Saturday, March 17, 2012

what procrastination made me do lately

i've never been 1 to fall into the world of girly ness... not that i don't HAVE the desire to be all girly, i am a girl afterall LOL but apart from I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW well, i guess most of the style that i rather opt for are all so dull & plain. BUT I LIKE IT! hahaha irked my friend because of this fact. she was like "i need to teach you how to be more girly!!!"

even most of my cosmetics (if i can even call them that) it's either i bought it because it is an essential, or because of the packaging, which often happen. and also because of assignments. like those 2 nail polish up there hahaha. though i'm pretty sure i bought the brown one because i wanted to split a big rm50 note.

ifa... oh ifa. tsk tsk tsk XD

considering cutting my hair extremely short :3 give me 1 week to think 1st. mmhmmm.

another weekend foray

my friend Alice contacted me & asked whether i wanna hang out with her on saturday or not, so i said SURE.

had to wake up very early since it's a long drive to her place (she didn't know that LOL) so the 1st place we head to was Suria Sabah since she's never been there before :) my attempt in trying out Fullhouse went down the drain again T__T i seriously think i should go only on weekdays since it seems impossible to even try & go there on the weekends =_= so we head to Upperstar. its been awhile haha.

ordered the normal dish grilled chicken with an extra baked mushroom soup. let's just say my friend enjoyed her meal & nothing can make me happier than a satisfied stomach be it my own or someone else lol.

both of us were practically typing away on our smart devices like crazy haha checking in on fb, instagraming LOL people nowadays pfft

after filling in our stomachs, decided to walk around for a bit. i didn't buy anything as nothing really interest me here, and those that really do, cost a fortune! lol so i just let my friend shop. afterwards, went to another shopping mall since i wanted to get myself drawing tools. but bugger it all, the stationery shop was closed =_= wtf! and another shop didn't sell what i wanted. managed to get myself a toolbox for my brushes & paints though. so i guess it was not a failed day afterall. Left my friend with her pedicure activity haha looking at her being happy made me happy XD and we talked a lot. about life. about friends. about how pretty her nails are (pfft) and how lucky we are to know each other :)

it's hard for me to find a girlfriend that i can really click with! most of my friends are guys and so far, i can actually count with only 1 hand the amount of girlfriends that i can really talk with and most of them are not even from my own course... so lonely somehow. i asked her opinion on this matter and she said it's probably the way i think and do things. it's not like the other girls. well i do admit i am more open with a lot of things compare to other girls in class i suppose & i just love to talk (but do more listening than talking) haha BUT!! it doesn't matter! yeah! slowly ifa. slowly.

after she has done her pedicure, dinner! went to this place called La Viva cafe / Fatty Chef. I hv to say, the atmosphere in this restaurant is just so romantic! hahaha this warrants for some photos!!! pardon me for the color inconsistencies. some i edited with photoshop, some i didn't... some i just took from instagram LOL

friend's beef watan hor. can't remember the price haha.

mee mamak RM12

I'll give it a... 2.4 out of 5 i suppose. it tasted ok actually. normal. mmm. and my drink is a tad sour :T but all in all, it was ok. couldn't finish it tho haha.

after that i remembered my mom asked me to buy her stuff from kaison! so thank goodness i'll be passing another shopping mall on my way to sending my friend back. so we decided to make 1 last stop at 1Borneo. that's 3 shopping malls in 1 day!! hahaha!! went to kaison, didn't find the thing i was looking for (brilliant) almost, ALMOST wanted to get myself Karamell Almondo's vanilla ice cream, but i'm proud of myself for not falling into the temptation XD Alice wanted to drink starbucks to keep her awake at night for assignment sake, so OK! head to the new starbucks at ground floor.

Alice were happily choosing what to drink & i was a bit disappointed looking at the selections of food they have. NO SHEPHERDS PIE. BLASPHEMY. hahaha! and then this guy was like "hey, i remember you. do you remember me?" i was a bit blur after he said that, so i wrecked my brain in thinking where i have met him before, to no avail. "you remember! we met before! you were with my friend, that tall guy with glasses?" ...... "OH!!!! YOU!!! i remember you!!! u worked upstairs before right?!" , "yeah! welcome to the new starbucks shop!" i was so hyped up people actually remembered my face! hahahaha when i don't .__. guilty. ahem. but we talked & talked. conclusion? he's a nice guy! hahaha promised him i'll get back there for the starbucks membership card XD and i shall! just not anytime soon. LOL.

OH! it's that guy! lol

i am pretty tempted to get this card. just scared i won't be using it to it's full benefit. but rm20 for a lifetime membership? 8D WHY NOT???!! will drop by again some other time.

that's it. it's very nice to go out with someone who won't go "omg, this place looks so expensive! lets not get inside!" or "omg!!!!! the food here is so expensive! let's find some other place" once in awhile. i mean, it's never a crime to just get into an expensive looking shop to look around! nobody is forcing you to buy anything! hahhaha and if expensive food means quality, then i don't see a problem in that. you are consuming something that will get into your body!!! the least you could do is to make sure it is safe & clean & good. RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!!?? //facepalm// but i could've sworn i heard my wallet weeping in misery afterwards hahaha

overall? i had fun! : ) THANKS ALICE <3

Friday, March 16, 2012


can't seem to sleep. kept thinking about a lot of things in bed. about my class. about the drama in class. assignments (even though i was rather reluctant in starting any of them haha). my language proficiency, especially english & chinese i suppose ._. my life. and basically all those typical stuff that i don't really bother about most of the time.

but it's not all the thinking what bothers me the most, it's the fact that i'm not doing anything but just lying on the bed, like a dead person that irks me.

had this argument in class regarding our corporate shirt. i just don't get the whole deal about it. i mean, so majorities don't like the color. so what? it's not like the decision is impossible to change. you don't agree with the design? change. you don't like the color? change. you don't like everything? god help me, you really need help. haha. NO i am not blaming anybody here. it's never wrong to voice out your opinion, but i would prefer voicing out any objections face-to-face rather than posting it up in any social network online. You know how it is with voicing out opinions with texts. different people will have different interpretations on things. so arguments could happen any friggin time. everytime i read any messages concerning this issue on my class' fb group, it's like, waltzing across a room covered with land mines.

my point is, i'm not gonna be on anybody's side. I'm gonna be standing alone. on the neutral side of the room. it's all purely logical. all this just because of 1 shirt design? i don't understand. haha

can i talk about something different? sure i can. I don't get it how people can wake other people up from a nap without feeling any guilt (unless they requested to be woken up that is). I sorta fell asleep the other day outside the class while waiting for the classroom door to be opened, and to be honest, i don't like it when people disturbs me when i nap & without a reason! if just for the sake of greeting me, honestly, you could save that for later. also 1 of my pet peeves, people waking me up, me feeling groggy & annoyed (but hides it skillfully), and you keep on talking to me like i'm oh so interested. don't get me wrong. i love listening to people talk. i really do! but not when i am all moody after you've woke me up without any reason. =_= i get really really annoyed when that happens. seriously. but most of the time, i don't really have problem with ppl waking me up UNLESS there is a reason & i don't really care whether the reason is so unimportant, as long as there is 1.

what else. hmm. I don't like repetitive jokes? i suppose. i laugh easily, but if certain jokes are being repeated over & over again, even the jolly me would have difficulties in laughing it off. gosh! why am i even talking about all this now?!

have a date tomorrow with a friend. i just wish she doesn't live so far away 8,D had to pick her up, which means i have to prepare at least 2 hours early nggfffhhh! but seriously lookin forward to spending a day with friend : ) eventhough the chances are quite bleak, i really wish i could finally give the new Fullhouse restaurant a try!!

right. off to bed.

I'm still not doing anything haha. GOOD NIGHT!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


hey guys! how was your weekends so far? mine is looking pretty dandy XD haha went back home (because of laundry u_u) and had the privilege to use the car! at 1st i planned to go out with some of my friends but had to cancel my plans due to some unplanned... plan...? WHICH was later cancelled (dad!! =_=) and when i told all of my friends that i've cancelled the trip tsk. so after knowing that the car is free for me to use, i contacted everybody aaaand apparently, they all have their own plans already! imagine my disappointment!! was pretty desperate in getting myself a new phone casing for my iPhone 4s, so by hook or by crook, i'm gonna get my butt out of the house even if it means going on a lone trip.

but lucky me!! a friend of mine decided to accompany me and she brought another friend along! officially happy! so i drove to my uni (which took me almost an hour) pick em up, and went to Suria Sabah shopping mall. 1st stop? phone casing!! didn't manage to find any nice casing :T it's very hard to find an iPhone 4s casing here!! they keep telling me that 4 & 4s is similar, but it is NOT! the volume & silent button on that side doesn't fit well with iPhone 4 casing! unless that part is completely cut out. You get what i mean??!! i couldn't get those with holes for the buttons already carved out. oh god. forgive my English 8,D me no speak English ORZ

ANYWAYS. so my forays into searching for phone casing in Suria Sabah went downhill, so ON TO LUNCH! wanted to try this new place called Fullhouse which is a lifestyle store & cafe and once again, i was disappointed. that place was a fullhouse! =A= what do i expect from a newly opened place eh? i guess next time then. Dropped by Cotton On to find me a new bag :T and even that plan didn't go well. Cotton On sabah needs to restock on their items. like seriously!

after contemplating between Secret Recipe or Sushitei for lunch, i chose Sushitei. both of my friends had their lunch and they have never tried sushi before, SO HEY~~ 8D let's just say i quite enjoy my meal. the food was honestly so-so, but i haven't had any japanese food for so long!!! so it was very very liberating! anymore western & i'll jump out of my room window.

ordered myself a typical Chicken Katsu don & a few sushis for the others :) 1 of my friend kept saying the sauce is too salty _-_ ;; i think it was normal somehow. i guess she's not used to it haha.

after lunch, decided to head to Center Point. yes, another shopping mall u_u in search for phone casing LOL AND FINALLY!!! found it!!! can't really say i'm not happy with my purchase, but i'm not THAT satisfied either :T but i guess it'll do for now.


like i don't need to advertise my phone anymore =v= the casing just HAD to have that "iPhone" word there LOL but it's quite cute right??!! RIGHT??!! 8D i love the color & its texture! but alas, when i'm already quite happy with my purchase, i just HAD to see this =_=


A POLKA DOTTED CASING! OH. MY. GOD!!! i swear, my inner polka dotted fanatic self was screaming like crazy!!! ALAS... it's specifically designed for iPhone4. i was extremely, i repeat, EXTREMELY disappointed T_T the side buttons couldn't fit nicely into the holes. i am SAD. it's a sign for me to save money i guess eh?

there were a lot more design, but none catches my attention like that one up there. T__T oh life!! so once again dejected, decided to head to F.O.S to hunt for bags while my friends went somewhere else. didn't find any bags too... ugh. it is just not meant to be!!!

received a text from my friend, asked her out for dinner :9 so all of us decided to head back to the Uni smwhere around 7. another friend called & he was apparently in 1Borneo (ANOTHER shopping mall apparently LOL) hunting for pants. so ok. might as well meet up! so i drove there & 1st question, WHERE TO HAVE DINNER. after debating for so long, decided to get into Old Town

orange frizz, honey lemon & water

i ordered french toast :9 and i prefer this over the "roti tebal celup telur inti tuna" or whatever they call it haha basically it's like french toast except that it's not sweet & rather than filling it up with peanut butter, it's filled up with tuna instead D: NOT SWEET AT ALL but i suppose it's not all that bad lah. hah! xD after that, went into phone casing searching mode again since my friend told me there're quite a few nice choices in this place too. so OK!! did saw a few good ones, BUT T___T yeaaahhh that button part on the side //sigh// life. and the shopping mall was bloody hot!! friend told me the limit for using aircon went down to 28..or was it 24 degrees =_= holy. i was sweating in silence! oh well. after walking around, killing time, decided to send all my friends back since the uni gate will be closed by 10pm :X so okay. XD the 2 guys asked me to hang out with them again afterwards :9 i couldn't say no to that!

went to Party Play since my friend told me the dessert there was heavenly!! so okay!!! and OH MY GOD. it was indeed GOOD!!! can't rmmbr the name though hahaha! the chocolate melts in my mouth like... OH.MY.G... i shall keep quiet now u_u


friend told me that it's probably too much for me to finish (since he had some difficulties in finishing his) & another friend said "nevermind! i'm here!!" hahaha these 2 guys are so funny XD but they were wrong!! i could finish it like it's nothing!!! IT WAS SO SO SO NICE!!! the moment i poke my fork into the chocolaty goodness, all those chocolates!!! won't stop emerging from inside! OH GOD & i'm not really that big fan of chocolates!! BUT THIS. THIS WAS SO SO GOOD!! the combination of hot chocolate & cold belgian vanilla ice cream was perfect!!! aaaaahh i'm drooling just thinking abt this! 8,D is a happy customer haha I gave it a good 4 out of 5!!!!

some extra pictures :9

believe it or not, this is plain water LOL

manly hand *wiggles eyebrows* see!! your hand does look big enough la!! XD

childhood friends : )

i really had fun that day :D ifa is happy ;D

p/s pardon any grammar or spelling mistake! hah!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPhone 4s


after much contemplation & brain wrecking & indecisiveness, i've finally gotten myself an iPhone 4s!! YIPPEE!!! 8,D can you imagine how happy i am right now??!

thanks to my parents ; v ; haha. it was a pretty close call between 4s & samsung galaxy s2, bt after listening to several of my friends' opinions, decided to get this one instead! seriously, when i asked a few of my friends for opinions, they told me the same thing!!! "ur a Mac user right? iPhone" LOL!! can't help myself from laughing XD even though rumors of iPhone 5 coming out soon are all over the place, but to be honest, i thnk 4s is just nice for me. the hi-tec this gadget gets, the higher the chances of me throwing out my iMac, laptop, dslr & mp3 player out of my window LOL!!

i mean, come on!! 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, siri, the apps! i hope by owning this, my organizing skills will get even better u_u what with all the reminder & .... other... uh.. organizing related apps .__. ;;

took me a few days to finally buy (and a veeery long time in deciding) there was even once where i went to the apple store and had this situation =_= ... wait, lemme copy & paste the situation, since i've posted it on fb before...

"went to Technocrats 1Borneo to hunt for phone. IT WAS FRIGGIN HORRIBLE! (and i'm using "friggin" to be discreet here)

1. there is NO sample for customer to try (both 4 & 4s)

2. the worker DOESN'T EVEN KNOW what processor both 4 & 4s used (& i purposely asked to see whether he knew or not) and it's like i'm the one doing all the answering for him (since i've done a bit of research abt the phone)

3. when i asked a lot more about the specs (even though i knew lol) he had the guts to tell me "I'm sorry, I'm not an iPhone user, so I don't know". WHAT THE HELL!!! it's your bloody job to know about all that albeit not owning any gadget from Apple! YOU ARE A SALESPERSON THERE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!

4. when i asked him abt Siri, he looked at me like i never, ever, even ONCE in my life learn English & it's better if i don't buy it since Siri operates in English. I was like... "oh. really?"

i was pissed (but i'm very pro at not showing my emotion) so i asked "so how do you guys sell things if you don't even have the sample for customer to try? how now?" and he just look at his fellow worker in a very blur way. after trying my best to lower down my bitchiness, i asked him again "there's another Technocrats in Suria Sabah right? and i'm pretty sure they have a sample there, so i thnk i'll just head there tmrw" and i sorta just walk out of the shop."

i was really pissed that time hahahaha XD but i'm really good at hiding my emotion. so the next day, i went to suria sabah to hv the worker telling me that they are out of 16gb white colored iPhone4s =_= i was like... da hell. i asked that guy to give the apple store i 1 borneo a call again to ask whether they hv stock or not, and lucky me, they have it!!! 8D so they reserved it for me! HUZZAH! and it was the only 1 left too!! SO LUCKY!!! aaahhh!!! and the person whom i'm dealing with this time is WAY better than the one yesterday pfffttt

so anyways!! here it is!!

i am so excited with this purchase!! currently still playing around with it : ) downloaded sm apps. i thnk that'll keep me occupied & entertained for a very very long time XD

now if only i can get my hands on Whatsapp :T unfortunately (or should i say fortunately? LOL) my phone is not jailbreaked yet. and i tend to keep it that way smhow D: so... well... any non-free apps, well... mmm... yeah... //stares blankly at the floor//

ANYWAYS!!! my 1st instagram!!! haha typical. a photo of my table pfft =v= ;;

will be lookin forward to discovering more ossumness from this phone! i seriously had fun talking to siri haha. alas, i am at home now, with wifi .___. and i'm not sure abt uni //sigh// life! ORZ

my sony ericsson have served me well : ) you can rest now. thank you for serving me & i'm sorry for all the toss & drops & scratched that i made T_T i am a very bad owner.