Saturday, June 13, 2009

is tired...

physically rested, but mentally ill.

I think I am in this category now. I keep sleeping, but never really feel satisfied. I wanna sleep more!! MORE!!! MOOOORRRREEEE!!!! I feel tired, but i slept too much! my brain just couldn't stay focus! easily distracted, and honestly, I can get easily pissed even before you could mutter "pea". well... mentally pissed...?? =_= it will go as fast as it came. Even now my eyes feel heavy. Is it because of the workloads?

I think I have too many side activities that contributes towards my lethargy problems. Apart from assignments there's this Olympus competition, then my lovely Kamcao group xD (there's a meeting today... SUNDAY!!! OAO blardy hell. I never get out on Sunday. it's like the day i sit at home and stare at all those assignments and eventually force myself to do lol). Then family meeting (quite enjoyed this... but yeah). manga reading 8D (ok... this is my own problem xD) and i'm not sure what else.

Maybe it's because I'm too used to doing stuff on my own pace, so when all this activities collides on the same week, I get into some... brain shock or something xD

Still stuck on motion graphic. goodness... if only other people could feel the stress that us multimedia students are facing, they would be running to the opposite direction u_u no kid... and we're not even out in the real industry yet!! BLARDY HELL!! =_=



will start after a 30 minute sleep =A= ; .... dang!

p/s i wish my life is more organized here T_T my life is lacking the family touch (if there is such word u_u) sad.... *sigh*

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