Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dream = ideas

sometimes, when I sleep, I will dream of characters & stories. Last night I dream of a bl manga storyline OTL I'm not sure whether it is something that I've read before, or something new altogether.

So here's the story (well it's for my record. who knows eh?) it's pretty blurry now OTL

It was raining. A young man, by the look of his outfit, it's as if he comes from a wealthy family (or smthng lk that) he was at the hospital, not sure why but it was there where he met this guy who looks as if he wanted to walk under the rain, but something held him back. I am not sure what happened afterwards OTL!!!! but it turned out that kid just now has some... special bloodline thingy. like.. descendent of some mermaid clan or smthng. OK!! I KNOW THAT SOUNDED LAME!!! it seem waaaaay cooler in my dream!! anyway!! His parents sort of got banished from the place that they came from, I don't know why, and they were cursed. they can never touch water that comes from the sky. I mean like... raw water from the sky, sea, river etc etc. (i guess processed water is just fine LOOOLLL!!) The kid was born after his parents were banished. So he dunno nothing. YET. so yeaaaaa... he met this young man, they became friends... etc etc... and everything that came after is a blur LOL OTL I feel like expanding the story more. But I'm still not sure whether it is from some manga or smthng. =A= any thoughts?

the image for those 2 main character was like imprinted in my head. I just HAVE to draw them both!!! so here they are!

it was raining, and he was clinging to that guy XD and that guy was like "it'll be hard to walk if you do that..." , "....."

OTL OTL OTL!!! me n my shameless fantasies!!! OTL OTL!!!


kinda like them sparkles on the cloth LOL! XD


some other works that I did these past few days

this is Lusso & Serra from Ranabastre. A comic by LMP :9

and Word (yes his name is Word) OC of my friend. :9 mmmm~




  1. Hahaha I LOVE how you explained it. Almost like how I tell my dreams. XD That is a great way to get ideas. I love the picture by the way. :D Very cool dream.

  2. ASDFGHJK!!!! THANK YOU!!! OTL I am never good at explaining things OTL