Thursday, June 25, 2009

ifa's life : total omg-ing!

FINALLY WATCHED TRANSFORMERS 2 TODAY!!! 8D with orilia~ (we sat on lover's seat btw...) 

just 3 things i wanna say -

1- optimus prime is handsome!
2- bumblebee is sexy!
3- does megan fox have to sit so... sexily while air brushing the motorcycle?!!! wtf! (or was it vespa?... oh well)

8D ok ok... transformers are a must watch people! if you guys didn't watch it... well... go jump out the window!!! LOL! the special effects gets better and better!! OH! and have to praise the actors and actresses too!! they did their job splendidly! watch people... WATCH!!!!

but i still think that the other not so important autobots, needs more character development. it's a pity they didn't really show the 3 hot bikes autobots more! darnnit! and i kinda like that one. ish!

other things... well... I FINALLY BOUGHT ZEE AVI's ALBUM!!!!!! WHOOPPPEEEE!!!! *scream* it was bought in speedy pyramid~ SEE SEE!!!

well, apart from the sooo not cool cd casing... (the cd can fall just like that! not secure at all T_T) the songs are lovely. obviously. haha! there goes my Rm34.90~ waited for this debut album of her since... god knows when! OAO (was it last last month?...hmm) finally! FINALLY!! YAY!!! i'm listening to her songs now btw... yeap... suitable to listen to when you wanna relax and chill and think about stuff... haha

other interesting stuff... well!! what else!! i got a birthday present from orilia!!! wanna see wat it is?! hehehehehhehehhehehehhe...


CHOPPER!!!!!!!! 8D in dragonball cross..over?

HE.IS.SO.ADORABLE!!!! OMG!!! look at the cute dragon ball on his hat!! JUST LOOK AT IT!! AWWWW!!!!!

THANKS ORILIA!!! ;3; i love it so much~! here's a picture of it with my last year birthday present from the guys~ chopperman plushie!! woot!!! (is totally addicted to chopper! haha!)



lookin' forward to KLue Urbanscape event on saturday!!! 8D woohoo!!!

p/s we're currently looking for people to be our actor!!! anyone interested? Dx casting tomorrow, will start at 11 am, finish at 6pm!! COME PEOPLE!! COME!!!!!!! Dx

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