Sunday, April 17, 2011

Persona 4 fanart

8,D can't friggin wait for persona 4 animation!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKJHGFGHJKKJH!!! i am very very very very very excited!!!! so far everything looks good (and this is based on a lass that 30 sec short clip from the animation OLOLOL) CAN'T WAIT!!!!

some fanart i did :E did 2 version (albeit a simple one) one with glasses, & the other one without em. actually wanted to draw some wall behind there. like those house wall/fence whatever you call em, since they are walking to school or smthng lk that.... 8,D i dunno what happen....

some w.i.p etc etc

8,D i get excited again just thinking about souj.. i mean, Yu OTL OTL why can't they just stick with Seta Souji T_____T sigh. Yu doesn't sound THAT bad tho. oh well...

oh and i did a fanart of Haku from Spirited Away too. was suppose to draw ponyo... 8,D but i figured the rough sketch i did of her was waaaaaayyy above her original age LOL so maybe will redo sometime later.

YEAP!! that's it!! sleep!!!!



  1. Your stuff is so awesome! better then mine! <3

  2. haha thanks for visiting my blog then!