Saturday, February 5, 2011

weird dreams

lately, I dream more often than not. it's fine with me as long as there's no UNdead who walks very slow, eats human and make "guuhhh gaarrr ggwaarrgghhh guurrrgghhh" sound OTL

so anyway I dreamt of myself alongside wf danny choo running on an F1 track OTL there're others too, but they were running towards their racing car. I rmmbrd I was wearing white racing suit, and danny choo was wearing darth vader suit LOOOLLLL!! XD but we deviate from the original path, and sort of... ran away. We tried to get to the other side of the racing track fence. so danny ended up lifting me over the fence & I went "NO WAY!! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!! LET ME DOWN OMG!!!" and the next thing I know, we're over at his house LOOOOLLL!!! I had a bit of a tour & I saw some of his family WTF!! (I know!! this is getting crazier every second!!!) the whole family has their own camera! LOOLL!! anything that I did with Danny, shaking his hand, talking, camera flashes everywhere! WTF!!! XD & my grandpa is in there to OTL then it was bed time. Danny was sleeping in a very weird bed. It almost looked like a pencil case. I bet it's to ward of unwanted noises LOL! and miraculously, my friend, she appears to be sleeping in the same bed as I am. She looked so sad, so we had a pillow talk. She said her dad cares more about his dead company's boss's wife OTL and used up all his money on their family and ignored his own. I was like... "oohh ok. that's very evil of him" -awkward silence- then we sleep. or at least tried to. my back was facing hers, and she sort of, puts her hand on me. like partially hugging. My cold sweat was breaking LOL!!! after a few sec, I turned and told her "...this is not going to work. I feel so awkward man. take your hand away plz!! -shivers-" and she was like "eh? but I got no evil intention or whatsoever!" and I was like "dood!! I feel weird!" and then it was morning. LOOOLLLLL!!! and my dad magically appeared XD he was like "I can't find your name on the flight to Japan list!!! how can you get back to your hometown??!! you don't even have any visa!"

& I woke up LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE EFFING KIND OF DREAM IS THIS???!!!!! OTL but it was fun tho. So decided to decipher some stuff from that weird dream of mine;

1- I love Danny Choo's blog!! and the person itself I guess. XD he is such a motivational figure! sometimes I will go to his blog just to up my spirit whenever I feel a bit down, or bored. certainly interesting way to pass time. His tendency to snap pictures 24/7 didn't missed my dream LOL

2- I've always wanted to visit Danny's working place Q v Q his house looks cool!!!

3- ...i missed my friends? i guess. LOOOLLLL!!!! I'm a cold hearted woman fffuuuuu!!! XD

4- no yuri. NOOOO YURI!! NOOOOO NOOO NO YURI!! EVERR!!!! -shivers-

5- :T I dream of living in Japan? I dunno. don't really feel it tho. More like, I wanna have a vacation there. but living there... not so much for now. LOL

8D well, this dream certainly turned my sleeping time into a fun ride!!! but now I feel exhausted LOL!!! -yawn-


not much of a new work from me. have some sketch.

on the left, is a character design for this 1 shoujo manga I'm workin' on. Work on it based on a story provided by the client. :E I am lucky he gave me a "creative rights" on this. I can actually design everything from my point of view 8D ...and the deadline is almost here OTL I should get workin' on it!

on the right side are my 2 still unnamed characters XD I'm working on a simple few pages manga for this OTL so far, I've drafted only 4 pages...well make it 3 1/2 LOL! decided to name it "Rain rain don't go away" OTL subject to change. but the odds are against it LOL! so yeah!!!

OOOHHH!!!! I thnk I did do 1 work while I was...procrastinating! wait wait!!


ok he is a boy despite the looks!!! I DON'T CARE!! tho at 1st he was supposed to be a loli OTL decided to change it halfway. While I was drawing this, I sort of think about his personalities, what he do etc etc. So far, I think I will make him a prince. a very short tempered but kind sometimes. He's very... straightforward. Not scared to speak out his mind. He has a brother. 8D and he is sometimes scared of him. because of the age gap I guess. :T he always becomes a victim to his brother's plans. Especially plans that involves him, a ball, and 12345643456 bride prospects. LOL!! so this guy always will be forced to wear girly clothes and act as his brother's future fiancee to be LOL! ... ok that's as far as it goes. can't think. add the few last parts just now LOL!

so yeah~~

OH! I wanna thank Ryouhei Yamamoto for his inspiring songs!!! it kept me going last nite 8D

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