Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a late birthday gift from a different country


so i went out today with my parents to hunt for a new bookshelf (got 1 that i'm suuuper happy with!!! YAY!!) and had a SUPER PLEASANT surprise on my table when i get back!! 8,D

was wondering why did i even bother to blur my name up there LOL!!! XD

and we were just talking abt why the letter haven't reach me yet too yesterday! LOL!!!!

contents of the letter 8,D

HANDMADE CARD FTW!!!! OAQ the content is confidential (LOL XD)

my phone camera quality killed the details pffftttt T__T my dslr is out of battery 8,D

received HANDMADE (yes, handfrigginmade!! OTL) charms!!! 8,D three charms! baaawwww my fav would be the blue panda with it's cute blue heart... thingy hahahah XD

and guess what!! IT FITS THE COLOR OF MY DS PERFECTLY!!!! ASDFGHJKLLKJHGFDSASDFGHJ it's staying there forever 8,D tho i'm afraid i'll ruin it D,8 what if it breaks into half? -gasp- ..... well! i'll just leave it there for now! 8D

8,D i am so happy

THANKS KELSEY FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT 8,D i am really happy!!!! -SOBS- aaahh my phone camera doesn't do it justice!! 8,D

now, time for me to sleep!!! 8,D


  1. lol you're welcome ifa Q v Q <3333 !!