Sunday, April 1, 2012

latest work

D: this is like, my 3rd blog update in 1 day!! LOL can't help myself hahaha

haven't draw anything for awhile now. did some typography work, photo manipulation stuff... so yeaahh.... u_u

i really had fun doing this one! it's like, the moment we had the brief for this project, this idea popped into my head!! so i guess i knew what i wanted to do for this one. received another assignment similar to this. a group work. my mind was... a bit blank though u_u hmmppphh

also managed to draw a little something today. a very quick one though.

yeah. that's it. i better get back to my... assignments .____. LATER!!!

p/s try saying "good eye might". it's impossible to say that without sounding like an Australian now LOL XD something random u_u ahem.


on a different note, i went down for breakfast at the cafe today (their food is improving ever so slightly! that's good news right?! lol) they even give free soup! XD

afterwards, went to this... i don't know what to call it. sorta like a small gazebo hahaha just to sit around and do nothing. was playing with my phone's camera. snapping pictures everywhere, when i sorta pointed the lens upwards. and i thought my eyes were deceiving me when i saw sort of like... a rainbow in my camera! O_O i was like... "heck no! it's extremely bright right now! rainbow??!!" so when i look up... i saw it!! O_O a halo around the sun!!! XD i went ecstatic LOL

before that i was staring at the shadows of the leaves on the tree dancing on the ground. the breeze was lovely :)

i guess... i really am easily entertained haha. i laughed easily & i can get distracted easily too. i just wish my brain capacity is a bit larger than now =_= ;;


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