Wednesday, June 10, 2009

shoujo manga again..

blardy hell!! keep reading shoujo manga lately. and I can't stop! ... seriously, I can't!!!!!!!! it's like... I keep rading and downloading, reading, downloading, aww-ing, downloading again. so I'm like juggling between reading manga and doing assignments!! SERIOUSLY!! i don't know what got into me. =_= i should stop!!! but it's just too addictive!

so here's some of the shoujo manga that i really enjoyed reading!!!!!

1 - Kiss by Matsumoto Tomo

After five years of strict piano lessons, brusque piano teacher Goshima Masayuki's whole world is changed when he's kissed by his student, Ogawa Kae. That's the beginning of their story.

yes and the story is just very very VEEERRRYYYY sweet!! I love it when there's more things beside of fall in love in first sight>date>fight>make up>live happily ever after in shoujo manga!  This manga focused on understanding between 2 person who has a big gape of age between them and how they cooperate with each other in their relationship. It is a very nice story. I can see the development of character clearly. how Kae (female protagonist), changes from a immature little brat, to a woman (slowly), and how the guy slowly sees her as a woman instead of a child. The way the guy expresses his love towards the girl in a very subtle but deep way. 

It's a very beautiful manga.

just that sometimes, there is an embarrassing scene which really makes ME feel embarrassed like hell!! I HATE THIS KIND OF SCENE!!!! xD eventhough it is in a good way... but I can't help covering my face and scream "OH MY GOD!!! I can't believe this!!! *peak* OMG!!!!" LOL! xD

here's some of the pages ... decided to put 1 of my favorite scene in the manga 8D

2 - BASARA by Tamura Yumi

Ok I think this was the manga that got me hooked up with shoujo all over again 8D (not that i didn't put it as the 1st to be reviewed, because... I just love Kiss more *sigh*)

In a future barren and ruined Japan, there is a prophecy that a child will be born that will lead a revolution, bringing prosperity back to the country. Sarasa is the true child of fate, but few know this, and it is instead told to people that her brother is indeed the child. When the Red King comes one day and kills her brother and many people in the village, Sarasa assumes the identity of her brother and vows revenge against the Red King. At one point, she meets a boy named Shuri (as herself, Sarasa) and they fall in love, but neither know that they are sworn enemies.

well yeah... sounds typical, but It's not ALL about those lovey-dovey stuff. It's more towards the war and how they want to get independence and built a peaceful country. It also plays with strategies and planning. Deceptions, betrayal and loyalty. some of the war scenes really make my eyes go teary ;3;. It is worth to read!!!

The visual might not be as beautiful as those modern day mangas. Those pretty pretty one la... (I considered Kiss's art style pretty xD) but it does have it's own appeal. I swear I started to fall in love with this style after reading it non stop. It's just too addicting xD (somehow reminds me of... Sailormoon...

some visuals~ (I love visuals!!!) one of my favorite scene too 8D

there's a lot more actually, but these are some of my favorite so far.

RIGHT!!! that's it for now~~ gonna continue doing work.... after i read some mangas for awhile u_u *cough*


p/s 17 again is very nice to watch!!! 8D zac efron~~~~ hawt~~~ xD

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