Sunday, February 28, 2010


this hair style is in the season huh? xD

aaaaaaannnnnddddd......... it's 5 in the morning now.

GOODNITE!!!! seriously this time.


it's 4 in the morning and I am still friggin' awake!!!!!! I just don't seem to feel sleepy lately. There's just too many things in my head! so much work to be done!! and so damn little time!!!


yup! that is it!!! GOODNITE YOU ALL HOMOSAPIENS!!!!!!!!!! 8D

decision or frustration

i think the picture basically sum it all up.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

breath of fire. Again?!

AHAHAHAHA!! was reading utsurowazarumono again. can't help laughing at the comic strips!! HAHAHA!! xD the mangaka really knows how to make a subtle drawing but dynamic humor! (if there is such terms LOL)

If this scene was really in the game, I would never look at Fou-Lu the same way anymore LOL! xD

old days cartoon

while me and karo was walking back from college, we talked about all the old cartoons that we watched when we were kids!!!! it brought up soooo much memories that I am gonna make 1 post for it!!! all videos!!! YES!!!

the cartoons' err...age(?) LOL may vary, since i'm not just gonna put 90s cartoon here.


1-first one on the list, DEXTER'S LABORATORY. you gotta agree with me people, this is one of the best cartoon EVER xD

2- SECOND!!! The Powerpuff Girls!!!!!! I used to memorize the opening narration to heart! xD HAHAHA!!! and I still love it until now. The Anime-ish version just sucks.

3- OMG!!! OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES!!!!!!!! I would snap at anybody who wanted to change the channel whenever this show was on!!! SERIOUSLY!!! ONE OF MY MOST MOST MOST MOST FAVORITE!!!!

4- nothing beats a cute yellow colored naive untalkative bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Untalkative Bunny is very nice to watch! and it has a great background music choice for the animation!! Jazzy music is sooooo awesome!

5- Courage the cowardly dog! don't you just wish you have a pet like courage? xD clever, loyal and can operate computer? HAHA!!

6- Johny bravo anyone? xD "CHECK THE PECKS! HUU HAH HOO!!!!!!" I don't really watch this, but whenever it is on tv, i would stop and watch it till the end xD

7- I don't watch this. However, I can still remember the theme song quite clearly in my head =_= and of course, what other cartoon got a blue colored eco friendly superhero dude in it!? (ok, minus the Smurf =_= ;)

8- omg...i can't believe i watched this before =_= *facepalm* but seriously, the song is quite catchy.

9- I might not have live in the 80's for long, but this cartoon is just... A MUST WATCH LOL!!!! xD tho I don't really follow it as extreme as I follow the 1st few cartoons that i've listed up there ;9

10- ...well i ran out of ideas for cartoons. xD any suggestions? hahaha!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

blog skin update

didn't add anything much actually. just the polka dots, some border to the wrapper, and a uniqlo calendar xD the song is super catchy i can't stop listening to it LOL!!


wanted to update on stuff, but maybe later. too sleepy. NIGHT!!!

p/s...hmmm... should adjust the padding a bit. the words are too near to the edge _-_ later ah

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Twilight home for sale!! O3O

Who would ever thought the house of the Cullens are on sale?! LOL!!!!! they are selling it for $2,998,000 this is after the price dropped a bit!!! before it was $3,298,000!

Designed by architect Arthur Erickson, this house has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5,100-suare-foot dwelling, a ceiling of 20' (so that you vampires wannabe can fly or jump around the room). It also has koi pond, and outdoor pool, entertainment room, and plus a view of adjacent creekbed, also a superb master suite ;D totally a dream house!!! surrounded by trees and tucked away from the streets by way of a long, meandering driveway. - (took that from yahoo LOL)

look at those pictures

so cosy. totally a house of my dream this one xD

Monday, February 22, 2010

singing the stress away

Jesse McCartney is LOVE!!!!


LOL!!! xD this is so cool!!!

MAMESHIBA!!!!!!! xD can't stop laughing!!!!! there's quite a few more videos on youtube about this thing!!! HAHA!! SO CUTE!!! CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!

what are these...cute bean-dog looking thing?!!!!!

Is it a soy bean? Or is it a dog? It’s not exactly either. It’s a very strange, but very cute, creature that has the body of a bean and the face of a dog. It’s called Mameshiba. The Mameshiba family is made up of over 20 members, they have angelic faces and sweet voices, but the stories they tell will spoil any listener’s appetite... For instance, they might surprise you with a phrases such as this one: “You know what? When you kiss, 200 million bacteria are passed on from mouth to mouth each second.”

Originally, Mameshiba meant a young Shiba dog, the breed’s puppy. Mame is Japanese for bean and it’s also used to refer to something that’s small. For instance, when we talk about a short anecdote or a bit of trivia we call it Mame Chishiki. That’s how this dog-faced bean character who reports little anecdotes was born. -

what if I found 1?!! O_O


Saturday, February 20, 2010


ok i'm so sorry, but i couldn't resist it when i found something that captivates me. I just have to SHOUT it out!!! OAO

so i was listening to Nujabes as usual, since I LOOOOVE IT VERY MUCH!!! 8D then i played this 1 song, that haven't been played for so long. song titled Imaginary Folklore by Nujabes feat Clammbon.

AMAZING SONG!!! nice jazzy feel to it, very relaxing, just my type of song. (listening to it now, and the weather is just perfect!! cloudy & windy, with not even a hint of sunshine. PERFECT!)

so i googled up Clammbon. go find some videos on youtube and listen to the original version of Imaginary Folklore, which is heavenly too!!

it's beautiful. but who & what is clammbon? O_O

Melodically catchy, musically talented, with clever and poetic lyrics, not afraid to jam live, honest enough to put cheap home-video of themselves in their DVDs, friendly enough to let us tape and trade their shows, and never taking themselves too seriously, clammbon is the finest pop-jam-art-rock band in Japan. -

comprises of 3 members

itou daisuke, harada ikuko, mito

Harada Ikuko - vocalist, keyboard, piano
Mito - bassist, guitarist, keyboard, vocal
Itou Daisuke - drummer, percussion

The group, originally formed in 1996 when the three were students at Tokyo Music and Media Arts Shogi,made their major label debut on Warner Music Japan three years later. Their music is characterized by their quirky sound combining jazzy chord progressions with J-Pop and electronica influences. The name Clammbon is taken from a fictional character in a short story by Kenji Miyazawa. - wiki LOL!!! xD

it's a wonder I've never heard of em before. the group i mean. I've listened to their songs for like... couple of years back!! but never really came across my mind to research on it.

they're coming out with a new album this may 8D YAY!!!!!!! ... i doubt malaysia sell it tho =_= *sigh*

but anyway~it's worth listening. ;9 do check it out!!

more vids

official web
english fan web

nice music should be shared!!!!!!! xD



so refreshing!!!!

AAHHH!! it feels nice to take a bath early in the morning!!! when i said early... it means early~ (1am) woohoo!!

gosh. i really felt like drawing suddenly!!! OAO look at all those post before!! including this!!! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS IFA!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

i don't think i can last any longer

kimi ni todoke episode1

even though it shares a tiny bit of similarities with Nadeshiko Club, but i TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!

...ignore the ugly comic =_= haven't drawn 1 in... ages. panelling still suck i see... oh well *shrugs* continue work!

p/s aa.... maybe i should have put some of manga pages here instead... *scratch head*


.go and find out about it urself people...go and read the manga! it's worth worth worth worth worth it 8D can't wait for the live action of this XO

Friday, February 19, 2010

Degree Dilemma

ok. i wanna rant. =_= i'm nearing the end of my (almost bearable) journey in my college, that is if I don't fail my final year. But there's still no solid decision for what I wanna do next! yes, i want to continue my study before i became old, decripit and my brain can't take in any new information anymore. but where? how? WHERE??!!! HOOOOWWW???!!!

met with the international office girl for 2 times, but I'm not convince with what she explained to me about the international affiliation my college offered. why? for 1 thing...

THERE IS NO COURSE RELATED TO VIDEO AND MOTION (and something in between) it's all interactive, web, interactive, web. I mean... hey! we learned other stuff too!!! not necessarily when we do Multimedia major, it's all about web and interactive!!! I don't even like web for god's sake!!! that's the whole point of me not taking Advance Web!!! it's just not fair!!! what happen to the Advance Video subject that we took? Advance Motion??! Game??!!! aahhh!! just thinking about this makes me dizzy!!

fine, some university like Uni. West England does offer BA(hons) in film studies (and other interesting ones), but according to the paper the international office lady gave to us, it's not one of the option that is open for us in Multimedia. I mean... WHAT THE HECK?! I do think Advance Video somehow relates to film studies! is it not?! ugh. the choices are extremely limited. Does that mean, if i wanna do, lets say, film studies (cough) does it mean i have to do it from 1st year?!! HEEEYYY!!! OAO I don't wanna put another 3 years of studies ahead of me!! my college is soooo not helping =_=

SECOND!!! I think, the international office lady should know more about this international related thing. from what I can see, she only knows about the affiliated unis, which I think is very... not resourceful. ask about affiliated uni, she can answer, but when ask about other international uni, then the "oh~ i am not sure. try and ask your lecturer about it" sh*t will come out. COME ON MAN!!! we don't expect you to have a superior knowledge on international uni! but at least know a bit or 2!! *rubs eyebrow* so vexing.

THIRD!!! the college should have more options on affiliated unis (cough) seriously very very limited =_= go make more "friends" la!!

ah. there is a lot more i wanna say here, but i forgot all the points. lol. see!! i am getting old and forgetful! should study 1st!!! YES!

I just can't understand my college. I think we do study web, flash, motion and video on the same length. all of those also have Advance!! but why are they prioritizing more on web and interactive?! T___T I just don't get it. Maybe it's because those subjects are hot. but that does not mean all of us would LOVE to take it. by the time we know it, the world will be filled with web and interactive people! aaahh... what a waste... in a way.


but then again, this is just my thought. wasn't meant to annoy anybody or hurt anybody... u_u

well there is the local Uni that can be consider... but T_T I want to for once in my entire life, see the outside world. widen my horizons a bit. see other cultures, learn a new different perspective, experience different weathers (u must agree this is a must xD).

so you guys have any idea what uni is good for undergraduates? do share. terima kasih!!



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

korean dudes. hot korean dudes.

mm... i was surfing FB today (as usual) and stumbled upon a fan page for Jung Yonghwa, or also known as Shin Woo from You're Beautiful. So i saw his picture when he was still young. I can't help smirking and laughing inside.

so chubby ._. hmmm... but he turned out to be so gorgeous afterwards!!! OMG~ same goes to 1 of my fav singer from BigBang TOP. he was sooooo chubby (ok maybe fat =_=; ) but turns out very fine after that. Plastic surgery? lipo? who knows~ it's korea after all... or maybe extreme diet + exercise ;D see, from this...

to this!!

ok.. maybe this is not one of the best picture of him. but hey, he still looks hot. If he really did extreme diet + exercise + eat balance food, wow. he can be 1 of the role model for those who wants to lose weight out there. how bout the other members?

look at tae yang LOL!!!

I'm sure you guys can recognize who's who right? if not... well... doesn't really matter anyway. ;D

Main actor from Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo. Can't manage to find his childhood picture (DARN!) but hey, he is still hot *shrugs* and got nice body~ :9 mmmm~~ and NICE SMILE! 8D

but why does he look like this, i've got no clue... its got to be the hair. yes. definitely the hair.

Jang Geun-Suk. what else can I say bout this dude?

next... the oh so cool and hot and photogenic Bi/Rain =w= my most favorite korean dude like..EVER! 8D he can sing, he can dance, he can act, he can pose, he is just... PERFECT!! 8D ahh.. i still remembered the 1st time ever i heard and saw him on TV. I just couldn't get his song and face out of my head. It's those fall-in-love-at-1st-sight case. until now, he is always on top of my list.

was reading some article about him, I was totally touched TwT

Dancing came early to Rain, born Jung Ji Hoon in 1982 in Seoul. He was in sixth grade (equivalent to Year 6) when he joined a talent show in school and discovered he enjoyed performing and was good at it.

He went on to peddle himself to various artiste management companies but all rejected him because his mug was deemed “too ugly”.

“I’ve never thought about plastic surgery,” he says of the seemingly easy solution – something a few of these companies had advised.

In fact, he rates his own looks a respectable “70 points”, and his best assets, his eyes.

One person, at least, saw past the unremarkable face. When Rain was 18, he auditioned and got accepted to JYP Academy, a performing arts school run by hip-hop performer and impresario Park Jin Young who had groomed popular boyband GOD.

Park said in previous interviews that when he first met Rain, he felt there was something sad about the boy.

He quickly learnt that his new student went hungry sometimes because he didn’t have money to eat. He lived with his mother and younger sister in a dilapidated single room in Seoul. His father, who was working in a bakery in a town three hours away, wasn’t making much.

Rain’s mother was also suffering from diabetes and the family had no money for her treatment. She died a year before Rain’s 2002 singing debut – something that hit him quite hard, but which also spurred him to succeed.

“My mum always taught me: Work hard, be humble, and be patient. That has become my motto.”

To this day, the introverted, once poverty-stricken teenager still lives like a monk. He doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs or drive a car. His idea of fun is hanging out at his management office, watching DVDs and listening to music.

PERFECT RIGHT?!!! *wipe tears* I swear I've type this out in my blog before. It just never gets old. *sigh*

;w; i respect him for not thinking of doing plastic surgery. he looks GORGEOUS! yeap yeap.

there is a lot more good looking korean dudes out there, =_= but heck i won't list em all here.

... I'm just procrastinating actually. *sigh*

ok buh-bye =_=

p/s can't believe i got label called "hot guys" swt

Saturday, February 13, 2010


wow. it has been decade since i update my blog!!! O_O well I am gonna update it now haha.

first and foremost, T_T R.I.P Alexander McQueen. no more authentic fashion design by him T__T aih. talented people always go early. R.I.P. R.I.P.

NEXT!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D especially to my dear dear friends and dear dear lecturers. may you all..........

HAHAHAHAH!!! can't help it! sorry!!

I couldn't go back during the holidays. which is a normal thing for me... *sigh* but i got to accompany chiakalok to her...well sort of annual cny dinner _-_ with me... so kesian ;_; coz she cudn't go bek a day early and have to pass on the family dinner thing.

so we decided to go to the curve. was thinking of going the The Apartment restaurant, but we picked Garden instead. It actually looks like Fullhouse, and it is also a lifestyle cafe. the exterior environment was nice, but since it's a smoking area, we chose to sit inside U_U which is oook~

i ordered some fish and chips which comes with a garden salad that was rather pathetic i have to say. the greens looks dead and the tomato...well I wouldn't call it a tomato since it's a very very VERY tiny slice which i mistook for a capsicum at 1st. the chip and fish was ok

price : RM17++

can you see the tomato? even if it was meant to be a garnish, at least make it recognizable u_u

chiakalok ordered some dory fish with butter and slices of pineapples (a very thin one) dish. the portion was small... it was so-so, but if you are extremely hungry, this dish is a no go.

price : rm 16+++

the service was good tho. the workers are very polite, but they took away our empty dishes to early. we still wanna use the fork to eat the chips =_= so end up we have to use our hands instead. oh well, it's just chips anyway.

afterwards, we walked around the curve and cineleisure. most of the shops are closed, since it's chinese new year i guess. bought unnecessary stuff... cept for Darren Shan's 8th book :D YAY! there are 4 more books to collect!! then my collection of Cirque Du Freak will be complete! *do victory dance*

so that's it for updates. I hope you guys will enjoy your holiday among the assignments.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!!!