Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art dump again

Haven't post anything related to my personal work for quite some time too. :) so here's another galaxy piece.

Holiday is ending

So I'm currently blogging through my iPhone. Talk abt painful convenience pfft. My phone screen is just too small for blogging u_u

Anyways, school is starting pretty soon boohoo. Recent updates on my side, stuff I did recently during last few days of my holidays, well not much really :/ I started back on my music class! I am seriously enjoying it! I got 2 wonderful kind teacher. They have been far too generous to me :) made me happy learning in under their guidance :) when I first registered, I was given, totally unnecessary, qualifying test by this teacher. She was so strict that even when I was playing, I was sure my fingers were experiencing minor earthquakes!!! She even admitted that I was lucky enough not to be under her. I think so too! I don't think I can handle the pressure. In my opinion, learning is all about the experience apart from the knowledge itself. I don't think I would enjoy studying under pressure :/ so I consider myself lucky! :) I'm gonna be performing too, god willing, in my music school's Xmas party sort of event. GUESS WHAT SONG IM GONNA BE PERFORMING!! My teacher requested me to,  so I'm playing eternity~ memory of lightwaves!! From final fantasy x-2!! One of my favorite solo piece :) I am nervous yet excited at the same time too! All the best to me!!

I've also taken up archery for my sport in uni. Is excited! Nervous. Excited. It's nice to have extra activities to do outside of my school :) I am happy.