Thursday, February 17, 2011


GEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Q v Q I am sooo happy I don't even... ASDFGHJKHGH!!! was contemplating whether I should get this or not~ but decided.. WHY NOT!! saw a friend's friend advertise on selling this unopened box on fb. Q n Q I immediately noted this stranger. LOL. and yes~ finally got it.

PICTURES!! YES PICTUUURES!!!!! there's probably 23467897654345 site out there that already did an unboxing post/video, but heck, i'm gonna do it anyway. just for my record.
my brother went into my room and told me "pos laju" and I was like...wha..-few min silence- *scream* SO FAAAST!! the person just sent it like.. YESTERDAY!! OAO OH MY GOD!! imagine my surprise!!! he himself thought it'll arrive by next week!!!! ECSTATIC!

it does have quite a weight to it. considering there's a nendo puchi + 300 pages of animation storyboard book thingy.

stripped it naked 8D~

oh yes!!! OH YEEESSSS!!!

oh brs, you hot thing you!

oh dead master. you lookin' gorgeous!!!!!

so i opened the box. I'd have to say, the packaging itself is nice~ of course with having Huke himself supervising the whole thing, it should look ossum~ the star in the middle is a nice touch! and really love the checkered pattern on the box Q v Q

1st thing that I saw when I opened the box, is the bluray/dvd box and the nendo puchi box 8,D

there's also a 300 pages of storyboard book included in this limited edition set :,D so happy to see a detailed storyboard!! considering I loooove to do storyboard!! Q v Q this is great indeed! I can learn loads with this!!

there's also a mini artbook included 8D huke is 1 of my fav artist that draw girls! (of course red juice still tops my list ;D) I really love his strokes and choice of colors. also the designs to each 1 of his characters. beautiful... beautiful... -nods-

also includes rough sketches Q v Q

AND THE NENDO PUCHI!!!!!!! AAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna let them sit in the box for now until I have a really really really proper place to put both of em. tempted to open it AAUGHH! but i shall not!

so there you have it!! this everything there is in the box Q v Q cost me a painful rm200+ OTL but it is worth it!!!

and also the obligatory picture of me with stuff that literally killed my wallet. OTL

:,D happy

on other note!!

currently working on some realistic piece. XD my friend managed to tempt me into drawing Changmin n Yunho from DBSK/TVSQ. not that I got any problem with it. I LOOOOVE this 2. so yeah~

wip changmin. gosh I haven't draw realistic stuff for.... YEARS! and never digital! O___O really anxious & excited in finishing this!



  2. I can bring it when we meet up on mondaaaayyyy~~~ 8D

  3. omg RM200 ONLY FOR THAT MUCH STUFF *A* you got lucky man!!!

    I just ordered one Nendroid figure and that alone is RM143. (which is cheap considering it's original) so for you to get all this for RM200, AWESOME! 8DDD

    NAISH!! <3

  4. you think so? Q v Q I am happy with my purchase AAUUGGHH!! considering it's a limited edition Q v Q I am happy. SOBS!!!!!!!!