Monday, February 28, 2011

black lady

did another livestream tonight. hahaha it's always the same person who dropped by Q n Q sad~ but i feel more comfortable drawing when familiar friends are around hahaha!! there're 1 or 2 visitors too actually, but they don't really say much. how i wish they would at least say 'hi'. SOOOBBSSS oh well~

I swear, naoko takeuchi really did a great job designing her characters Q v Q they are GORGEOUS!! even if sailormoon was like... 1st publish centuries ago, it still is beautiful!! LOVE IT!!! Q v Q

tried putting it as my wallpaper to see how it looks like. hahaha!! not THAT bad i think XD but I am not THAT narcissistic, will change the wallpaper after this LOL

and now... I shall sleep. or read some book. i think. :E

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