Thursday, December 9, 2010


I should stop appearing everywhere =_= i feel so embarrassed that I wanna dig a hole and put myself in the hole, and dig another hole inside the hole (wtf)

can't help it when I like somebody's work, I would wanna keep updated and have some, if you may call it, conversation with em. Also can't help it when I upload my works on tumblr/twitpic, it'll update my twitter & fb page. So it'll look like I am double posting T___T ahh this is so embarrassing. *cover face* also I upload works on dA n pixiv. Somehow this made me looked like i'm trying too hard somehow auugghhh!!!

so I've decided.

dA, pixiv, tumblr - somewhat a more refine works
twitpic, blogs - wip, sketches


and ifa u_u stop... harassing other artists. *facepalm*

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