!! NNGGFFFHHHH books, hetalia ocf nnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait!! not gonna purchase anything anymore this year!!!! (that is loads of bulls ifa) I WILL TRY!!! OTL OTL

Thursday, August 11, 2011

(ノ ´ヮ` )ノ *:・゚✧ new book shelf

:9 so i was cleaning up my room yesterday (was actually on a ladder cleaning my fan) when my mom told me the furniture people are coming. YAY!! 8,D i am happy!!!!! like finally! my own bookshelf! i never had one!!!! T v T so i am really happy ( ´` ) *:・゚ . PICTURES ARE IN ORDER! lol

HERE IT IS!!! went to 3 furniture stores & the last one had what i wanted!!! 8,D and it was the nearest to my house too OTL wow. couldn't believe my eyes/ luck/ everything!!! this cost 199 8,D and i thought it'd be more expensive since it very solid! and the wood is thick!!! imagine my surprise! 8,D

i brought along an artbook with me while hunting XD when ever i saw shelves that caught my eyes, i'll take out the artbook and put it on the shelf LOL!!! XD 1 or 2 salesgirl laughed when i did that. can't help it now can i? i must get the most perfect bookshelf or else! LOL! and that said artbook is the 1st book to be on my new shelf XD yes. it's Kazuaki's artbook LOL


finally i could take out all my mangas from their pathetic looking cardboard boxes -SOBS-

8,D RAGNAROK NNNGGGFFFHHH!! haven't read this for AGES!

also found this somehow inside 1 of the manga box. clow card. wow... i feel nostalgic now.

8,D almost filled up the whole shelf now OTL i've reserved the top row for artbooks/ design books/ and that top most right corner for mushishi/ doukyusei/ sotsugyousei etc etc LOL XD now it's filled with things i'm just too lazy to arrange properly (눈ㅂ눈) heh

only my one piece and dragon ball manga collection is on the 2nd row 8D since i love em so much. other mangas are at the bottom part of the shelf. heh heh heh XD

i need an extra shelf or 2 for my files & folders back during college years :T got nowhere to put em. no i'm not gonna put em on this shelf D8 -GASP-

i also changed 1 of the orange lightbulb in my room!!! WHEEE!! no more squinting like hell when i'm drawing on my bed!!!!! 8,D so i felt very productive last night and did all these drawing down there.

lin seonu

lin seonu from mong hwan baek seo manhwa. i looove this manhwa so much T v T to the point where once i even slept with the manga in hope of having a dream about the hot main character LOL i just don't get why they stopped publishing this in english ) : well! life goes on! gonna try & ink this someday.

did some persona 4 stuff too. (doodles this at 4 in the morn) :9 twas fun! decided to focus on yosuke this time. maybe i'll do another version with persona 3... focusing on uhh.... i dunno... aegis maybe.

still haven't draw out that victorian themed idea i have. tsk! i am easily distracted D8

aaaannddd last but not least, another sotsugyousei. yes... i am crazy about this series OTL what can i say hahahaha

drawn in my sketchbook and later inked with pen :9 it was fun!!!!

YEAP!!! THAT'S IT!!! ( ´` ) *:・゚

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


did this for fun 8D LOL

stuff i drew during livestream :9

yeap!!! twas fun!!!! 8,D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a late birthday gift from a different country


so i went out today with my parents to hunt for a new bookshelf (got 1 that i'm suuuper happy with!!! YAY!!) and had a SUPER PLEASANT surprise on my table when i get back!! 8,D

was wondering why did i even bother to blur my name up there LOL!!! XD

and we were just talking abt why the letter haven't reach me yet too yesterday! LOL!!!!

contents of the letter 8,D

HANDMADE CARD FTW!!!! OAQ the content is confidential (LOL XD)

my phone camera quality killed the details pffftttt T__T my dslr is out of battery 8,D

received HANDMADE (yes, handfrigginmade!! OTL) charms!!! 8,D three charms! baaawwww my fav would be the blue panda with it's cute blue heart... thingy hahahah XD

and guess what!! IT FITS THE COLOR OF MY DS PERFECTLY!!!! ASDFGHJKLLKJHGFDSASDFGHJ it's staying there forever 8,D tho i'm afraid i'll ruin it D,8 what if it breaks into half? -gasp- ..... well! i'll just leave it there for now! 8D

8,D i am so happy

THANKS KELSEY FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT 8,D i am really happy!!!! -SOBS- aaahh my phone camera doesn't do it justice!! 8,D

now, time for me to sleep!!! 8,D

Sunday, August 7, 2011


草壁と佐條!!できた! (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚

p/s 8D just felt like it teeheeee

Saturday, August 6, 2011

doukyusei sotsugyousei

pencil, pen, paper, eraser LOL got a bit rusty with inking OTL

a bit of photoshop


will forever be in love with nakamura asumiko sensei 8,D

aahh i should be doing work OTL OTL what am i doing!!!!! -flip table- i shall sleep early tonight

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

this and that 3~

=_= ;

did some pointless stuff while procrastinating today OTL i procrastinate a lot lately OTL i don't even...

was watching higashi no eden (like finally!!) and the Selecao's phone is so ossum i want one too T3T so i did some wallpaper instead (pathetic i know..)

and 1 mawaru penguindrum LOLOLOL
..i have no life OTL