Saturday, April 30, 2011

omg it's may

8,D what happened to april??!!! OTL OTL OTL

more april sketch dumps pfffttt coz i'm ossum like that -slapself-

did a lot of pencil sketches lately & also inked some. 8,D enjoyed it tremendously since i did all my stuff mostly on computer.

and i'm currently trying to finish all my commissions OTL doing this one (picture below) right now. 8,D don't know what got into me. drawing violin again OTL OTL oh well. this is so far enjoyable :9

look at the amount of layers _-_ ;; pffftttt

some other random quick doodle/drawing

fwah, almost 90% are drawing of guys haahahaahahaha!! -shrug-

8,D can't wait till monday. i hope i will receive my artbook by then. after i got my package, can't wait to update on my spoils of war OTL OTL

Monday, April 25, 2011

8,D spent some moolahs

OTL 1st thing 1st, I LOST MY PERSONA 4 PS2 GAME CD!!!!! i feel like jumping off a cliff now OTL OTL OTL SERIOUSLY!! i am like extremely hyped to restart that game again, but when i opened the cd case and there's nothing inside, it feels like some part of me just died OTL I shall hunt for it again tmrw SOBS even if i have to tear the house apart!!! -clench fist-


after promising myself not to spend the money i earned doing commission, i sorta... broke that promise. I KNOW!! i am pathetic OTL wanted to save that money to buy ps3 OTL but i guess i have to work even harder now SOBS

what i spent my money on you ask? (you didn't?!! ... heck i'm gonna say it anyway pffttt) I bought Professor Layton & the Unwound Future from Play-Asia. sure it's nothing special but it is for me i guess. 8,D I have to choose between okamiden & professor layton!!! it was a hard decision. first because I've sworn to buy okamiden because that is the sole purpose of me buying a ds in the 1st place. but i guess professor layton won 8,D if i get this game, it'll be the 1st original ds game that i have OTL (*cough* blame those roms & my r4 card *cough*) and this is sorta my 1st online purchase!! wee!!! 8,D i am happy. I really hope the package will arrive fast enough. I mean, T_T it says in PlayAsia page, shipping will be 24 hours. pffftttt but it has been 4...5 days already, & i don't think they hv shipped it out yet pfffftt sigh. i just can't wait!!!! T_____T

the 2nd stuff that i'm gonna splurge on is, Kazuaki's Artwork artbook 8,D it was a hard decision for me too OTL since i wanted to get The Art of Karigurashi OTL but I guess this'll have to wait 8,D still gonna get it tho! ECSTATIC! 8,D my friend told me he'd get it for me since his sister works at Kinokuniya. so she can actually get the employee discount!! i don't deserve such kindness OTL

8,D but i don't dare say anything more since i haven't got my hands on these 2 lovely stuff yet. so yeah. I am sooo gonna take pictures of it once i have it with me!!! 8,D

3rd ly... i just lost myself more money by subscribing to deviantArt OTL SOOOBBBSSSSS but I found the poll & art thumbnails on journal feature quite interesting & slightly important. haha especially when i wanna open commission. it's easier for customers to immediately see the sample image, rather than having to click links. 1 by 1. so troublesome!!!! so yeaaaaahhhh!!!! 8,D

i shall work harder to get more money to get more artbooks & stuff!! YES -sobs-

also some artworks that i manage to vomit out these couple of days haha

some breath of fire 4 fanart. it's nina & the ventriloquist 8,D my fav character design in BoF4 (the ventriloquist i mean)

persona 3 portable stuff

and some spamano 8,D HETALIA

yeap!! currently drawing another original piece, since i think i did too much fanarts already OTL some wip

still in the process of figuring out the color scheme 8,D you can do it ifa!!! i really wish to incorporate a lot of stuff in the background!!!!!!! OTL but i procrastinate too much OTL

OK!!! that's it!!! i'm gonna go play breath of fire 4 now 8,D i wanna play persona 4 SOBS -scratch wall-

breath of fresh air

8,D today i did a drawing traditionally!!! WOOHOO!!!!! twas fun!

drawn with pencil on paper. later inked with pen & edited + throw in some colors using photoshop :E

I really enjoyed doing this. tho imho i kinda destroyed it with this kind of messy coloring LOOOLLL!!!! oh well!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Persona 4 fanart

8,D can't friggin wait for persona 4 animation!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKJHGFGHJKKJH!!! i am very very very very very excited!!!! so far everything looks good (and this is based on a lass that 30 sec short clip from the animation OLOLOL) CAN'T WAIT!!!!

some fanart i did :E did 2 version (albeit a simple one) one with glasses, & the other one without em. actually wanted to draw some wall behind there. like those house wall/fence whatever you call em, since they are walking to school or smthng lk that.... 8,D i dunno what happen....

some w.i.p etc etc

8,D i get excited again just thinking about souj.. i mean, Yu OTL OTL why can't they just stick with Seta Souji T_____T sigh. Yu doesn't sound THAT bad tho. oh well...

oh and i did a fanart of Haku from Spirited Away too. was suppose to draw ponyo... 8,D but i figured the rough sketch i did of her was waaaaaayyy above her original age LOL so maybe will redo sometime later.

YEAP!! that's it!! sleep!!!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

things that i drew recently

-yawn- actually wasn't planning on updating my blog when i opened blogger. I was sure I'm supposed to do something else, but i can't rmmbr what. so I figured, i might as well do a bit of update here. hahaha. it feels kinda dead LOL

i really wish to improve more. so envious looking at other talented bast.. i mean... talented artist! -cough- but i've since long removed those depressing thoughts like... how good they are & how shitty I am kinda thinking. there's no use being so negative pffftt (even if i kinda did it sometimes haha) i just have to keep practicing. yes. i am very glad to be one of those type of people who get easily motivated whenever i look at awesome works! ... and gets easily depressed too.......... -cricket sound-


some commissioned works~

some random personal work (more like a result of procrastination LOL)

the below sketches are... SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI!!!!!! I LOVE SiH!!!!! i baaawwwww-ed non-stop while watching the anime hahhaha!!

and kiki. this was actually just for fun. tried to draw with left hand,
and compare it with my right hand OLOLOLOL!!!

YEAP~~~ that is it!!! 8D gonna update 1 more time later on on what have i been up to lately hahaha now i shall bathe & hunt for food OTL