Saturday, February 27, 2010

old days cartoon

while me and karo was walking back from college, we talked about all the old cartoons that we watched when we were kids!!!! it brought up soooo much memories that I am gonna make 1 post for it!!! all videos!!! YES!!!

the cartoons' err...age(?) LOL may vary, since i'm not just gonna put 90s cartoon here.


1-first one on the list, DEXTER'S LABORATORY. you gotta agree with me people, this is one of the best cartoon EVER xD

2- SECOND!!! The Powerpuff Girls!!!!!! I used to memorize the opening narration to heart! xD HAHAHA!!! and I still love it until now. The Anime-ish version just sucks.

3- OMG!!! OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES!!!!!!!! I would snap at anybody who wanted to change the channel whenever this show was on!!! SERIOUSLY!!! ONE OF MY MOST MOST MOST MOST FAVORITE!!!!

4- nothing beats a cute yellow colored naive untalkative bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Untalkative Bunny is very nice to watch! and it has a great background music choice for the animation!! Jazzy music is sooooo awesome!

5- Courage the cowardly dog! don't you just wish you have a pet like courage? xD clever, loyal and can operate computer? HAHA!!

6- Johny bravo anyone? xD "CHECK THE PECKS! HUU HAH HOO!!!!!!" I don't really watch this, but whenever it is on tv, i would stop and watch it till the end xD

7- I don't watch this. However, I can still remember the theme song quite clearly in my head =_= and of course, what other cartoon got a blue colored eco friendly superhero dude in it!? (ok, minus the Smurf =_= ;)

8- omg...i can't believe i watched this before =_= *facepalm* but seriously, the song is quite catchy.

9- I might not have live in the 80's for long, but this cartoon is just... A MUST WATCH LOL!!!! xD tho I don't really follow it as extreme as I follow the 1st few cartoons that i've listed up there ;9

10- ...well i ran out of ideas for cartoons. xD any suggestions? hahaha!!!


  1. Your taste is similar to mine! Genndy Tartakovsky is simply amazing. His next work will be about a big transparent robot, how awesome is that!

    Also another show on the works is his adaptation of The Dark Crystal, one of my favourite Jim Henson shows of all time.

    My personal fave apart from Tartakovsky's work is Untalkative Bunny. Simple and unpretentious.

    I'd like to add Rocko's Modern Life, Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Arnold, Samurai Jack, Spongebob and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Damn, watched too much Astro lol.

    For the 80s and 90s, Mask, Thundercats, Transformers, Ninja Turtles and Biker Mice from Mars.

  2. Here's some trivia my cousin from New York told me: Johnny Bravo was designed by a Filipino. But It was not me.

  3. ahbonk: genndy tartakovsky is AWESOME!!!! really love the art directions for all his cartoon! the character designs too!! O____O transparent robot... BRILLIANT!!! sooo looking forward to it!

    Fosters home for imaginary friends is one of my favourites too!!! Never really watch Samurai Jack, but definitely love the opening music. Very catchy xD

    AAHHHH!!!! haven't watch astro for so long T_T but none of the cartoons now catches my attention like those old one anymore. Very sad.

    sue wing hong(?????) lol. O_o seriously? wow.