Tuesday, June 30, 2009


have you guys ever heard of each human will have 7 similar face throughout the whole world? so that means there will be 7 people somewhere around the globe that share's similar features with you. hahaha.

well i guess some other people~~~ found 1 of that person which shares an almost similar face with me. yes. I didn't even realize it you know =_=  figures. sheesh.

who is that person? well... impressively it's Zee Avi one of my favourite singer. also known as kokokaina. I've wrote about her in 1 of my blog post before actually... check it out.

so here's some of her pictures. I leave it to you guys to judge whether i really look like her or not hor~ aih... 

(insisting that i don't really look like her... but somehow i do look a bit like her... a bit... wow.. i'm confused _-_ ;;)

this is zee avi btw. picture taken from... google search _-_ ; heh heh

bukan... ini bukan gambar saya...

ini saya screenshot dari youtube 8D

it's zee avi

i swear she look prettier =_= and fairer... and longer and curlier hair... and she knows how to play guitar, and she doesn't wear tudung xD and she's talented and more famous than me. hahahahha!!

aaaa.... =_= and her english is better than mine =3= ish to me...

me.. =_= 



the things that i'd do just for comparison =_= ;

well... those who know me... you know lah what i look like _-_ ; you tell me whether i look like her or not... so far there's like, 5 person agreeing to this fact u_u so yeah...

OH WELL!!! 8D tralalalala~~

p/s i got bigger eyes? 8D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

KLue Urbanscape

oh my god =_= after suffering 2..or 3 days of life without internet, finally the line is working but I'm not sure it can stay this way for how long. so i'm gonna be quick in updating!!


yes... it's Saturday, and what other AWESOME thing can be done other than going to KLpac for the Urbanscape event?!!! *screams* so we arrived there at 2 something i think and it was scorching hot! but it doesn't kill our spirit to roam and hunt for stuff~

so, i think i'm gonna upload more pictures for now. maybe write down some description underneath the photos. or... well... if i think im diligent enough... maybe i'll end up writing something pula~ hahaha. so here goes!!! 8D

so the journey starts with Aurelia insisting on showing everybody how long has she been in this world.

see how happy she was? awwwww~~ *smirk* 

i asked her to point the number next to this building, which was 25, but she don't want xD haha!

since the weather was scorching hot!! and i really mean!! me and KaRo decided to spend the 1st few hours indoors.

look at all those people. eager and exited to be part of this event~ chewah!

and look! twitter on big screen! xD awesome-ness! 

and look who we stumbled upon during this indoor session!! 8D

OH & AH!!!!

can see 2 of our multimedia lecturers packing the stuff that i bought 8D wanted to take pictures with them, but they were pretty busy at that time~ so i let it pass...

looking at all those badges!! i SWEAR when i stood in front of this bag filled with goodies from heaven, i can feel my creative brain juice flowing non stop! xD the stuff that they sell is just too... creative! my brain keep doing this imaginary sketches and stuff... looking at this picture, i feel like doing something handmade pula ish! if this picture did this to me, imagine i'm in the real scene. fuh!

well, even the fact that i spent most of my money here didn't bother me... as much... *wipe tears*


one more reason why i didn't regret spending rm25 on the ticket. free performances, short films, concerts... oh my god! can't the event get any better?!! well obviously it can! 8D followed aurelia and watched Tugu drummers and Rhythm in bronze performance. 

THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!!! i can feel my blood rushing through my veins when i heard the sound of drums! and the rhythm in bronze is just amazing!!! goosebumps all over me!! their performance are like, out of this world! talk about using gamelan and other traditional instrument to produce this kind of sound. it was heavenly!

i love the performance area. very cosy and colorful! 8D and there's plenty of seats, so doesn't have to fight with other people~ haha!

preparing the instruments~

tugu drummers!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME MAN!!!! OAOV can you believe the drum that the guy sat on, is actually just a normal box with a round hole at the back?!!! blardy hell!!!

Rhythm in Bronze. The ambience sound is just too surreal!! O_O the girl who sang had an AMAZING voice! i tell you, everybody in the hall had goosebumps all over! she was incredible!

OMG! collaboration!!!!! and yes... it was AWESOME too!! 8D it's amazing how they can combine 2 types of music together and makes it sound even better! standing ovation!! *clapclap*


went outdoors afterwards... (photo by Aurelia btw 8D can you guys see a blurry KaRo at the back? hahaha!) it was crowded outside! xD and sooooo many nice creatively handmade stuff! woohoo!! O3O my eyes went twirling in the socket! xD

killed a bit of time outdoors just to wait for the next performance/concert by Yuna 8D so me and Aurelia we're rushing to the concert ground after this. and we managed to catch Pop Shuvit singing a tribute to Michael Jackson by singing Smooth Criminal and it sounded awesome! Pity bout the loss of one legendary artist. RIP MJ.

then I thought it was the last song by Pop Shuvit, manatau they sang MARABAHAYA for their last song!! OMG!!! Aurelia went crazy xD hahaha!!! she was hoping they would sing that song during the concert. dream come true la hor~~ xD

have to admit, the guitarist was awesome! xD ... he reminds me of somebody, i just can't get my finger on in... hmm...

and here's


she sang 5 songs!! 8D and she sang Rocket and Dan Sebenarnya!!! i love those two songs!! i was screaming like crazy!! even though there's nobody i know around me (Aurelia menghilang entah ke mana xD), i was jumping and screaming together with the crowd and i feel so... free!! *scream* haven't had this much fun since... since... i have no idea when! xD

i love it!!!

yeah!! yuna!! i love you!!! xD

look at the cute guitar she's holding!!! i want one omg! i think i'm gonna get a guitar when i get back to Sabah lah easier i guess. hmm....

RIGHT!! let's continue!

after the performance, i went to find Aurelia, and she was at this Tugu drummers x urbanscape people punya event. i mean... xD well, everybody are welcome to play!! any instrument to deserve the word! 8D either play according to the rhythm they got, or we can create our own rhythm!

so, after been persuaded by Aurelia to join the circle, we both ended up with 'kompang'! well to make things better, i got a smaller sized kompang, and Aurelia got the HUGE one! hahahahaha!

photos are by Joysssss~~

look at the size of the 'kompang' on Aurelia's lap!!!!

me : uuuuuu....kompaaaannngggg~~~

we really had fun! at first I was a bit stiff, but when you get used to the rhythm and tempo, things get even better! xD my palm gets a tad bit painful afterwards though. and hitting "kompang' doesn't look as easy as it sounds u_u heck it's not even easy to create a nice sound with it when you're not used to it!! i salute those drummers man!

well~ it was a fun musical circle! sometimes the tempo is off, and we will be laughing like hell xD even the watchers joined us! AWESOME!!

so from 2pm, we stayed until night! Aurelia and Joyce said they were heading back first, so me and KahRou ended up watching a lot of short films! 8D make full use of the RM25 ticket people~

we watched a documentary related to transvestite. which was very very interesting. then short films. There was even Liew Seng Tat inside one of the film. it's amazing how Amir Mohammad (pardon if i spelled it wrongly) did his short film. it's just clips of pasar malam and a monotonous narration. quite interesting actually. homosexual issues will never ever die yeah! 

being in a video class, have it's downside... or maybe it's a good thing, where, when we watch films/movies etc, we tend to focus on other stuff like the angles, the colors, the voice narration and even the actors and actresses!! me and KahRou was like 'OMG-ing' at the actors and actresses and keep wondering how they found all of em! O_O wow... but nevertheless, we enjoyed the shows~

and Joysss and Orilia is still not home yet wth! xD so we jalan-jalan lagi~ even though it's getting late, there were some more performances happening! so me, Aurelia, Joyce and KahRou was staring at this fire-twirling-people doing their performance xD

the fire, the lighting, the dance was beautiful, but because of my lack in talent photography skills, well... this is what i got~

been wanting to take picture here during the day, but there's like a LOT of people 'molesting' the Urbanscape sign until we don't even have the chance to get near to it. blardy hell.

other photos...

look at the fire twirling! uuuuuuuu

the shape reminds me of... pretzels... yes... pretzels...

*close eyes* too bright!!

i kinda like this picture... i think it'll look better without Aurelia inside hahahaha!! xD

after that, we went home. took the free Urbanscape shuttle bus, head to Sentul, took LRT to Masjid Jamek, then went to Bangsar. Joyssss mom sent us back~

I HAD HELL LOTTA FUN!!!!! *scream*

NOW!!! let us see what i have bought during Urbanscape.

wall sticker-RM10.

 8D Limited edition (so it says on the packaging) isn't it cute?!

OH & AH badges! 

colored - RM12.90 or was it RM18.90, b&w - RM8.90. quite a bargain! (not when you buy a lot at the same time though. ugghh... pain... pain...)

OH & AH t-shirt - RM25.90 


Aku Bangsa Malaysia badge - RM1
can't help it~ xD i just have to get this!

YUNA'S ALBUM!!!!! *scream* - RM18
I missed the booth. Thank god Aurelia saw it! went there immediately after lunch! woohoo!

sayang~ sayang~~ you can't get this kind of feeling when you download songs from the net people!! so buy original!!!!!! *satisfied*

badges - RM2 each
I have no idea where is this badge is from, but it's cute~ so i just HAVE to buy it!!!! i seriously need somebody to stop me from buying stuff man! i just can't seem to stop once i start. haha!

rainbow leather bracelet - RM10
and last but not least.. this bracelet! i swear the guy told me it was RM2 =_= oh well~ didn't regret buying it. I LOVE IT!! comfortable and colorful 8D 


YEAP!!! basically that was it!!!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY HAD FUN!!!! 8D thanks guys for going together, thanks for the ticket~ thanks urbanscape for the wonderful event!!

i really enjoyed it! 8D makes my creative brain juice flow~~~~ woot!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ifa's life : total omg-ing!

FINALLY WATCHED TRANSFORMERS 2 TODAY!!! 8D with orilia~ (we sat on lover's seat btw...) 

just 3 things i wanna say -

1- optimus prime is handsome!
2- bumblebee is sexy!
3- does megan fox have to sit so... sexily while air brushing the motorcycle?!!! wtf! (or was it vespa?... oh well)

8D ok ok... transformers are a must watch people! if you guys didn't watch it... well... go jump out the window!!! LOL! the special effects gets better and better!! OH! and have to praise the actors and actresses too!! they did their job splendidly! watch people... WATCH!!!!

but i still think that the other not so important autobots, needs more character development. it's a pity they didn't really show the 3 hot bikes autobots more! darnnit! and i kinda like that one. ish!

other things... well... I FINALLY BOUGHT ZEE AVI's ALBUM!!!!!! WHOOPPPEEEE!!!! *scream* it was bought in speedy pyramid~ SEE SEE!!!

well, apart from the sooo not cool cd casing... (the cd can fall just like that! not secure at all T_T) the songs are lovely. obviously. haha! there goes my Rm34.90~ waited for this debut album of her since... god knows when! OAO (was it last last month?...hmm) finally! FINALLY!! YAY!!! i'm listening to her songs now btw... yeap... suitable to listen to when you wanna relax and chill and think about stuff... haha

other interesting stuff... well!! what else!! i got a birthday present from orilia!!! wanna see wat it is?! hehehehehhehehhehehehhe...


CHOPPER!!!!!!!! 8D in dragonball cross..over?

HE.IS.SO.ADORABLE!!!! OMG!!! look at the cute dragon ball on his hat!! JUST LOOK AT IT!! AWWWW!!!!!

THANKS ORILIA!!! ;3; i love it so much~! here's a picture of it with my last year birthday present from the guys~ chopperman plushie!! woot!!! (is totally addicted to chopper! haha!)



lookin' forward to KLue Urbanscape event on saturday!!! 8D woohoo!!!

p/s we're currently looking for people to be our actor!!! anyone interested? Dx casting tomorrow, will start at 11 am, finish at 6pm!! COME PEOPLE!! COME!!!!!!! Dx

Monday, June 22, 2009


NO!!! i'm not thinking of doing suicide!! wth... it's one of the topic that i picked for my next motion graphic project. 

so i was doing research just now, and i bump across this youtube video which makes me laugh like crazy xD

the cat (is it a cat? =_= ; ) is soooo annoying! if i'm the girl, i don't feel like killing myself anymore lol!! xD

can't...stop...LAUGHING!!!! OMG!!!! bwahahahhahahha!!!


and this is just disturbing wtf =_= ;

so it's s squirrel... wth... "do you have any nuts?" xD hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

*totally speechless....* -twitch eye-

check this guy out people...his cartoon is!!!!! xD ill will press

.... yeah... that's it...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ifa's life : 20 years old? -4 days after-

LOL!!!! things can't get any better!!! xD i received a birthday card from my family TwT they are sooooooo sweet!!!!

well they have always known that i wanted a cat... so instead of a real cat....

note that the card is in bahasa melayu!! WTF! xD

isn't this just cute?!!!! blardy hell xD

it made my day~

oh and happy fathers day!! (i don't really celebrate this stuff...but heck~) =_=

feels so refreshed!!

slept for more than 10 hours!!!!!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

the problem with being ifa...

she just don't share stuff with people.

well she do share jokes, sometimes sad stuff like economic state or there's-no-zee-avi-album-in-sunway?!!!!!!!! kind of thing, but it's all too surface. She just can't bring herself to say something whenever she feels really really sad, or when something just made her feel utterly uncomfortable and helpless. She likes to laugh yes, she tried her best to understand people, try to pick her words whenever she talks just so that it won't hurt anybody's feeling, she tried... but somehow it's not enough. it's just never enough.

sometimes, she just feel like she doesn't belong. It hurts her so much, until she wants to cry, but she's just too stubborn to let the tears fall. not confident to say anything at all which results to a very unpleasant face expression instead.

people often said 'everything will be ok', but they just don't know how hard it is for her to adjust to all that. she needs to adjust to the surroundings, she has to get into the community, she has to understand and let out everything, she has to learn things just to be part of it, she has to change who she is to be in, she... she... she... what about the others?

heard the saying "it's easier said than done?". it's just not that easy to do all this. she can understand people, but does other people even try to understand her? do they even think of how she will feel in certain situations? do they even take notice of her body language, her face expression ad how certain situation make her feel? she is the type of person who takes notes in this kind of understanding. she's the type of person who likes to look at people's eyes when they talk. she's the type that will look at the person's body language and expression every time she wants to converse. have any of you see her not conversing whenever there's friends around? she LOVES to talk with people. it made her feel like she's part of the group. she likes to listen to jokes, be there when somebody is telling the joke, and laugh at it at the same time.

she is just used to be the last person to know about something. be it in the family affairs, or social related issues. and it doesn't feel pleasant. just imagine yourself in her shoes. she hates it when people do things, and she's just like some electric pole on the side not able to bend, not able to even sway. that's why sometimes, she just prefer to keep quiet and say nothing because she knew that the instant she said something, she will fall to the ground. she don't let her tears fall easily infront of people. sometimes, she even wonder whether people can see her or not.

she knows, maybe it's just her head playing with her. maybe it's just her own self that is at fault here. she knows she will be as strong as a horse tomorrow. be her own self again. but somewhere inside, something is just not the same anymore. she's just furious at herself. angry. angry. angry. questions like, "why can't I do this?" "why can't I do that?" and ended up herself feeling unmotivated, angry, and just lonely. she HATES it when she is being helpless and useless.

she knows she will be okay not long, but everyday, everyday, she will be scared of things repeating itself.

call her selfish, or other bad things...


sometimes, she just hope that people would notice her and understand her instead. if it's even for a tiny little bit, it means a world to her.


on other notes! even though she writes pretty depressing stuff like this, but rest assured, it's not always. it's just some mood swings i guess... she was laughing at some jokes happily, when suddenly her chest feels heavy and it's hard to breathe. and just that she suddenly feels so melodramatic, and end up this post was created _3_

no doubt, she thinks that she is with the most amazing community she can ever ask for. she have amazing friends, amazing families, but sometimes, things are just not enough. well, we're human after all~ so yeah~

SHE WILL TRY HER BEST!!!! optimistic is the key!!!!!

if god decides to take me to it, He will take me through it. YESSSS!! (thanks auntie for this word!) and thanks for the words of encouragement guys~ tralalalala

I should probably spend 1 week doing nothing but sit under a waterfall and meditate WTF xD maybe it can clear up my head


The time traveler's wife

so i woke up 1 morning, felling all refreshed TwT and immediately switched on my computer. So i saw this movie poster in apple homepage titled "the time traveler's wife" the title is so eye catching that i can't help but click.

main character acted out by Eric Bana and the actress is Rachel McAdams. Adapted from the acclaimed bestseller novel (DEBUT NOVEL!!! O_O) by American author Audrey Niffenegger this is a love story between a Chicago librarian (Eric Bana) who has a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel when he is stressed. Though he disappears often for long periods of time, he tries to build a romantic relationship with Clare Abshire, an artist -wiki + me LOL

go and read the synopsis. It is a very sweet story about love, waiting, and moving on TwT


can't wait to watch it!! AUGUST 14! 8D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ifa's life : hamsterevil

comic by moi~~~~ 8D

based on a real incident~

for a more detailed story... go to orilia's blog. (she's the one with the ponytail here)

ifa's life : 20 years old? -the day after-

8D was really shocked today! my lovely classmates did a surprise birthday singing plus cake for me and Zak... (he shared the same birthdate with me~ tra la la) xD

zak got 2 chocolate looking mini cake, and i got 2 strawberry and blueberry flavoured mini cake for myself! I refused to eat it until i have a shot of the 2 most sinfully sweet birthday cake!

so here it is~~~ beautiful as the birthday girl~ *kena slap*

don't the candle just look adorable!!!!! 8D who wud've thought of using paper as a substitute for fire?! COME ON!! xD you guys are truly creative people! HAHAHAHAHA!! 

so... tanpa membuang masa lagi, saya pun mula makan kek strawberry tersebut~ (of course i offered the other guys as well *grin* housemates~ what to do~~~ *kena slap lagi sekali*

so here i go~~

*drooooollllll* lama tak makan kek!!

lemme eat the strawberry first.... tak boleh tahan!! 8D

and the taste..........



very nice~~ it's soooo nice, it made me groan when it hits my taste buds~! sweet and sour. A genius combination!!! 8D

even the no electricity (which means no aircond) in class doesn't ruin my happy mood xD

I'm very blessed to have such good friends and family. There's no greater present than that. Thank you guys once again TwT/

p/s dang... I just can't shut my eyes man!!! OAO have to force myself to sleep!! YES! I SHOULD!! LATER PEOPLE!!!!

p/s2 ..... hamsters are a barbaric creature!!! carnivore!! OAO bloody creature!!!!