Friday, September 16, 2011

Sotsugyou Album

My Sotsugyou Album ~ Doukyuusei Sotsugyousei Official Fan Book arrived 2 days ago! HAPPY!!! ECSTATIC!! AAAHHH!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!! snapped some pictures but not much. if you wanna see more, BUY THE BOOK!

i was quite lucky to be able to pre order the book few weeks before it was released! 8,D so happy. won't be doing any detailed review tho coz i suck at doing those stuff *cough* will put some points for each pictures maybe. SO ON WITH THE PICTURES!

the cover is LOVELY! i love the silver shiny text on the binding & cover so much! this artbook look extremely elegant in my p.o.v. aahh kusakabe & sajou!! need to remind myself to wrap this book! ... and all of my other books OTL

those who pre ordered & get the early copy will receive a special sticker which looks like paper doll of kusakabe & sajou! aaaahhhh will never use this EVER! too precious!

some illustrations~~~

there are a LOT more illustrations insiiiide~~ BUY THE BOOK!! SERIOUSLY!!!

nakamura sensei even included kusakabe & sajou's age... thingy (whatever you call that). to be able to see sajou & kusakabe when they were still kids made me feel like a pedophile 8,D SO CUTE AARRGGHHH!!!!!!

this book also includes a lot of nakamura sensei's working process!!! ranging from coloring her artworks with watercolor, editing with photoshop, and the way she do her manga page! from story development all the way to her inking process!!


this book also includes few pages of the things she have, her work station etc etc 8,D

and when i thought things can't get any better than that, it apparently can!!!!! a few pages of full colored comic pages of kusakabe & sajou!!! AUUGGHH it was too sweet!!! i swear my teeth were aching the entire time i was staring at it!

asdfghjkkjhgfdsdfghjkl SO SWEET!!!

and also a few pages of paper doll sajou n kusakabe travelling!! such a cute concept!!!!! aaahhh! i'm loving this book even more now!!!!

they also featured merchandise based on this series in the artbook. made me go "AAAHH!! I WANT THIS!!! AND THAT!!!!!" the entire time LOL

AAAANNNNNDDDDDDD!!!!! 8D the 1st chapter of doukyusei but in sajou's P.O.V!!!!!!! how i wish my japanese is on godly level!!! SOBS. could only understand a bit T___T SAD!! somebody need to translate this for me!!!!!! BAAWWWW

SO FUNNY!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

i am almost 100 percent satisfied with this book!!! almost? why almost you asked? well T v T i was hoping there would be a lot more new illustrations in this book and i thought the size would be a tad bigger. but since the overall looked amazing~ i forgot about all the imperfections~ I AM SATISFIED!!!! nakamura asumiko is LOVE!