Sunday, February 19, 2012

2nd semester. COMMENCE!!

8,D aaahh after whining almost everyday during the holidays how i longed to get back to school since the break is just getting overly boring to me (a lonely person who has very little social connection and whose ideas of fun is a tad bit weird compared to the rest of the normal human being), I'm getting a bit reluctant to get back to uni now. no, not because of the classes or meeting friends, infact i'm looking forward to those the most! but the fact that i'm getting back to my dorm. ORZ getting back into the dorm means that, i have to do laundry by hands! no means of getting rid of the excess water from the laundry which brings us to the extremely long amount of time it'll take to dry my laundry!! cold shower every bloody day, and walking some friggin miles to the bus stop waiting for the bloody bus with hordes of other people!! (did i even use 'hordes' correctly there? LOL) not to mention the bug infested room i have here omg! i could've sworn i saw a pair of cockroach antenna peaking out from my bottom table drawer!!!! holy!!! ORZ and now i'm currently battling with some bug flying here & there with its poor navigation. hitting the wall everytime =_= i'm scared to sleep now. what if it gets into my ears???!!! omg =A= ;;;

well!! i guess i'll just have to endure it. not like my house is far away anyway. can get back every weekends to do laundry I suppose. aaaaahh so troublesome T__T

on a different note, managed to do a quick last minute shopping for some necessities today.. got myself these;

don't ask about the colors u__u was feeling a bit... pinkish today LOL it's like lime green! i love lime green!! but it's in a different shade... ok fine! that doesn't make sense pfft but i kinda love this color somehow. i think i'm getting sissy-er every second! OMG!! i need to kill someone before it's too late!! and restore my manliness hahaha!!

and then bought myself my own personal broom. those small ones, like a brush and my own dishwasher liquid. I don't really like sharing with others. NO!! don't get me wrong!! it's not like i don't mind sharing other people's stuff, but i just don't like doing it. i prefer it better if people borrow MY stuff instead of me borrowing other people's stuff! so yeaaahhhh... 8D as usual, my choice of item will ALWAYS be based on the packaging 1st LOL!!

RM6 ++

loving it. love the lemongrass smell to it. :9 and really convenient too! considering this a haul! haha

RIGHT!! my body is sore after cleaning up my part of the room and i'm sharing my room with 3 other person haha my section is ALWAYS the messy one XD

right, i better get to bed now :9 have to wake up early & fresh tmrw!! ... shoot! it's 12.36 already D,8 aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ALL THE BEST FOR THIS TERM IFA!!!!!