Monday, February 28, 2011

black lady

did another livestream tonight. hahaha it's always the same person who dropped by Q n Q sad~ but i feel more comfortable drawing when familiar friends are around hahaha!! there're 1 or 2 visitors too actually, but they don't really say much. how i wish they would at least say 'hi'. SOOOBBSSS oh well~

I swear, naoko takeuchi really did a great job designing her characters Q v Q they are GORGEOUS!! even if sailormoon was like... 1st publish centuries ago, it still is beautiful!! LOVE IT!!! Q v Q

tried putting it as my wallpaper to see how it looks like. hahaha!! not THAT bad i think XD but I am not THAT narcissistic, will change the wallpaper after this LOL

and now... I shall sleep. or read some book. i think. :E

Sunday, February 27, 2011

i just don't get it

-sigh- i don't even know how to say it out properly. OTL well... i just don't get it.


slept late last night. woke up by 1 pm well actually 12 smthng (what with all that rolling around on bed in my blanket LOL) bed always appears it best when you woke up OTL so comfy and all.

well, need to update my blog on new works and doodles & stuff. here goes~

I managed to finish my DBSK work Q v Q as requested by my friend. she asked me to draw changmin & yunho and wanna make it into her wallpaper SOBS!!! screenshot. Q v Q i am happy. she edited it a bit, and it looked even nicer than the one i did LOOOOOLLLLL!!!!

I also somehow was featured in this dA group called "I draw boys" SOOOOBBBBSSS!!! i am happy.

on other note... my idea for this hetalia korea anthology got somewhat rejected OTL i don't know why am I feeling extra depressed today. i don't even....

now i need to pull myself together and think of another story. SOOOOBBBSSSS GOOD LUCK IFA!!! Q A Q

Saturday, February 26, 2011


remember this? Q v Q I practically wept like a sissy person when I saw this!! SOBS!! such memories!!

so me n my friend was skyping the other day, and I suggested we draw sailormoon character! 8D and I chose Hotaru Tomoe aka sailor saturn. MY FAVORITE!!! she's GORGEOUS!!! I DON'T THINK I DID HER JUSTICE ENOUGH!! AAUUUGGGHHH!!!!

niku's work is censored PFFFTTT!! pretty sure she wouldn't want people to see it. PFFFFTTTTT eventho i think it's ok since it's just w.i.p HAH!!!! XD

edited the background a bit. just added dabs of blue n pink here & there. OTL i wonder if i made it look even worst than before AHAHAHAHAHA! OTL

final result. sorta...

some close ups~

AHHH!! took me forever finishing this!!! too much procrastination i don't even.... but i truly enjoy the process. and I learned a few stuff from it too. i think... ahaaaha~

it's good to paint on 1 layer, but there's pain too OTL and in the end, my file size is 600++ mb. I don't even know how it happened!!! must've been the backgrounds. OTL OTL

so yeah!!! foresee more sailormoon fanart coming SOBS!! NO IFA NOOOO!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

o hey~ it's 6 am

and I still haven't sleep yet!!! OTL i can feel my life span shortening. OTL some new work that i've produce SOOOOBBBSS!!!

from today's livestream session 8,D it's fun to livestream when funny people are around LOL!!

after being in dilemma whether I should sleep or read bl, i chose to sleep OTL even the sky is getting blue OTL


Thursday, February 17, 2011


GEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Q v Q I am sooo happy I don't even... ASDFGHJKHGH!!! was contemplating whether I should get this or not~ but decided.. WHY NOT!! saw a friend's friend advertise on selling this unopened box on fb. Q n Q I immediately noted this stranger. LOL. and yes~ finally got it.

PICTURES!! YES PICTUUURES!!!!! there's probably 23467897654345 site out there that already did an unboxing post/video, but heck, i'm gonna do it anyway. just for my record.
my brother went into my room and told me "pos laju" and I was like...wha..-few min silence- *scream* SO FAAAST!! the person just sent it like.. YESTERDAY!! OAO OH MY GOD!! imagine my surprise!!! he himself thought it'll arrive by next week!!!! ECSTATIC!

it does have quite a weight to it. considering there's a nendo puchi + 300 pages of animation storyboard book thingy.

stripped it naked 8D~

oh yes!!! OH YEEESSSS!!!

oh brs, you hot thing you!

oh dead master. you lookin' gorgeous!!!!!

so i opened the box. I'd have to say, the packaging itself is nice~ of course with having Huke himself supervising the whole thing, it should look ossum~ the star in the middle is a nice touch! and really love the checkered pattern on the box Q v Q

1st thing that I saw when I opened the box, is the bluray/dvd box and the nendo puchi box 8,D

there's also a 300 pages of storyboard book included in this limited edition set :,D so happy to see a detailed storyboard!! considering I loooove to do storyboard!! Q v Q this is great indeed! I can learn loads with this!!

there's also a mini artbook included 8D huke is 1 of my fav artist that draw girls! (of course red juice still tops my list ;D) I really love his strokes and choice of colors. also the designs to each 1 of his characters. beautiful... beautiful... -nods-

also includes rough sketches Q v Q

AND THE NENDO PUCHI!!!!!!! AAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna let them sit in the box for now until I have a really really really proper place to put both of em. tempted to open it AAUGHH! but i shall not!

so there you have it!! this everything there is in the box Q v Q cost me a painful rm200+ OTL but it is worth it!!!

and also the obligatory picture of me with stuff that literally killed my wallet. OTL

:,D happy

on other note!!

currently working on some realistic piece. XD my friend managed to tempt me into drawing Changmin n Yunho from DBSK/TVSQ. not that I got any problem with it. I LOOOOVE this 2. so yeah~

wip changmin. gosh I haven't draw realistic stuff for.... YEARS! and never digital! O___O really anxious & excited in finishing this!



(photos courtesy of gentosha-comics)

I can see poster, sticker set(?), artbook, and that TIN!! OH MY GOD!!! I WAAAANNNTTT!!!!!

now i shall go and weep at a corner somewhere SOBS!!!! WHY AM I ALWAYS TOO LATE!! WHYYYY??!!!!!!!!! Q n Q pre orders are closed DEMMIT! DEMMIT!!!!! hobbysearch, y u no open preorder a bit longer?!!! -cries-

I love miku's hair

HER HAIR IS LIKE.... GORGEOUS!!! Q n Q what color is it? turquoise? I just love this kind of blue-ish green color!!! so decided to draw her. even though I KNOW I couldn't do her justice. she's too gorgeous I don't even Q n Q

some progress shot. kinda forgot to take pictures along the way OTL!!!!!!!! I FAILED!!!!

i also drew some arts during valentine!! LOOLLL!!! and I don't even celebrate it XD

was drawing hetalia valentines art when my friend find me on fb and ask me to do art jam with her. since she's single (and super gorgeous that i'm sure she can get herself another partner soon pffffttttt) and I'm single (and look like some retarded alien LOL!!) requirement? EMO VALENTINE so yeah~~ here it is.

Here's the hetalia ones. Q n Q managed to cg Austria & hungary only so far SOBS!! not sure whether I wanna finish the others!! valentine has passed. but then my friend told my "change it to WHITE DAY MOOD" lol!! good idea!! ...which means i have to switch the pairings. I mean... who's giving who. you know? AUUGGHHH!! ARGH I DUNNO!!! we'll see how thing goes.

on other note!!!! I've just went n purchase BLACK ROCK SHOOTER Blu-ray & DVD Set with Nendoroid Petite BRS (limited edition) Q______Q it certainly is a pain to my wallet, but happiness to my fangirl heart -barf- OTL BUY 1st THINK LATER eh? LOL

can't wait to have it in my haaaands!!!!! Q v Q it'll prolly arrive by next week. AUUGGHH NEXT WEEK, Y U NO COME FASTER!!!!!

for more info about this (if you are interested, or never heard about this before), go read Mikatan's or CAF-aholic's blog.

YEAH!!! now I shall sleep... in peace....