Friday, June 29, 2012

short trip pt.1

i still remember how every time when it's the semester break, i'd be switching off my phone. doing nothing other than TV, games, reading books, sleep, more sleep, draw & of course socializing through online media PFFT hahaha but i was contented somehow before with this routine of mine :/ now it's like, i keep wanting to find me people to hang out with, but none (well maybe 1 or 2) would wanna call me up just for a short drink (or long ones) or window shopping =_= i think i have a lot more friends who'd call me up to hang out during college years somehow. haha. i wonder why is it so different here. This time, i haven't switch off my phone at all. restless. got back to my drawing & photoshop stuff. i felt a bit more, peaceful somehow. forgot everything & just focusing on what i love to do. minding my own business. :)

anyways, family decided to do a short trip to Lahad Datu (somewhere in Borneo. google it up ORZ) to settle some... business. so decided to follow along since it's been awhile since we've bee anywhere far together. Haven't been to this place for ages now. Can't really remember if there were any changes to the city or not :/

this place has this lonely, solemn air around it somehow. maybe it was because of the dark history of pirate attack in 1985.