Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ifa's life : 20 years old?

of all days to have your birthday on...

is very tired. all the school works are really eating up my energy =_= olympus presentation went well i think xD finally it's like 1 of the huge load of boulder on my shoulder (it rhymes 8D) was lifted of me~ and for once this week, i feel a bit lighter. So now, I can sleep for awhile before continuing my 3D modeling pula TwT non stop work. ish...

thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!!!! 8D seriously, with all the works i'm facing, I can't even rmmbr my own birthday till KaRo reminded me =_= and still, i don't feel exited at all man!! it's like... "oh? ya la hor... my b'day...." *cricket sound* yeah~~~ oh well~~

TwT no present for me this year i guess xD everybody is too busy, (or poor xD) TwT but i really want a kitten T3T *hint hint* I SWEAR I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT PROPERLY!!!!!!!! OAO since i'm 20, i can feel the matureness sinking in tralala xD

can can? 8D

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