Tuesday, August 30, 2011


currently stuffing myself up with a LOT of foods!! (눈ㅂ눈) i don't even XD hhahaha... ok i shall stop eating now. *AHEM* lemme start again...

currently sitting in front of my computer (duh) gray sky, light rain and soft cold breeze blowing on my face & listening to relaxing song. life can't get any better than this T v T

went out shopping the other day, didn't really get anything much OTL cept for 3 pair of jeans & 1 cute bag. and i spent whole day walking around too OTL life is hard when you are picky OTL tho i really love that bag i bought hahaha XD

yeaahh. there goes my money OTL also bought Red Cliff 1 & 2 collectors set (눈ㅂ눈) and also Zee Avi's new album Ghost Bird. twas a close call between Zee Avi & the king's speech (or something) but yeah, that shop suddenly went & play Zee Avi's album, couldn't help myself trolololol XD damage done = 160+ (including the bag)

8D AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD my friend (niku-niku) finally passed me my books!!!!! HHHGGGFFFFHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i was smiling from ear to ear all the way home!!!!! 8D~

MY LOOTS!!!!!!

DOUKYUSEI & SOTSUGYOSEI MANGA!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY I CAN CRY!!!!!! AAAUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! FINALLY!! i owned something by Nakamura Asumiko sensei!!! AAAHHH!! SO HAPPY!!!! (ノ ´ヮ` )ノ *:・゚✧ now i can proudly say i owned something by her and not only read it online! AAAHHH SO HAPPY!!!!

I am friggin GLAD there are only 3 books for this series!!! my collection is complete! 8,D tho i heard there is a special chapter released in Opera volume i can't remember LOL BAW T v T


NEXT!!!! MUSHISHI MANGA!!!! OH GOD OTL i am like 234567890987654345678 years too late for this!! but i just GOT to blog it! ...... for future purposes LOL my FOREVER favorite series! finally i owned something by Yuki Urushibara!! friggin ecstatic!!! i don't often buy mangas, and my manga-i-have-to-buy-even-if-i-die list is very very short (so far only 3 titles on the list LOLOL) i always saw this book on the bookshelf in Kinokuniya, but really had a hard time thinking whether i should seriously own it or not! AND I FINALLY GOT IT hahahha OTL i don't even...

even though Mushishi was out like centuries ago, it is still one of the best out there. IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO COLLECT!!!!

few more copies to go!!!!!!!!! (º◊º)/

my favorite cover EVER hahahaha XD


i promised myself to make a proper review of this artbook once i got it, AND I FRIGGIN WILL!!! T____T so hard to find review for this book online OTL

i wanna thank niku-niku & michiika for this!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE FRIGGIN OSSUM T_____T for coping up with my selfish request OTL paiseh!!!! and not only that, MICHIIKA EVEN WRAPPED ALL MY MUSHISHI STUFF FOR ME!!!!!! TAT I DON'T EVEN!!!!! thank you michiikaaaaa!!! ILU!!! (;▽;)

if you guys ever need anything, just holler!!!! T v T i owe you guys a lot!! SOBS so happy!

so there you have it!!!! a money killer post OTL the next post shall be about Mushishi artbook review. I might not make a super awesome professional review like other blogs out there, but i shall try my best T v T with my own way... somehow... hahahha SEE YA!!!!

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