Saturday, February 20, 2010


ok i'm so sorry, but i couldn't resist it when i found something that captivates me. I just have to SHOUT it out!!! OAO

so i was listening to Nujabes as usual, since I LOOOOVE IT VERY MUCH!!! 8D then i played this 1 song, that haven't been played for so long. song titled Imaginary Folklore by Nujabes feat Clammbon.

AMAZING SONG!!! nice jazzy feel to it, very relaxing, just my type of song. (listening to it now, and the weather is just perfect!! cloudy & windy, with not even a hint of sunshine. PERFECT!)

so i googled up Clammbon. go find some videos on youtube and listen to the original version of Imaginary Folklore, which is heavenly too!!

it's beautiful. but who & what is clammbon? O_O

Melodically catchy, musically talented, with clever and poetic lyrics, not afraid to jam live, honest enough to put cheap home-video of themselves in their DVDs, friendly enough to let us tape and trade their shows, and never taking themselves too seriously, clammbon is the finest pop-jam-art-rock band in Japan. -

comprises of 3 members

itou daisuke, harada ikuko, mito

Harada Ikuko - vocalist, keyboard, piano
Mito - bassist, guitarist, keyboard, vocal
Itou Daisuke - drummer, percussion

The group, originally formed in 1996 when the three were students at Tokyo Music and Media Arts Shogi,made their major label debut on Warner Music Japan three years later. Their music is characterized by their quirky sound combining jazzy chord progressions with J-Pop and electronica influences. The name Clammbon is taken from a fictional character in a short story by Kenji Miyazawa. - wiki LOL!!! xD

it's a wonder I've never heard of em before. the group i mean. I've listened to their songs for like... couple of years back!! but never really came across my mind to research on it.

they're coming out with a new album this may 8D YAY!!!!!!! ... i doubt malaysia sell it tho =_= *sigh*

but anyway~it's worth listening. ;9 do check it out!!

more vids

official web
english fan web

nice music should be shared!!!!!!! xD

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