Saturday, January 29, 2011


8D n i meant both chinese new year, and just new year. LOL!! may all of you guys have a prosperous year ahead!! just like how spock used to say it "live long & prosper" LOL!! ... i don't know why, but I always make use of spock when it comes to this sort of stuff! LOOLL!! so have some spock 1st before i continue

LOL! spock is cute XD

So today I've finished my commission!! Q v Q I am happy, i can die OTL so now quite free. still contemplating on whether I should open free art/sketch request slots for February. I figured I need to do a lot more original art man -facepalm- too much fan/requests is somehow limiting my creativity... WELL i'm not even sure if I have any to begin with LOOOLLLL!!!! but I enjoyed doing requests : ( I guess I'll thnk more about it. see how it goes haha

i realized i did a lot of headshots/half body drawings and now i'm slowly doing fullbody too. does that mean I'm improving? D: I really hope I am. how i used to avoid doing fullbody since i suck at it. I will try and improve slowly. GO IFA GO!!!

I don't do new year's resolution, but I do hope I can achieve some stuff this year. I really hope I can improve more! like MORE!!!! and I hope I will learn a lot more this year compare to the previous one. and plz oh plz!! let me get enough funds for a ps3!! OH PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!

ok. last but not least :

p/s some friends of mine can't help wondering what the kid really is holding behind his back... he's actually holding a knife. overall, its a pretty bloody ending, but a steaming pot of good rabbit stew can make even you forget what happened earlier 8D -winks-

OK THAT WAS A JOKE!! XD HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! he's holding the rabbit tail. REALLY!! HAHAHHA!

more artworks

commission 2, DONE!!!!!! 8D

still can't believe somebody would wanna commission me. -SOBS- i am happy Q____Q i hope they like my work.

some other... side drawings that I did. coz I tend to "procrastinate" (in a way) by doing several pointless so called warm-up drawing LOL!!! XD it helps tho. whenever I got stuck somewhere while doing the commissions.

got a few more, but all are.. @#$%^&*() 8D

OK!!! enjoy your day~

Monday, January 24, 2011

being productive

or so I wish I am LOL!! XD haven't update anything related to my work for awhile. so here goes!!!

and last but not least!!! MY 1ST COMMISSION!!! DONE!!! ;______; I am happy. didn't think anybody would wanna commission me OTL I am very grateful & happy. ;_________;

:T there are other sketches/drawing (digital & traditional) buuuttt... I figured, it's better not to put em here. XD go to my TWITPIC for some w.i.p and de-stressing doodles LOL! and I am just too lazy to scan my sketch book =A= scanner are nasty beings LOL! (LAZY! XD)

OH!! and commission is still open if you are interested!! 8D COMMISH INFO

rite. TTYL! XD

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sex Pistols

:T i just don't get why the title is "sex pistols" LOL!! compared to Yamane Ayano stuff, Kotobuki Tarako's stuff is waaaay milder!! LOL!!!! tho they also call it "Love Pistols" so yeaahhh. Was doing my daily random manga picks (bl, shoujo, any oneshot stuff) and I clicked this one. XD because of the title no doubt. I thought it was smhow related to mafia/yakuza or smthing LOL! (i love mafia/yakuza/bloody stuff :T ... ahem)

and... I'd DEFINITELY give it a 10 / 10 !!!! IT WAS THAT GOOOOOOD!!! ;_____; I can't rmmbr the last time I shed a tear when reading manga. especially bl manga. I'm pretty sure this would be the 1st! LOLOLOL! Kotobuki Tarako really did a great job in terms of story telling, character design, and maybe the concept of human = animal is not really that new, but the way she did it, makes it look fresh and unique! and bonus point for not having SUPER explicit scenes!! Q v Q i am happy!!!! I'd recommend it to EVERYONE!

the feelings for each characters are portrayed nicely. It's like, if the character is feeling sad, I can really feel it, if they are being lovey dovey, i'd get all warm n fluffy inside & there's this 1 scene, when Norio(Kunimasa's 'wife' LOL) said smthng lk "my body & heart is cold" SERIOUSLY, I can really feel the chill running up my spine!!! THIS MANGA IS ONE OF THE MOST BRILLIANT ONES I'VE READ SO FAR! for BL genre that is 8D


some screen caps

AUGHH 1st page!! and I'm already head over heels when I look at Kunimasa!!! (that manly dude)

OOOUUUGGHH!! KUNIMASA!!!! -faint faint-


Those 2 pages up there is just too adorable, i dun even....


I ended up reading this for least 3 times!!!! Then afterward... guess what. I downloaded the OVA orz!! YES!! I am THAT into it!!!



they even have a drama cd for this!! O_O i was quite surprised o see names such as Hiroki Takahashi, Jurouta Kosugi, Kentaro Ito etc etc. was grinning from ear to ear! LOL!!!

I LOVE IT!! Kotobuki Tarako is definitely on my list of idols -heart- ... now i shall continue to squeal, n scream at Kunimasa. -skip along with flowers on the bg-

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comic fiesta 2010, spoils of war, etc

I am gonna start with today's loot. went out to find Durarara! dvd 8D and was lucky to get the last one in Speedy video. afterwards, I went to the japanese cd section, and wanted to just see whether there's any Utada Hikaru album on the shelf. then I saw utada hikaru single collection vol. 2! I almost missed it! O___O because the color is black, and without any writing on it! thank god for the 3 fold-paper-sleeve thingy! The title was written on top of it orz. so... without thinking much, I just took it. ORZ!! I AM GETTING POOR!!! but i don't regret it ;____; wanted to listen to hikki so much! and youtube can't satisfy my needs. and my "come back to me" album is missing == somebody *cough* took it... give it bek dem u! OAO lololol! go buy your own! IISSSHHH!!!!

so here!

cheap dvd LOL!

so shiny =A= was really worried that i'll leave fingerprints. pfffff. so I washed my hands 1st LOL!


Disc 1
1. Prisoner Of Love
2. Stay Gold
4. Kiss & Cry
5. Beautiful World
6. Flavor Of Life - Ballad Version-
7. ぼくはくま
8. This Is Love
9. Keep Tryin'
10. Passion
11. Be My Last
12. 誰かの願いが叶うころ
13. Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix-

Disc 2
1. 嵐の女神
2. Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
3. Goodbye Happiness
4. Hymne a l'amour ~愛のアンセム~
5. Can't Wait 'Til Christmas

basically all in all, i've spent RM70++ on these 2 -cry- but i am happy!!


I know I am probably late in posting update during comic fiesta 2010, but better late than never huh? XD

this post is gonna b a tad image heavy, so please bear with me aight? 8D

Comic Fiesta 2010 marks the day I did my very 1st debut in doujin making & selling. Together with my friend Niku , under the name D.I.C.E. it's really on whim actually, this whole thing XD but i really do enjoy the process, the fun time, the pain, all the sleepless night. haahha! but it is fun to work with fun people XD

being super late & last minute joining all this crazy awesome thing, the booth can barely fit my friends & me orz orz. I rmmbrd the 1st day, I was suppose to do price tags, and there was no place to do it, so have to resolve kneeling on the floor instead. XD thank goodness the floor is carpeted LOL so yeah. here's some photos.

It was really fun to hang out with fun people ;______; i am happy

Fratellanza by D.I.C.E -heart heart-

I got myself spain, italy, germany, japan, prussia, us, uk 8D teehee~

-heart heart-

the KIRA! booth! 8D o hey mich~ you don't see me hahahaha!!

this is so cute, i can't resist taking pic XD LOL! Mich's cuz

somebody drawing spamano -wink-

I also met some friends!! but i was too busy finishing up them commissions, I didn't get the chance to really say hi properly. especially to those from dA who came to our booth and find me. I am honored & happy!!!! ;______; also to my very long time friend Kryn!!! I m missing you already. thank you so so so much for lending me your psp for 1 day!! Q n Q I was so scared of losing it, that I hold it and didn't let go during the whole commission time! SERIOUSLY!!

I can picture Len dancing to Migikata no chou in my head right now. LOL!

ON TO SPOILS OF WAR FOR THAT DAY! only 1st day tho. :T didn't take pic for the 2nd day's stuff. but i bought 1 more doujin, some badges & prints, and a small megurine luka figurine :T

auugghh~~ XD

also spent my time with Olala's family. walking around, watched the latest Narnia movie in 3D. Lucky they stayed at the same hotel I was in!! XD so could actually get back like, super late without my parents going berserk on me! LOL!!!!

so that is it!!!!! :T didn't upload all photos tho. lazy to edit 8D teeheeeeee~

overall, the event itself was not really a blast, but having awesome company during the event sorta made it up XD twas fun! ;w;

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


so I've decided to open commissions Q n Q because I am poor, and I need money. auuugghhh

please head here for more info!!! thank you very much!!!!


here's the link again, just in case LOLOLOLOL!! ---> MISSIFA.DEVIANTART

some update. gosh, there's a lot actually. O_o i don't even know where to start. well... maybe later I will make a different post. -thumb- hope you guys are doin fine ait? ;D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

this and that 2~

yeah, i'm THAT lazy to find a proper title for this entry HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

nothing much I wanna update. wanted to post up some pictures, but my camera is not with me :T so I guess, i'll just update on my work. sigh.

but 1st~ I saw this while browsing thru dA T____T

I know it's nothing great. but knowing that people would actually look at my work, and even feature it in their group, I AM HAPPY ;______; SOOOBBBSSSS!!!! OK! on to the next one!!

as usual, every month I'll make sure to open slots for art/sketch requests. Here are those for January :D

ugh. i seriously need to brush up on my background =_= wanted to draw more buildings!!! ;_______; but... everytime i wanna do it, my hands felt as if they were underneath a huge anvil LOL!!!! pfffttt excuses!!! OK!! I WILL PRACTICE MORE! OAO/