Wednesday, May 26, 2010


really need to do one. =_= but lazy. haha!! maybe later! ...i doubt it, but heck...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I seriously laughed like there's no tomorrow watching this!!! XD it really made my day!! thanks to my friend for sharing it!!!


laundry day

*stares at mountains of dirty laundry* ugh... just washed some, but it seems to me, all this laundry won't be done by today =_=


so I did some drawing, basically inspired by my new haircut. *cough* was wondering how it'll look like on a guy. ¬_¬ ;; I am just to bored la basically.

tool: photoshopCS4
time: 1hour plus. I think...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


literally !! XD just chopped of my hair today. wash and cut RM41. very good lah! 8D went to APT in Sunway Pyramid. this sister washed my hair 1st. she is so nice!! from Sarawak lagi tu! XD so we talked and she washed, and we talked. she shared some tips with me. very nice lah!! she said I shudn't have cut my hair short since my hair is very thick. So i was like... oh ok. maybe shoulder length then.

afterwards this hairstylist came. he is a dude. O_O anyways... that doesn't matter lah. so he asked me what I want. I told him I wanna cut it short!! then I request him to pick a style for me. 8D i always do this when I cut my hair. Let the hairstylist decide. let their creativity run free!!! SO he picked this nice short hairstyle for me, albeit what the kakak said about me not suitable to have short hair. so I was like... OK! go on with it!!! he keep asking me, "you sure ah? very sure ah?" of course I am sure!! I trust you!! it's your job ma!! HOR!!!!! so he snip away!!! 8D and the result..


yes ¬_¬ this pic does look like my friend. ISH!!! I DON'T CARE!!!! OAO

woohoo!! thanks Judy for accompanying my. ;D

also bought myself a new pair of jeans. ;D officially poor. hahaha!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

boots and dude

wanted to draw my boots. So my friend jia ning let me used her character ;D since I am kinda lazy to create 1!! hahahah!!!

so here's some close ups and...other stuff.. wish I had more w.i.p shots. (some close ups are quite big, so yeah =_= ignore the messy line *cough*)

tool: as you can see...
time: quite long. especially on the pose part =_= I'm just bad at doing poses!!!

but had fun!!! 8D

character © ChungJiaNing ;D . the boots are mine! ¬_¬ haha!


got a comment saying that the hair is too soft for the overall picture. agreed. did 1 more version. but i dunno... tak puas hati ar.

guilty indulgence

yeah more satisfied than guilty tho!! so I was accompanying my friend kah rou some days ago. wasn't really planning to buy anything -during that time i mean- so just walk around when I saw this grey shoes!! it looks cool!!! would love to have 1 but kah rou pointed out some nicer one on the bottom shelves. I was totally in LOVE!!! my current palm shoes looks very pitiable u_u. there is a hole in the sole and forget about going out with it while it is raining!! O_O so I know i had to get it no matter what!!!

so I did~ 8D

bought in Cotton On for RM149.

I KNOW!!! T_T it is expensive! but I did try n call my parents to say about it, but they won't pick up the phone. so yeah. but I know they would understand since I am one of those people who really really have a hard time in finding any sorts of fashionable things -hence the repetitive clothing- but when I saw stuff that catches my eyes, BAM!!! it cost a fortune!!!!!!!

I won't say myself a fashionable and glamorous in the sense of fashioning myself up, but I think I have a quite decent sense of style. just that I don't use it much =_= ;

RIGHT!!! now should I go get the gray shoes or some denim pants? *rub chin*

Sunday, May 2, 2010

let it go

for once in my life, I wished that I live in the peninsular. I was on duty today for my graduation batch's truck promo, and I was sitting in the Territory's exhibition place when my friend told me there was a kitten outside.

without even thinking of putting on my shoes, I ran towards the specified location -which is thankfully just outside- and touched the kitten. T_T somehow I did feel happy but in the same time, regret and guilt overpowered me as well. When i saw the condition of the kitten, I felt very very sad. it has very gorgeous fur, and very cute paw color, but I just can't take it back home with me. I just can't. Its impossible to do so. i've graduated, and most probably I will get back to Sabah sooner or later, so who will take care of it? abandon it again? like hell, I couldn't do that!!! I don't even trust some certain animal shelter here. so what can I do?


sometimes, I hate it when I experience something like this. it's very torturing. it really makes me think "why couldn't I just leave the kitten alone?! if only I didn't touch it in the 1st place!" T___T

I am gonna let it go now. there's no point of me feeling guilty and pity when I can't help the creature. just feeling itself won't get you anywhere. so for once in my life, I wish I stayed here.

let it go ifa, let it go. *exhale*

p/s is missing my cat so badly ;____;