Sunday, February 26, 2012

interesting sunday

was tweeting last night with a friend of mine : ) and we decided to go out on a date LOL so i quickly finished my work until 3-4 am so that i could have the day to myself tmrw :D

woke up early and wait, well not really, for the bus. it arrived a bit early, so i reached the mall by 10am. haha most of the shops were still closed and my friend was just about to start her service, so i basically have a lot of time to kill :E so the 1st thing in my head was breakfast! that don't really happen often! so i was torn between heading to starbucks or secret recipe, and i pick the latter : ) was craving for shepherd's pie T_T and i didn't manage to find any. again. *sigh* so i ordered the same stuff as last time, black pepper lamb pie & a glass of hot chocolate :D

the pie was so-so but a good replacement for that shepherd's pie that i was craving after. the hot chocolate was nice though. i usually came here with my cap on, but i didn't today, so the worker didn't recognize me hahaha XD he's a friendly guy after u came for a few visits. anyways! i sat there to kill some time and decided to head out and walk around. didn't visit any shops yet since i wanted to visit the stores with my friend. I happened to saw the r&r area with those massaging chairs and i figured, WHY NOT!! there was this spot on my back that's been hurting for a few days, so what the heck!!!

AAAHHH i really need this in my life!!! it really does hit the spot!! for just rm1 per session (3min), it was worth it! and guess what shop was in front of the r&r area? WATSONS!!! i love watsons~ don't you??

whenever i get into Watsons, there are 3 sections that i frequent, which is the lip balm section, hair care product & cosmetics! mainly revlon's lip products haha. today i practically tried on most of the nude & peachy lip colors, on my hand that is! the colors are so pretty TvT and the packaging are so neat!! aahhh~~ if only i had the money! i wanted to try the nude color on my lips so bad! TvT hahaha next time ifa, next time!

I also saw an interesting brand of shampoo. made me wanna give it a shot someday!! good for the scalp! and my scalp is very problematic u_u life hahaha. couldn't find any CHarles Worthington though. would love to get my hands on some conditioner. i really dig their conditioner :D guess i'll have to drop by CenterPoint again someday!

after filling in my time with a lot of interesting womanly products (lol) i went to Times bookstore. don't really have any books that i wanted to buy, so i browsed through the stationery section more. 1 thing about being Ifa, well, I am easily amused hahaha simple things like present paper, ribbons even notebooks are enough to keep my mind occupied for the entire day!

look at all those ribbons!!!! shoooo prettyyyyyy!!!

the notebooks are pretty too~~ but not really worth my money! they cost a lot!! just for the designer covers =_= i rather use normal full scape paper. But i really love cute notebooks : ) made me scream in delight every time!! (of course only scream inside hahaha)

and then i went to the art section & saw a few books that is pretty interesting! especially this!! "Print & Pattern"!!! aaahhhh!! i really want this book so bad!! too bad, it was wrapped in plastic, so i couldn't browse through inside. Quite expensive too :(

and then i saw this book! luckily it wasn't wrapped in any plastic! this book is filled with interesting name card designs!!! it really does inspire me!!! alas, this book cost a fortune too T_T but i would love to own this!

and then after doing more browsing, i found this!!!!! hahaha!! the 1st thing in my head was my friend! it really does reminds me of him XD so i killed sometime reading this book! very very interesting indeed!! i think it cost somewhere around rm70++ can't help myself from smiling whenever i saw familiar equipments & familiar techniques XD (like.. 'terowong' & 'bukit' LOL!)

this is really a good hobby! : ) should give it a try whenever you guys have the time! XD Finally, my friend, Frans, reached Times :D so the 1st thing we did was hunting for lunch!!! I happened to saw this place when i walked out of Secret Recipe, it's called Brooklyn, so i told her i wanted to give this place a try! For the 1st time this year, i didn't hesitate when it comes to choosing a place to eat! hahaha!!

This place looks promising :9 after browsing the endless list of foods in the menu, i decided to settle on Tender Beef... something... & my friend, grilled chicken chop with teriyaki sauce or something lk that hahaha i should write all the foods' name down!! XD

my food was ok~ i was quite full!! and the bowl was only 1/2 cleaned!! the beef was very very tender, the mashed potato was good & the gravy was delicious!! pity my stomach didn't really have the ample space to put all of them in : ( managed to finish all the beef, but left some mashed potatoes TvT

my friend's dish was nice too!!! next time, i'm gonna order that!!

tender beef something LOL

teriyaki chicken chop or smthng hahhaa!

We dropped by Cotton On sometime after that and OH GOD!! there was this nice black top that i am dying to get!!! and this brown coat/blazer which is just PERFECT!!! it really does compliment my body shape!! 8,D and somehow made me considerably slimmer that normal //COUGH// hahaha i shall get them both next week!!! by hook, or by crook!!! i am determined!!!!!! Since i didn't manage to get those clothes, got myself Cotton On's umbrella instead!!! my blue umbrella is ruined ) : saw this cute red with white polka dots umbrella!!! OMG!!! can't help myself!!!! so i took it! luckily they have this promotion where i can get discount on the umbrella if i made another purchase!! wanted to get this naked/nude/neutral nail polish and it cost rm8, but decided not to. So i took this charity bracelet instead : ) for only 2 ringgit!! it felt good!!

LOOK AT THAT!!! my polka dotted item collections are just getting bigger!! hahaha i am happy 8,D

for the bracelet, well, i wanted to get the one with crown instead of this crest, but that one was a bit hard to adjust. crest is nice too!! so i guess i'm fine with it : )

i really had fun today!!! : ) even though i didn't really purchase much, it's nice to hang out with a girlfriend once in awhile!!! so liberating!! XD

now it's time to get back to my assignments again T_T *sigh*

p/s I HAD ICE CREAM TODAAAAYYYY!!!! Karamel Almondo's vanilla ice cream, plain. 8,D i am happy!!!

p/s2 AWAIT MY RETURN OH COTTON ON!!! i shall get you, black boyfriend blouse!!! nggffhh!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

adventurous friday

well, i'd like to think of it as adventurous XD hahaha

for the 1st time in my life, i went to the city via BUS!!! YES!!! BUS!!! i am so proud of myself LOL (no. just ignore me who likes to be overly dramatic with everything, if i can)

woke up at 8 smthng, and promised to meet up with my friend by 10 at the bus stop in front of the library (which is miles away from where i stay). decided to have an early breakfast (and it was the worst early meal i've ever had =_=) since i haven't had any meal the day before, accept for some black pepper lamb pie, and even that i couldn't finish T_T i don't know what is wrong with my appetite recently. it's all gone haywire. so anyways, we went to Karamunsing Complex 1st, friend decided to treat us with lunch. Had chicken rice, and 1 of my friend ordered chicken feet... i almost jaw dropped 8,D when i passed their offer at that meal, my friend went "yeaahhh we know you don't eat stuff like this. u only know how to eat hotel food" i was like NOOOO u_u it's just... a bit odd... hahahaha

and then we stopped by this shoe shop. I saw a perfect pair of heels with the perfect color!! both of my friends told me it really does fit the color of my skin! and they realized the difference between the color of my leg with my hands LOL my legs somehow is considerably fairer than my hands .___. i wonder why. sun burn? LOL it's a mystery.

so i didn't really buy anything there. we continued our trip to Center Point next, while making a few stops here & there along the way. went to this small Korean store. kinda cool!! but a bit dull if you ask me. it's amazing how my friends were like "omg~~ korean tissue!!!" //bought 2 stacks// hahaha cute.

reached the big shopping mall, the 1st place in my head was WATSON!!! i love watson!!! bought myself new shampoo, some ointment and a moisturizer. OH!! did i mention that i got a simple make over yesterday!! this brand called Victoria Jackson was doing their roadshow, and since i was standing too close to the booth, the promoter girl decided to talk to me. But for those who knew me so well, things like this doesn't really work with me. I mean, no matter how hard a person promotes, if i don't want it, well, i don't. hahaha so in the end, she was like, "hey!! lemme give you some simple make over!!" and i was like "...oh! ... s..sure..." this brand is particularly famous for its natural look. so i suppose it's ok....... well let's just say, it was ok~~ the make up is like there, but not really there. u get what i mean? hahahaha

anyways!!! afterwards, we went to Eaton to get some stationaries. Good god, the lines was too long at the cashier, i wanted to cry!! and the only thing i got was 2 small exercise book!! D,8 life. then since my friends wanted to check up on something, i head to Kaison by myself and have a look see 8D I LOVE KAISON!!! all the cute stuff there!! i swear the little girl in me was screaming in delight everytime i went there... wait... i'm not suppose to say that //cough// .... PICTURES!!!

there was this extremely cute pencil case with retarded cats that has a "miu miu" speech bubble and a polka dot design on it. OMG!! i really had to fight myself from getting it!!! 8,D since i already have a pencil case. IT WAS BLOODY ADORABLE DEMMIT!!!!

the mugs are extremely cute too!! TAT and quite cheap!! alas!! i don't drink hot beverages. so this was a confirmed pass. tempted to buy em and turn em into a pen stand tho hahaha me and my weird way of doing things.

LOOK AT ALL THESE LOVELIES BELOW!!! i was spazzing infront of this tin canned boxes section like crazy!!! and was contemplating on getting 1 or 2! in the end, i decided to get myself the black box underneath this picture. was happy! 8,D

and then, after a final round of walking in this shop, something seriously caught my attention!! and i'm not even kidding. it was like a pang!! 1st love!!! and i know i just HAD to get em!!!! and i'm talking about these baby!!!

RED WITH WHITE POLKA DOT NOTE BOOK. OH MY GOD. and to make it even more as a must get, there was only 3 left!!!!!! so i nagged 2 of em! wanted to get em all, but the 3rd one was ruined T_T sad. but i am happy with my purchase!!! cept for the front cover that had this cheesy quote about love or something /shivers/ well, being an art student, nothing is impossible eh? i can find a way to cover it up 8D artistically & creatively LOL

SO YEAH!! that was about it!! i can say i am a happy buyer with tired feet & shortness of breath hahaha. we head to the bus stop but decided i couldn't take it anymore, and called up my dad //cough// to pick me and all my friends up ORZ guess, i'm not really ready to be THAT independent yet ;___;

my phone is also dying on me now. i think i am dead set on getting myself an iPhone. might as well get myself a good phone since it's a long term kinda investment eh? : )


another thing i wanted to say, it's regarding the exam result. I know a lot has been asking me about what i get for my result, and i refused to tell. not because i have a very bad one nor am i stingy or smthng like that, but i just don't want people to have expectations you see. When we tell em our results, if it's more than awesome, their expectations will go sky rocketing high, and i really am afraid of that. let's just say i got me a good result last term, and if i told everybody about it, and this term somehow i got really low marks, i really am afraid of how ppl will judge me. hence, I only tell my results under 3 circumstances; 1- you are my parents (i won't even tell em if they didn't nag LOL), 2- i trust you as a friend, 3- for some complicated reason that i myself can't explain LOL and the occasional trick question that i always fall into. tsk.

conclusion, never EVER brag about your result. but if it's a good one, hey~ why not~ everybody deserves to be happy kan? : ) this is what i think is best for me, so do what you think is best for you! BE HAPPY!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2nd semester. COMMENCE!!

8,D aaahh after whining almost everyday during the holidays how i longed to get back to school since the break is just getting overly boring to me (a lonely person who has very little social connection and whose ideas of fun is a tad bit weird compared to the rest of the normal human being), I'm getting a bit reluctant to get back to uni now. no, not because of the classes or meeting friends, infact i'm looking forward to those the most! but the fact that i'm getting back to my dorm. ORZ getting back into the dorm means that, i have to do laundry by hands! no means of getting rid of the excess water from the laundry which brings us to the extremely long amount of time it'll take to dry my laundry!! cold shower every bloody day, and walking some friggin miles to the bus stop waiting for the bloody bus with hordes of other people!! (did i even use 'hordes' correctly there? LOL) not to mention the bug infested room i have here omg! i could've sworn i saw a pair of cockroach antenna peaking out from my bottom table drawer!!!! holy!!! ORZ and now i'm currently battling with some bug flying here & there with its poor navigation. hitting the wall everytime =_= i'm scared to sleep now. what if it gets into my ears???!!! omg =A= ;;;

well!! i guess i'll just have to endure it. not like my house is far away anyway. can get back every weekends to do laundry I suppose. aaaaahh so troublesome T__T

on a different note, managed to do a quick last minute shopping for some necessities today.. got myself these;

don't ask about the colors u__u was feeling a bit... pinkish today LOL it's like lime green! i love lime green!! but it's in a different shade... ok fine! that doesn't make sense pfft but i kinda love this color somehow. i think i'm getting sissy-er every second! OMG!! i need to kill someone before it's too late!! and restore my manliness hahaha!!

and then bought myself my own personal broom. those small ones, like a brush and my own dishwasher liquid. I don't really like sharing with others. NO!! don't get me wrong!! it's not like i don't mind sharing other people's stuff, but i just don't like doing it. i prefer it better if people borrow MY stuff instead of me borrowing other people's stuff! so yeaaahhhh... 8D as usual, my choice of item will ALWAYS be based on the packaging 1st LOL!!

RM6 ++

loving it. love the lemongrass smell to it. :9 and really convenient too! considering this a haul! haha

RIGHT!! my body is sore after cleaning up my part of the room and i'm sharing my room with 3 other person haha my section is ALWAYS the messy one XD

right, i better get to bed now :9 have to wake up early & fresh tmrw!! ... shoot! it's 12.36 already D,8 aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ALL THE BEST FOR THIS TERM IFA!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dart board and what not

so yesterday mom woke me up saying that my dad wanna take them family photos for some of his documents. so heck, i need to get my laptop reformatted too.

so we went to pick my brother up from uni and on to the photo studio! until now, i've never been happy with how people took my pictures. =A= ;; i'm just ridiculously not photogenic! haha so yes, naturally, i'll always be scrunching my nose whenever i saw my pictures that was taken by other people... did i use the term 'scrunching' properly there? ... oh well~ haha

afterwards, we went to get some lunch yadaa yadaahh. on to the reformatting part!! sent my laptop there, and that guy said it'll take 1-2 hours. COOL! sooo after doing other pointless stuff while waiting, finally. picked up my laptop, got myself a replacement cable for my hardisk too. afterwards, went to Sony Center since i've been wanting to get a new earphones since the one that i have now is just too pathetic to even contemplate on wearing 8,D

Met this ossum salesperson in Sony Center!! she was all "Hello!!! how may i help you!!?" the 1st thing in my mind was "OH MY GOD! SHE SPOKE IN ENGLISH!!" hahaha i really love it when people speak in english with me. i need to practice! so I asked her for a good earphones with amazing bass and she recommended this bass boost earphone. Was quite lucky since they have the sample! so i could listen to the quality & all and i was sold! haha told her I'll take it! at the counter, we talked for a bit, and i was very, impressed? no, that's not quite the right term to describe how i was feeling. maybe, flabbergasted?? at what she said to me. here's how the conversation went;

her: you know, it's really uncommon for girls to find a good bass in earphones!
me: what?! no way! i guess... i'm just weird?
her: no! i prefer the term unique!
me: hahaha why thank you!!
her: *took plastic bag*
me: AH! it's fine! i don't need plastic bag.
her: oh. OH! yeah! go green eh?!
me: exactly!
her: *stare at me* you are 1 awesome customer! never met 1 like you yet!
me: eh! no way!!
her: really!! i really respect you man! *salute* (she actually did that!! haha)
me: you too!! you can speak really well!!
her: me?! nooo!!
me: really!! social skills are important you know! and you definitely have em! that's very good!
her: aaahh i'm just too loud for myself. I'm just a very social person at school.
me: that's good right?! i mean, i prefer being with a very social person than not~ to be honest, most of my friends in class now are those very womanly type, so, maybe because of that i can't really mix around much with them. I talk too loud.
her: well, maybe it's the way they were brought up that made em that way. because in my family, me and my mom is just.. too loud. so i became like this~ hahaha
me: that's very awesome in my opinion! it was nice meeting you!! *put out hand*
her: you too!! *shakes hand*

i was happy! 8D

damage done : RM59

can't believe my trusty mp3 player still survives until now!!! i've had her for almost 4-5 years i think! it's a miracle even that i haven't lost it yet! not a lot of scratches on it too! amazing! i just wish i had that earphone in a matching blue color. they have it in blue, but the blue was just, too much. more to a navy blue *shivers* i'm a turquoise/ sky blue fan :9

afterwards, decided to head home, but made another quick (which didn't turn out to be quick afterall) trip at this store. after a lot of miggling, somehow i managed to get myself a dart board ._____. have no idea how it happened ORZ but i rmmbered that guy, i think he was flirting with me. to be honest, i don't have enough experience with flirting (or maybe i'm just too dense to notice...) but the moment he asked for my name, whether i'm still studying or not AND whether if we can hangout if he ever pass by my uni!! he said that in sort of a whisper, but i caught it and went "ex...excuse me??!" and he was "OH!! no!! it's nothing!! hahaha" and being this person who are not really familiar with this kind of awkward situation, i quickly make my purchase and scram ORZ so awkwaaaard u__u BUT HEY!! got myself a dart board! so nothing else matters the moment i stepped out of that shop! hahaha have yet to hang it up tho!! wanna try it out so bad now!!

on a different note, finally the exam result is out! aaaand let's just say my parents are happy with mine. as for me, well, of course i am happy, but i can't help myself from wondering whether i really deserve this result or not. I honestly think that the lecturers are being a little bit too lenient on the 1st year 1st semester student. maybe it's just me. there's just something bugging me deep down inside .___. i don't know why.

will try my best for the upcoming semester!! i hope i can be proud & doubt free on my next result : )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

in pieces..

my heart broke into pieces today.

i am fighting with myself on whether i should post this up here. but i really think i should. every time something bothers me, i will pour it all down in my blog, but none ever saw the light of day. it's all still in drafts. and i have quite a few of em. i really wish i could say it all out and truthfully here, but i think the problem/ situation i'm facing now is just too stupid to even waste people's time by writing it all down and venting it all out.

heard the news... ok more like SAW the news online, and i totally went jaw drop in front of my computer. gradually, pain invaded my chest, and tears threatening to fall. It really hurts. my chest felt like it was stabbed a thousand times. I cried, tried, but no tears came out, but the sobbing, apparent, that even people who are blind could tell how terribly devastated i was. I tried taking big gulps of air slowly since i think i was hyperventilating. hands shaking. tried my best to close all related pages that started all the mess, and lie down on my bed.

trying my best to cry, but to no avail. chest pain getting even worst. couldn't sleep even though the clock hands almost striking 5am.

deep down, i know this is something not worth worrying about. it's practically stupid. very very stupid. but i couldn't stop myself from feeling that way. i just can't. I wanted to vent it out to somebody, but my friends are either too far away, and there's also that occasional feeling of "i've got nobody to vent this out to", also the "are u kidding me ifa?! your problem is so stupid! it's not even worth mentioning!! spare them your ridiculous troubles!!" I've been keeping a lot of personal problems. ever since i was little i think, i've never been the sort to tell people about my problems. why the heck would i wanna share them some emotional stuff, when i can put a smile on their face??! so little by little, i keep all my problems away. 1 by 1. what frightens me is that, once the "container" is filled, and there is no more space, what would happen? I shudder at the thought of it.

somehow after last night, some part of me has turned inexplicably cold. that part of me that could make me smile even when i am down in the dumps have stopped working. I pray to god that this wretched feeling will go away. I'm just scared that, when the new terms for uni started, i'd have to plaster a fake smile on my face and talk to everybody as if i've got no problems in the world. I'm just so sick of it. very sick of it. my chest is beginning to hurt again.

some friends on twitter have been giving me advice & words of encouragement, asking me to hang out with friends, talk to friends that i won't have trouble talking to. when i run everybody through my head, none came up. it's either they are too far away, or, there is just nobody. i've never felt so lonely in my life. and the thought of sharing my problems with friends that i always shared happy stories with and be the one listening to their problems makes it even more awkward for me to suddenly call them up and share my negative energy. but, i'll give it a shot. what's there to lose eh?

I think one of these days, i need to find myself some counselor and have myself a counseling session. god knows how troubled & twisted person i really am deep down inside. i need some stranger that wouldn't judge me, my stories & my life problem.

*inhale, exhale*

I'm sure it'll all go away soon. that is how i am built. no matter how bad the problem is, i'll always manage to tuck it underneath somewhere. I'm sure i'll get back to my chirpy self soon. for now, let me just sink into my sadness.

Charles Worthington shampoo

HAPPY VALENTINES!!!! to those who are celebrating (dem you all!) hope you guys had a good one aight? 8,D sincerely, forever single ifa. LOL

so today, since the government gave all the student from government based Unis a free RM200 voucher, decided to make good use of it and spend it like a boss!!! (not after i got nagged by my mom 10826483642 times) SO OFF TO THE SHOPPING MALL!!! decided to drop by Centre Point today :9

so yeah!! the 1st thing that popped in my head was getting myself those bloody expensive design magazines that i can only touch & look from beyond the 1 layer of clear plastic that was covering it SOBS so finally got myself this!

some inside sample [HERE]. wanted to get myself another one about corporate branding, but i was pretty sure i will exceed my RM200 budget since i haven't even get to buying my stationaries. so fine... just 1. this magazine itself already cost me rm91 something 8,D LIFE! OH LIFE!!

some other stuff that i got myself;

*POINTS EXCITEDLY AT THE CUTE POLKA DOT PENCIL CASE* SDFGHJKKJHGFG!! IT MATCHES 1 OF MY SHIRT! and i especially LOVE the "DOTAHOLIC" tag on the case! what a haul!! bought myself loads of pencils & pens too!! but sadly i couldn't find any awesome pen. I'm especially picky when it comes to choosing a writing pen T_T 2 art erasers, which i then realized i still have 1 at home .___. oh well. Spray mount. awesome stuff! blue tac! now i can stick stuff on the side of my book case! and finally an artist palette! (that white thingy underneath my pencils & pens) been using a normal plastic cardboard for my palette last semester. well it was cheap!! i just bought 1 A3 sized plastic corrugated board, cut it into 2, and cut another hole for my thumb. i was desperate! but hey! not a bad idea eh? 8D

afterwards, I went to F.O.S and got myself a new wallet!! yes wallet, since i am manly like that *cough* and 2 new shirts. while, my mom and my lil sis went to get some womanly, sissy stuff (which consist of beads & threads) I went to the ground floor and I saw WATSON!!! the 1st thing that came into my head was Revlon Lipbutter!! LOOLL so without thinking, i immediately head towards the Revlon section, and look what i got!!!

(far left) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Peach Parfait

To be honest, I bought these just because of the packaging 8,D the colors are just so delicious looking!! and the fact that it's leaning more towards lipbalm (and i wear lip balm!!) but these babies are just too colorful for me. yay for no color lipbalm user! and later on, i remembered that my shampoo, well technically it was my lil sis's shampoo, was almost finished and so was my conditioner. Then i remembered this brand i've been wanting to try, aaaaannndd TAADAH!!! CHARLES WORTHINGTON GET!!!!

CW takeaway Moisture Seal conditioner -Rm9.90 | CW Moisture Seal shampoo - RM29.90

Decided to take the traveling size bottle for the conditioner since i'm still trying out this brand. tried using it just now, and i have to say, it really does give my hair this smooth feel to it!! and i'm not even kidding!!! i don't even have to shampoo twice! after the 1st wash, my fingers can already slide through my hair without any restrictions! and it really does smell like those expensive shampoo they use in saloons~ ON TO THE CONDITIONER! i've been using this commercialized conditioner, and shampoo, and every time i rinse it of, there will be this yucky, slimy & oily feel whenever i run my fingers through my hair. Not with CW tho! after applying it to my hair and rinsing it off, no slimy/oily/yucky feel anymore!!! i am happy with this purchase!! but i am still trying this product out. let see what'll happen 1 or 2 weeks later :9 loving it so far~~~

after our forays in CenterPoint, went to pick my niece up from school and, after days of annoying nags from my lil sis, i brought them all to Yoyo. It's a quite popular place for people to have milk teas, the one with pearls and what not. so yeaaahhh. was quite lucky today! since there were less cars at that place when usually it is packed with cars since night clubs are abundant at that location .__. ordered myself the regular stuff, pearl milky tea. I don't get why i always ordered this since pearls really gets on my nerves 8,D but it's like, my brain & hand will unconsciously pick that drink... oh well.

and then made a quick stop at grocery store, and head on home!!!

now, what a way to spend the valentines eh? 8D I'm in a really really good mood now. with Furerumaindo by Hanaregumi playing on my iTunes. mmmm. now i really feel like doing some livestreams! ... we will see~

p/s mom used my Macaroon lip balm, and I think it looks better on her, since her skin is waaay fairer than mine. tsk!! =_=

Friday, February 10, 2012

Livestream 10-11 feb 2012

managed to draw these 2 only. DARN!! i remembere once upon a time ago, i could do like 4 drawing per session!!! getting sloooowww!! but what's the rush eh? ;D

1st drawing, titled "MACAROON". inspired by the Revlon Lipbutter .____.

2nd piece, "Bruce Lee Wannabe" .... NAH!! just kidding!! no title hahahahaa

HUNGRY!!! TAT and it's already 2.19am!! i haven't had any dinner yet! omg~~~~ sleep your hunger away ifa, sleep it awaaaayyyy!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I should have shared about this when i 1st saw it N years ago! why i didn't, i just can't fathom. SO!! it's never too late to share awesome things eh?

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

I always love videos like this. Simple, yet holds a lot of stories & adventures. It successfully made me wanna go traveling too.

Directed by Rick Mereki, music by Kelsey James and actor; Andrew Lees. When i look at a video, the 3 key aspect that i look into 1st, the overall concept, the music & camera/actor (if there are any). These 3 videos have em all. The camera movement is nothing dramatic, but that's just how i prefer it to be.

Do check it out guys ;D this director is definitely on my have-to-build-a-secret-shrine-for-this-guy list LOL

p/s and who could resist a hot guy traveling & eating sexy delicious foods??!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Macaroon

Feminine hormone is taking over me D8 NOOOOouuuuhhhHHHHh!!

been watching too much youtube vids mostly related to makeups, so now i am mildly hooked! ORZ I am quite opposed towards putting anything on my face except for some lip balm, but i guess, i can't run away from my female genes or whatever you wanna call it any longer!! Still a bit uncertain about all this though, but i'm gonna start baby steps.

was browsing through some make up org on fb and some friend's tweet about revlon's new line of products which is their Colorburst Lip Butter, so i decided to look it up! it's pretty much available in drug stores such as Guardian, Watson... etc etc I got mine in Guardian btw. for a retail price of RM24.90, i have to say, it's worth it!

so what is lip butter? it's like a combination of lipstick + lip balm.. ok more like a tinted lipbalm?? I recently got mine and have used it once. I have to say, i really love the shade! it really does give you this moisturizing feel but doesn't make my lips icky, and it has just enough amount of shine so that it's not too overbearing. They are quite a few colors in line, 25 if not mistaken, but so far in Malaysia, we only have 8 colors, and the products are named based on delicious snacks/ desserts like Peach Parfait, Cherry Tart, Macaroon, Sugar Plum, Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop, Fig Jam and Brown Sugar.

Mine is Macaroon, which i heard from another blog is a UK exclusive color!, and it have this warm brownish reddish tone to it and it kinda fits the tone of my skin. which is a bit dark. The packaging itself is very cute! looks delicious hahaha. One thing about it though is that, it can be a little bit hard to open. I had a bit difficulties in opening it, but nothing serious. Gonna try and hunt for Peach Parfait next T v T

so basically i'll give this line a whooping 4 out of 5! go get it!! 8D but no sweat if you can't find it or if it's oos, since this line is gonna be a permanent one from Revlon ;D expect it to be everywhere soon! Someone told me before that girls who don't usually do makeup but one day if they decided to, they will usually start with lipsticks. I have to agree on that! haha it seems like i have a lot more lip products compare to others! well a lot being just 3-4. I just don't do makeup. YET.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Maybelline lip balm, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick

also I bough a new lip balm again today since my other lipbalm is tinted too, so i need something that is colorless. It's another Maybelline [Lip] Smooth Extra Care, a cool mint flavor. I just love lip balm 8,D

so now my Cherry lip balm won't be so lonely anymore! hahaha pity I couldn't find Charles Worthington anti frizz hair serum yesterday T_T so i guess i'll just settle for L'Oreal hair serum. it's ok~ i suppose. really does put my hair in check.

on a different note! I'm currently playing Rune Factory 3 now. what a way to spend my remaining holidays eh?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I achieved something!!

i suppose... pardon the inconsistency to all the pictures below LOL

my ossum friend aurelia *winks* came to Sabah for holiday since i insisted her to because i'm on holiday. So decided to bring her "play". at 1st we planned to go to Kundasang which is somewhere near Mt Kinabalu and is apparently the tallest mountain in South East Asia. We talked about this with another 2 of my guy friends, but they are worried about the road and the fact that I'M gonna drive there >_> after loads of, uh, words of wisdom (lol) from them, and tips & tricks and all, both of us girls decided to not take the risk driving up the winding hill and just decided to go to Kudat! which is famous for its Tip of Borneo, and a less winding road haha. sorta lost a bit, ok A LOT of my confidence after listening to all the guys have to say about the road to Kundasang .___. & to be honest, i agree with them, since i am sort of new with this driving thing. I AM STILL UNDER P for crying out loud!


drove there by 11.30 and reached 3hours after. we decided to stay near the tip of Borneo :9 we picked to stay overnight at Tommy's Place. We chose a room with 2 single beds and it cost us RM130 including breakfast 8D

By the time we arrived at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, it was already was past lunch time and both of us were starving! we checked in, rest for a bit, and hunt for food. Thank god there was a small restaurant nearby. Had our late lunch, and immediately went to the beach!!! 8D played around, and immediately head to the Tip of Borneo :9 somehow for some reason, i didn't really took a lot of picture. maybe because i don't wanna burden my brain with choosing the best composition, waiting for the right moment to snap a photo. I just wanna walk around and admire the beautiful nature. For some reason, there was an ice cream, uh, bike? at the tip, and i consider myself lucky!! hahaha ate 2 ice creams (which cost a fortune u_u) and hang around that place. we decided to wait there until the sun sets, but unfortunately, the sunset was blocked by this massive cloud 8,D SAD hahaha but managed to lie down on the rock and just let the ocean breeze blow on my face while aurelia busy herself with photo taking hahaha.

after that, we went back home, shower, and had dinner at the lodge. I have to say, the food was not bad!! I ordered a RM18 beef rendang with rice, which, i showered with extra salt since it was a wee bit tasteless. BUT NO HARM DONE! it was still nice! and a nice barli drink :9 (thanks for the treat aurelia!) afterwards, i rummage through their book shelf and pick me a nice but considerably lame book and spent the rest of the night reading outdoors while listening to the sound of the ocean.

top photo courtesy of Aurelia lolol

afterwards, we went into our room, and just lie on the bed. Since i've been driving the whole day, i think i was tired and i fell asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.

Woke up by 5-6am and after washing my face, i went outside to continue my "admiring the nature" time. Brought my book and camera along (which i didn't use much) and lie on the hammock that was tied outside somewhere near the beach. the sea breeze was delightful!

afterwards, i went back to the room and woke my friend up (so much for watching the sunrise LOL) and by 8 smthng, head out to get ourselves some breakfast!! It was a buffet breakfast, English style plus fried rice & noodle. I've haven't had so much to eat for breakfast in a very long time! i think i've had 2 or 3 helpings that morning XD i remembered i ate 6 sausages LOL I love the fact that they didn't fry the sausages but steamed it instead! yay!

after finishing our breakfast, it was time for the beach again!!! managed to have a quick dip in the water. the waves were just so frightening i don't even dare to get more than a few feet into the water. pathetic i know u__u but it's been awhile since i went into the ocean. the water had this very pretty blue-ish green color and i can see right through it! awesome!

by 11am, it was time for us to say goodbye TvT *sigh* the boss of the lodge is friendly and he even recommended us to bring our own seafood next time and he will prepare fire for us to do some bbq!! overall, the lodge is just right for those who needs a place to chill for the night and the good food there is considered a bonus ;D i'll give it 3.5 out of 5

passed the wheel to my friend, and she drove from the lodge to the city since we need to fill in the gas tank bought some snacks and I drove back again all the way ;D IT WAS FUN!!

decided to stop by Shangri La Rasa Ria resort (as we always do whenever we went to kudat PFFTT) just to walk around and admire the sceneries and chill for awhile.

photo below courtesy of Aurelia again haha XD

it was nice playing at the beach. the wedding pavilion was covered with fabrics that day. i think somebody just had a wedding there. they picked a very good place for wedding T v T i envy em *foreveralone.jpg* SOBS

SO YEAAAHH!!!! 8D had a very ossum trip with my ossum friend and not to mention I drove very very far for the 1st time! T v T yeap. definitely an achievement for me. Now excuse me while i spend the remaining of my holidays by doing something, boring... uuuhhh