Friday, August 19, 2011

mumyo jinpu ryu!!!

i was staring at the piles of comic books that i have on my shelf and i happen to come across Samurai Deeper Kyo. so i read it. and got hooked yet again! LOL OTL OTL & i've finally finished reading samurai deeper kyo!!!!!!!!!!! never read it till the end. so i am glad i did!!!! 8,D SO EPIC!! my blood was boiling the whole time!!! and even though i prefer hot guys over chicks, i am satisfied with the amount of fan service in this manga!!! LOLOLOL

ever since i 1st read this series few year ago (it was such a long time ago!!! O__O i feel old OTL) i have fallen in love with Kamijyo Akimine's style!! the way he draw men *swoons forever* even the way he draw female figures are pretty!!! 8,D need more manga like this T v T

yeah... i just wanna say that. hahaha ....... *sigh* i felt very empty & lost now that i've read the whole series till the end OTL SO!!! i shall give another work from Kamijyo Akimine a try!!! 8D BRB! OFF TO READ CODE:BREAKER!! 8D

p/s this warrants for a fanart of samurai deeper kyo!!!! lol AAUUGGHH HOTARU!!! KYO!!!! AKIRA!!! SASUKE!!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!

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