Friday, December 31, 2010


have A LOT of stuff to update on!!! but somehow... feel lazy to type it out. jet lag? nah. it's not like I sat in the plane for 2 days or smthing. just 2 hours plus journey back home. YES! I AM HOME!!!

HAPPY NEY YEAR EVERYBODY!!! may this year bring a lot more awesomeness than the previous one! -thumb-

new year's resolution?
-draw more!
-improve more!
-diet more!
-make more friends!!!
-make more money!!!
-save up more money!!!!
-do something different!!!
-keep room clean thru out the whole 2011 pfffftt which is most likely to be impossible XD

p/s wanna go travel. :T i need a job.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sketch request pt.4

December sketch requests _3_ DONE -peace- well actually there's still 1 more... but oh well. still haven't tell me what to draw. but won't let that slow me down now.

*yawn* so sleepy... here's, have some spamano.

K!! OFF!!! 8D

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I should stop appearing everywhere =_= i feel so embarrassed that I wanna dig a hole and put myself in the hole, and dig another hole inside the hole (wtf)

can't help it when I like somebody's work, I would wanna keep updated and have some, if you may call it, conversation with em. Also can't help it when I upload my works on tumblr/twitpic, it'll update my twitter & fb page. So it'll look like I am double posting T___T ahh this is so embarrassing. *cover face* also I upload works on dA n pixiv. Somehow this made me looked like i'm trying too hard somehow auugghhh!!!

so I've decided.

dA, pixiv, tumblr - somewhat a more refine works
twitpic, blogs - wip, sketches


and ifa u_u stop... harassing other artists. *facepalm*

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

buono tomato uu!!

8,D after trying my best to vomit something out because i just simply cannot. ran out of brain juice i think, finally manage to do this. =weep= it's so-so... buuuuttt.... ;______; hey~ megane romano. what else can I ask for *lick monitor*

OK!!! gonna rest now!! :,D g'day peeps!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



omg! i haven't update in a very long time!! people probably think I was dead or something =_=


me & niku-niku are gonna release a Hetalia anthology under the group name D.I.C.E, focusing on the italian brothers (with a pinch of Spain & Germany of course) and it is gonna be out by ComicFiesta2010!!! so are you guys coming?! 8D if you do, please!! do drop by! there'll be a lot of interesting stuff on sale!! and my friends are opening commission too!! 8D (and maybe i will too *cough* if it is possible)

I am nervous!! exited!! happy!! and also a bit embarrassed since this is my 1st debut in doujin making out there. aauugghhh!!!!! please support us!! thank you!!! *bows never endingly*

here's some preview and more info on the book!

price: RM15
pages : 60, Black & White (colored cover with lamination)
event: Comic Fiesta 2010 =18th-19th December 2010=
booth name: KIRA!

Contain 2 stories by missifa & niku-niku, with 5 AWESOME guests works (haven't been published anywhere before)

AAARRRGGHH!! SO NERVOUS!! can't wait for the event!! 8D do tell me if u are coming k!

some extra... procrastination thing i did *cough* as you can see, I am a big fan of oyabun & kobun 8D

look at them oh-so-different styles~ omg~ *facepalm*