Saturday, March 17, 2012

what procrastination made me do lately

i've never been 1 to fall into the world of girly ness... not that i don't HAVE the desire to be all girly, i am a girl afterall LOL but apart from I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW well, i guess most of the style that i rather opt for are all so dull & plain. BUT I LIKE IT! hahaha irked my friend because of this fact. she was like "i need to teach you how to be more girly!!!"

even most of my cosmetics (if i can even call them that) it's either i bought it because it is an essential, or because of the packaging, which often happen. and also because of assignments. like those 2 nail polish up there hahaha. though i'm pretty sure i bought the brown one because i wanted to split a big rm50 note.

ifa... oh ifa. tsk tsk tsk XD

considering cutting my hair extremely short :3 give me 1 week to think 1st. mmhmmm.

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