Monday, April 26, 2010

big dot of head.

LOL!! ¬w¬ I have no idea what to say about this---it is totally random!!! but apparently, this is my new, sort of omake? a character, of mine. XD lovin' it. HAHAHA!! no name yet tho hmm

created 24th April 2010 ;D

Persona 4 Comic Dub

can't stop laughing and feeling awed (?) buy this fan made Persona 4 parody . The fan dub is AMAZING!!!!! XD I enjoyed it! and I know you guys will enjoy it too especially those who played the game before!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

bloody stupid facebook

=_= mentang-mentanglah dah famous, makin teruk pula the sevice. I can't even upload photos!!!! is it MY problem or what??? LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

both safari n firefox oso FB looks like shit!!! stupid!!!!!!!! I am very pissed now =_= xx it's been like this for almost 2-3 days already! sometimes ok~ sometimes looks like some prehistoric lookin' page =___= ; i am pissed. is this my problem? can somebody tell me??? before I continue with my curses and all. orz

Chilling out

blah. haven't draw something for awhile. been listening to m-flo while cleaning up my room, and this image of a girl with a headphone appeared. then VOILA!!!!! this piece was done ¬_¬ yeaaa... I know. lame. but heck.

I LOVE M-FLO!!!!!! 8D

tool: photoshopCS4
time: more than 4hours i think. dunno why took me so long =_=

had fun doing the hair!!! and I still suck at bg!! WOOHOO!!!

p/s do not use any work of mine without permission. thank you very much. ;D

cowboy bebop

ah... somehow today, Cowboy Bebop song kept on playing in my head. so~ i've decided to youtube the OP and ED. and also the movie's OP. 8D it is still very naaaiisss!!!

love it when the music and the visuals sort of connects together. Like tapping to the rhythm of the song etc. ;D it never fails to mesmerize me!!

def enjoyed it!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video Games Live

I know I will regret if i didn't go to this epic event and I am deeply regretting it now. the only way to cure this deep regret? wait for the next one and don't care any shit whether I have any company or not to attend this glorious glorious event. T__T

I am dead serious.

is feeling down again.


I am incredibly bored =A= suppose to be be doing work. but really, lethargy washes over me. (is that even grammatically correct? *shrugs*)

SO ANYWAY!!! today I am gonna share a new -well not really- band that I am currently head over heels with!!

THE XX!!! yes!! and since I am to lazy to even type my own personal description, I am gonna control + paste 8D ehe~~~

The xx are a three-piece indie rock band from Wandsworth, south west London, England, formed in 2005. The xx was originally a four-piece band, but keyboardist Baria Qureshi left the group in late 2009.

The group's debut album, xx, was met with critical acclaim, achieving a rating of "Universal acclaim" on Metacritic. Furthermore the album ranked well on "best of the year" lists, placing at #9 and #2 with Rolling Stone and NME respectively. The band placed at #6 in the 2009 NME The Future 50 list and in October 2009, they were named one of MTV Iggy's "Top 10 Bands with Buzz" (at the CMJ Music Marathon 2009). - wikipedia

¬_¬ i just don't fancy wiki man. BUT the main point here is, THE XX is AWESOME!!! their 1st debut album is perfect! their music sort of brings this chilly, relaxing and will make you nod your head to the rhythm kinda thing! The singers have a very different air about em. I just don't know how to explain it!! you just got to listen to them yourself!!! gonna share some of em with you.

what do you think?! 8D trust me on this!! those 3 are some of my favs!!! ;D YEAP!!!! enjoy!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


runny nose. so frustrating. sore throat and I sounded like a guy =_=. and plenty amount of phlegm 8D omg I am disgusting. ¬_¬ anyways!!! *cough* did this today. I was bored. so i went to find some pictures and draw it out. it's a portrait!! omg! ignore the thinking bubble. I have no idea what to put =_= haish. oh well.

tools: photoshopCS4
time: less than 2 hours

ah~ it's time to refine my portfolio. I don't think I am able to go to the committee outing today T_________T i wanna go!! but I don't want anybody to get affected by my virus D: *sniff* I guess flash work for me then today.


outing was cancelled. oh well~

reminder to myself

tomorrow's agenda:

1- Try out hands with surgical gloves on
2- Refine portfolio
3- Pong game

now where can I fit in the committee members outing. hmmm...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

w.i.p and stuff

Haven't been able to draw/paint lately. I am sad T_T made this up in less than 1 hour =_= but just sketch. ah. I want to color. T_T incomplete work. hate it.


I lost my voice. perfect.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dealing with difficult people

So I went to watch How to train your dragon again for the 3rd time! 8D in THREE DEE!!! 3D!! THREE DIMENSION!!!! HOMG! LOVE IT!!! thanks JN n Michelle for going along oso!

well afterwards, we went to the gardens mall, bought 14 styrofoam hands •_• and use some remaining times to sit in Borders. Can't really find anything interesting since I don't have enough money to buy anything anyway. So i sat down on the floor, next to a chair which has a sleeping Jia Ning on it •_____• . My eyes roamed the whole business section of borders (since I was sitting near the business & marketing section. reluctantly of course.) saw too many Warren Buffet related books on the shelves. Made me think back of the dreadful Becoming Young Warren Buffet talk, or whatever the talk was called ¬_¬. Then I saw 1 interesting book with very vibrant color compare to the rest on the shelves!

very interesting. I even laughed a bit at the title and some of the contains of the book since it reminded me of, a pretty similar situation. hahaha!

For example; there's this part of the book that explains the type of difficult people that may exist! Like...

"Patronizing people

People who make others feel belittled or unimportant because they think they are better than everyone else are actually arrogant and insensitive. Some patronizing people are expert name-droppers. This is usually their way of showing off, displaying that they are superior to everyone because of their connections. When you see through their behavior it usually becomes apparent that they are somewhat insecure and need this smoke-screen of self-importance.

However you are treated by a patronizing person (and it will feel a bit like being bullied), you should not take it personally. Many patronizing people behave this way either because they think they are superior as a result of having often been told so (maybe as a child), or because they need to feel they are above everyone else and are putting on an act. This behavior becomes a habit with them, and the way they come across to you is not a personal thing. They treat everybody like this. You need to look beyond how they are behaving towards you, and see how they are actually communicating generally."

some excerpt from the book that I took. there are other type of people too! like, angry people, demotivated people etc. very interesting. 8D

and another thing that i got from the book is a saying by Martin Luther King that goes;

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

hah~ interesting book i must say. So are you a difficult type?

i can see nothing

was watching House md. finished season 5 recently. even with all his usual House attitudes, but i envy him. I envy him for having Wilson and Cuddy. I really envy him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE ART OF How to train your dragon

TODAY, is my lucky day!!!! I was on my way to class when I pass by this booth/stall selling all those design and art related books. Wasn't really interested at 1st since I seldom buy from them (insanely expensive) and i was rushing. but from the corner of my eyes, i saw this big bold red text that seems kinda familiar. So I stop and glance to my left. and HOMGWTFBBQAYAMKARI. it's its... THE ART OF HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON BOOK!!

I swear I was about to jump in glee like a crazy person there, but since i was in public, and this freaky security guard was lookin' so I didn't. It was RM120 ¬_¬ expensive, so I tried bargaining. fine, got it for RM10 less ¬_¬ sigh. but I'm happy since it was the last book!! 8D yipeee!!!


when this big dude appear I was all excited!! homg homg. I can still picture the scene in my head!

more concept arts~ I love!

and this... this must be one of my most favourite page from the book. I can really feel this picture. *wipe tears*

I have yet to look and read the book thoroughly but I will! every single words every little details.

I am happy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phenomena 75 Blood Drive


this sunday, a blood drive organized by my awesome graduation batch 75 will be held in Subang Parade! so for those who live in Malaysia (yes you, you AND absolutely you! or unless you wanna take the plane and fly over here just to donate blood :D) come and join em!!! save lives!!! support us!!

w.i.p dragon2

a bit more w.i.p for my own record.

inked it a bit. ok... maybe a lil bit more than a bit. fun. but feeling sleepy now. *yawns* wonder when will this be finished.

watched this awesome animation for the second time today, and still enjoyed it! ;D

How To Train Your Dragon Widget

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You can dream yes?

I was seriously bored today. don't feel like doing anything, lazing around rotting away... but then a brilliant idea came up!! well maybe it's not really brilliant, but good enough for me to indulge in rather than lying on my bed like a dead body.

Went to some peoples blog. their trips and journeys. so fun. •___• yet here I am, bored as hell. what i feel like doing now?

1- go on a trip myself. ANYWHERE. anywhere but here.
2- go on a trip with family! ANYWHERE but here. most preferably some place where the temperature has the ability to drop more than 0Âșc ¬_¬. i'm currently bored and sweating now. great.
3- I wanna go japan. and korea... asian country is always the best no? *wink*
4- migrate there immediately ¬_¬ i wish. pfft.
5- learn korean language? maybe. or maybe japanese? I seriously have the urge to learn other languages!!!! SERIOUSLY!! TAT just that got no chance to do it yet. maybe after everything is over?
6- I wanna eat pasta and salmon sushi now. really.
7- Learn animation •____• 2D, 3D... both sounds interesting.
8- feel like rolling around in the snow and autumn's leaves. this is in my dreams-that-seriously-have-to-be-achieved list. seriously.
9- improve my drawing skill. but currently feeling lazy to open photoshop. ugh.
10- choco banana parfait. •_•
11- i wanna go somewhere where carrying a camera is a necessity =_=

well actually I'm just bored!! people can dream no? ;D

and try to achieve it.

w.i.p dragon

been neglecting this for awhile. need to pick up the pace and finish it!!! ... after other more important works are done T_T *sigh*

How to train your dragon! AMAZING ANIMATION!! worth every penny you pay! trust me ;D grab a ticket today!!! well maybe tomorrow~

while researching on this superb animation, I am 100 percent sure there will be an artbook. and I was right! I'd kill to have this baby!!

-screenshots some are taken from Parkablog . check it out.-

can't believe I'm saying this, but dragons are EXTREMELY COOL!!!!!!! fell madly in love with Night Fury's design and characteristics!! and other dragons too!! like... the rainbow colored one! can't rmmbr the name tho. OH!! rmmbr the Hideous Zippleback? XD the last picture up there? the one where it got 2 heads, one can breath out gas and the other sparks out fire? it's amazing! brilliant!! 8D I'd kill to work with these people TxT

OH!!! and do drop by DreamworksAnimation youtube channel for amazing insights from the creator of this masterpiece! yes, down to the author who started it all!!

YEAP!!! 8D

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello and we are a handful of special cases from Phenomena75. As of right now, we are opening commissions to raise funds for our college batch's Graduation Campaign. By commissioning the artists of your liking, you are helping us get closer to our goal. So, it would be the most awesome thing if you do! : D

p/s if you have no money to support us, we would be very happy if you can help us spread the news thank you!!



pencil sketch+full figure/half figure = $10

full color+half body = $15

full color+full figure = $20

color+full bg and everything = $50

**add extra $5 for extra character



[ Procedure.]

1. Send us an email with your name, character reference, artist of your choice and maybe a brief summary of the piece you wish to be drawn. We reply to all non-spam e-mail sent to the address we provided, if you do not hear from us for a week or more, please send it again as it means we never received it.

2. Upon requesting details/references, we will accept or MAYBE decline (most probably not) and give you the exact price.

3. If the price and details on the artwork is agreed to, we will provide payment information. we will begin the piece after full payment is received.

4. We will send you a screen-size version (jpeg) and a 300 DPI version of the piece. CONGRATULATION!! we hope you like the piece! 8D

6. No money back guarantee.

[ Terms.] The following are some basics you should know before sending in a request:

1. First come first serve basis.

2. We reserve the right to decline a request especially when it comes to mechas, anthro, or transformers thing or super detailed background

3. Nudity is negotiable. Explicit works are not.

4. We require full, upfront payment via Paypal only. BUT for Malaysians, bank-in money is accepted. The account number will be attached through the email after negotiation is done and picture of receipt are required before we start on the piece. We will only start the work after having received payment.

5. Artworks completion is based on the details of the piece and the artist themselves

6.Please ask the respective artist about mass commercial uses of the commission before doing anything with it. Highly advised to not use any of the commissions for personal profit.

7. We retain rights to the image, and are allowed to post any of the commissions in our gallery or portfolio website.

Thank you for your interest!


ARTIST INVOLVED *my batchmates
:heart:* check out their gallery ;D
one more artist will be updated soon. 3works here-->


so yes people!! ;w; we appreciate your support!! do check out the artists' gallery! they got some pretty neat stuff there! ;D

weeping bride

was just doodling this actually. manatau jadi macam ni pula. got carried away. had fun with the colors tho.

still suffering the aftermath of last sunday's badminton. aching ALL OVER my body!! uhh!! can't even open the fridge with ease! die lah.

some w.i.p of this piece. ow ow...

time: 2 hours plus
tool: photoshopCS4

somehow white background doesn't look too bad. *rubs chin* oh well.

why ah!!

i can't seem to see the new comments notification for my blog posts!! D8 this is so frustrating!!!! so I am sorry if I couldn't reply any of you guys who commented a.s.a.p!! =A= blame blogspot... or my sheer stupidity on not knowing blogspot to heart. LOL!

that's all~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

leng sai yat zi

hooooo boyyyhhh!!!!!


old work of mine. posted by a friend ¬_¬ re drawn the character. the blue ink one incase you missed it or something LOL

Saturday, April 3, 2010


was browsing through some web, and saw this. amazing! the music is nice too D:

painting was titled Incarnation by Mark Ryden. Sold at the price of $800,000. it is amazing! I love surreal painting. this piece blew my mind away! I wonder what it meant? A girl wish to be incarnated with meat as part of her body because she couldn't indulge herself in the previous life? LOL! 8D i dunno!!!

but this kind of video intrigues me. Its nice to see the process of making great things.

I feel inspired.

so I checked him out. Mark Ryden . 8D saw a section in his web where he features all his bloody painting and by bloody, i meant really bloody... I've got this thing for blood. *wink*

the last picture. hmm. I remembered I came across it somewhere before. just can't put my fingers on it. but oh well. AMAZING WORKS once again.