Sunday, April 1, 2012

a breathe of freshest air

this post is long overdue! was meant to update this last week, but i guess i got caught up in something (pointless i'm sure) so here comes ifa's blog spam!!! START!!!


to make story short, since i'm lazy hahaha, i'm lucky enough to have a friend who is in possession of a car //wiggles eyebrows// well the class uhh what do you call that, our class leader, called him 1 day and asked whether he could drive some guys to Kundasang (the name of that place) to search for lodgings u_u since the place that we were suppose to be lodging at were full and it actually need at least 3 months of booking u_u and we were too late. so he brought me along hahaha XD

i woke up early because of my starbucks craving :( so went to the shopping mall. it was a hard decision though. i mean, well, if i went to the mall, this means my friend would have to pick me up over there u_u i don't like to trouble others haha but i asked him anyway and he went "i don't see any problem in picking you up over there since we are using that road anyway" LOL so OKAY!

craving for starbucks AND McD. grabbed a fillet-o-fish only since big mac won't be available till 11 :( bummer but the buns were oh so soft! portion still too small for my stomach though, so i head to the bakery & had a cream cheese bun :9 well, it'll do i suppose hahaha

friend picked me up :D and off we go!! the road was not as treacherous as i'd imagine it to be! LOL but i don't deny that i might need a liiiittle bit more of courage to drive up there haha. The journey was ok :D as usual i sat infront (co-pilot pfffttt very useless one at that XD) so i'm lucky! because i can see the sceneries quite clearly from where i am!! ;)

this car T v T it has done a lot for us all. sayang sayang ; v ; the brakes were working soooo hard until there was a screeching noise. really need to send it for a service man.

KINABALU MOUTAIN!!! i was so happy to see this!! like seriously!! it was huge!!! and to be able to get even a little bit closer to it made me excited as hell!!!

(below pic) Kinabalu Park. were thinking of having lunch here, but the price is just ridiculous =_= because of the tourist attraction and all i suppose. but RM20++ for a plate of fried noodle??!! COME ON!!! and this coming from a very poor student's mouth LOL price is standard hotel-ish ones -v-

saw this pretty flower!! looked like a fan hahaha but it was really pretty :D can't find this on lower levels. PRETTY!

I was sort of screaming (not really) everytime i saw the waterfall on the hills & mountains! my friend was like "later you'll have the chance to see them waterfall even closer!!" whee! and it was true!!! i've never been closer to this mountain like i was that day!! the fresh air, the cold wind blowing, the majestic view!! GOD! i wanna live here forever!!!! T v T

so back to our original plan in going here LOL we head to our 1st stop, Kiram's Village. Judging by the way the roads are, all of us in the car thought it impossible for the bus to even reach halfway! it was steep! very steep!! and the size of the road... phew!

the sky was ridiculously brighter here!! lolol

Saw this while going up the hills!! XD LOL! me and my friend was like "OH MY GOD!!! JAMSARI!!!!" Sir Jamsari was our lecturer XD taught us corporate communication last semester. hahahaha (but no, it's not really his place or anything XD we asked)

aaaand we finally reached our destination. well, sad to say, it doesn't fill the requirement that we were looking for D: and the chalets are a bit... limited and we have 67 students! not including lecturer. also the road is just impossible u_u but heck!! gonna throw in some pictures anyway LOL

friend keep calling all flowers tulips LOL this is a daisy right??!!! RIGHT?! XD

afterwards, we went to the Kundasang War Memorial. hey~ might as well do a bit of sightseeing while we were here eh? ;D

pretty natural lighting!!! :D didn't even need to edit this lol!

"please don't step me. later i will die" LOL

continued our journey by walking around, saying "hi" to strangers. there were also nameplates of those who perished during the war, and both my friend & I were laughing at all the weird names u__u yes... we shouldn't have. i mean... 8,D a person named "butt" & "balls" ??!!! ORZ people must've think us crazy for laughing & taking pictures of interesting names u_u couldn't help it haha it was fun : )

OH!! and we did managed to find a nice lodging afterwards. thanks to our friend XD she's local! i mean... she came from that area, so she got connections! LOL didn't take a lot of pictures of that place though. but i can say, the window view was magnificent!

yeap!!! that's all!!! :) i had fun!

p/s favorite photo! hahaha thanks for this picture mister ;D
p/s2 all pictures were taken with an iPhone 4s!!! the quality is gooood!! O_O


  1. lovely pictures Naooo! You sound like a tourist who went to Sabah! hahahaha

    1. O_O hey... i did sound like that huh??! LOLOL XD thank you for reading my blog baby! <3

  2. hahahahah!! ifa2...yeah u sounds like a tourist la

    1. 8D hello there mr anonymous LOL

      hahahaha XD posting a tourist-ish post sometimes are good!