Saturday, February 4, 2012

I achieved something!!

i suppose... pardon the inconsistency to all the pictures below LOL

my ossum friend aurelia *winks* came to Sabah for holiday since i insisted her to because i'm on holiday. So decided to bring her "play". at 1st we planned to go to Kundasang which is somewhere near Mt Kinabalu and is apparently the tallest mountain in South East Asia. We talked about this with another 2 of my guy friends, but they are worried about the road and the fact that I'M gonna drive there >_> after loads of, uh, words of wisdom (lol) from them, and tips & tricks and all, both of us girls decided to not take the risk driving up the winding hill and just decided to go to Kudat! which is famous for its Tip of Borneo, and a less winding road haha. sorta lost a bit, ok A LOT of my confidence after listening to all the guys have to say about the road to Kundasang .___. & to be honest, i agree with them, since i am sort of new with this driving thing. I AM STILL UNDER P for crying out loud!


drove there by 11.30 and reached 3hours after. we decided to stay near the tip of Borneo :9 we picked to stay overnight at Tommy's Place. We chose a room with 2 single beds and it cost us RM130 including breakfast 8D

By the time we arrived at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, it was already was past lunch time and both of us were starving! we checked in, rest for a bit, and hunt for food. Thank god there was a small restaurant nearby. Had our late lunch, and immediately went to the beach!!! 8D played around, and immediately head to the Tip of Borneo :9 somehow for some reason, i didn't really took a lot of picture. maybe because i don't wanna burden my brain with choosing the best composition, waiting for the right moment to snap a photo. I just wanna walk around and admire the beautiful nature. For some reason, there was an ice cream, uh, bike? at the tip, and i consider myself lucky!! hahaha ate 2 ice creams (which cost a fortune u_u) and hang around that place. we decided to wait there until the sun sets, but unfortunately, the sunset was blocked by this massive cloud 8,D SAD hahaha but managed to lie down on the rock and just let the ocean breeze blow on my face while aurelia busy herself with photo taking hahaha.

after that, we went back home, shower, and had dinner at the lodge. I have to say, the food was not bad!! I ordered a RM18 beef rendang with rice, which, i showered with extra salt since it was a wee bit tasteless. BUT NO HARM DONE! it was still nice! and a nice barli drink :9 (thanks for the treat aurelia!) afterwards, i rummage through their book shelf and pick me a nice but considerably lame book and spent the rest of the night reading outdoors while listening to the sound of the ocean.

top photo courtesy of Aurelia lolol

afterwards, we went into our room, and just lie on the bed. Since i've been driving the whole day, i think i was tired and i fell asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.

Woke up by 5-6am and after washing my face, i went outside to continue my "admiring the nature" time. Brought my book and camera along (which i didn't use much) and lie on the hammock that was tied outside somewhere near the beach. the sea breeze was delightful!

afterwards, i went back to the room and woke my friend up (so much for watching the sunrise LOL) and by 8 smthng, head out to get ourselves some breakfast!! It was a buffet breakfast, English style plus fried rice & noodle. I've haven't had so much to eat for breakfast in a very long time! i think i've had 2 or 3 helpings that morning XD i remembered i ate 6 sausages LOL I love the fact that they didn't fry the sausages but steamed it instead! yay!

after finishing our breakfast, it was time for the beach again!!! managed to have a quick dip in the water. the waves were just so frightening i don't even dare to get more than a few feet into the water. pathetic i know u__u but it's been awhile since i went into the ocean. the water had this very pretty blue-ish green color and i can see right through it! awesome!

by 11am, it was time for us to say goodbye TvT *sigh* the boss of the lodge is friendly and he even recommended us to bring our own seafood next time and he will prepare fire for us to do some bbq!! overall, the lodge is just right for those who needs a place to chill for the night and the good food there is considered a bonus ;D i'll give it 3.5 out of 5

passed the wheel to my friend, and she drove from the lodge to the city since we need to fill in the gas tank bought some snacks and I drove back again all the way ;D IT WAS FUN!!

decided to stop by Shangri La Rasa Ria resort (as we always do whenever we went to kudat PFFTT) just to walk around and admire the sceneries and chill for awhile.

photo below courtesy of Aurelia again haha XD

it was nice playing at the beach. the wedding pavilion was covered with fabrics that day. i think somebody just had a wedding there. they picked a very good place for wedding T v T i envy em *foreveralone.jpg* SOBS

SO YEAAAHH!!!! 8D had a very ossum trip with my ossum friend and not to mention I drove very very far for the 1st time! T v T yeap. definitely an achievement for me. Now excuse me while i spend the remaining of my holidays by doing something, boring... uuuhhh

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