Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crystal Mage

she can turn water into crystalized form. _-_ ok.. honestly, I wanna draw some normal loli character. but it turned out like this somehow. OTL not that I've got anything to complain bout tho. Kinda enjoyed doing this one!!! 83

some close up shots Q v Q

AAHHH!! i really really really really really enjoyed doing this!!!!!! Q v Q


and today I did some art trade with my dear friend Kou. She asked me to draw herself, and she will trade with a drawing of Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk Room 215 game. ASDFGHJK!!! HER DRAWING WAS SO GORGEOUS I FEEL EMBARRASSED!! !@#$%%^&*!!!!!!!

LOOK AT HOW BLOODY SEXY HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE'S THINKING ABOUT ME!! MEEE!!!!!! ASDHJ!@#$%^!!!! look at that seductive pose OH GOD!! OOOOHHH GOOODDD!! I am officially rendered speechless. now let's put our hands together in silence, and try to appreciate this drawing shall we? -moments of silence-


and here was mine -monotone-

brb, digging some hole so that I could hide inside it and never come out for another century. -weeps-

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