Thursday, February 3, 2011

sketch request pt.5

february 2011 sketch request. DONE!!! took me few hours. OTL

In order of appearance (lol) ;

1- Kongou Agon from Eye Shield 21. My hand had a good exercise doing his dreadlocks LOL!

2- Shizuo n Izaya from Durarara! my 1st Durarara! fanart ever!! 8D wheee!!

3- Ono Daisuke manga version or something OTL I'd say this is my fav one among others. :9

4- Some unnamed characters of mine LOL!

5- Akuhekii li Valiel original character of the requester :9

this one supposed to be an extra piece, but since the one who's supposedly be no.5 didn't tell me what to draw, decided to push this one forward. Wanted to finish this request fast. got a lot of work to do OTL Q n Q life~

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