Sunday, February 27, 2011

i just don't get it

-sigh- i don't even know how to say it out properly. OTL well... i just don't get it.


slept late last night. woke up by 1 pm well actually 12 smthng (what with all that rolling around on bed in my blanket LOL) bed always appears it best when you woke up OTL so comfy and all.

well, need to update my blog on new works and doodles & stuff. here goes~

I managed to finish my DBSK work Q v Q as requested by my friend. she asked me to draw changmin & yunho and wanna make it into her wallpaper SOBS!!! screenshot. Q v Q i am happy. she edited it a bit, and it looked even nicer than the one i did LOOOOOLLLLL!!!!

I also somehow was featured in this dA group called "I draw boys" SOOOOBBBBSSS!!! i am happy.

on other note... my idea for this hetalia korea anthology got somewhat rejected OTL i don't know why am I feeling extra depressed today. i don't even....

now i need to pull myself together and think of another story. SOOOOBBBSSSS GOOD LUCK IFA!!! Q A Q

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